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Who Is The Mysterious Voice On Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnight Rain’?

Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, Midnight Rain is finally here! 

Interestingly, Taylor Swift’s Midnight Rain has left fans in awe leaving them with many queries and doubts regarding the mystery voice in the background. 

The question is raised against track six, “Midnight Rain.” It’s that one song that fans apparently cannot get enough of. 

Although the tabloid is happy about the additional seven tracks she introduced in the “3 AM Edition” of the album. 

Taylor Swift Midnight Rain

A tweet read, “I said it once and I will never stop saying it. Taylor Swift is the missing girl in the music industry and can do whatever she pleases and we will eat it up. Re-record her albums? You bet! 30-track album? Sure! 10 minutes long? Check! Drop an album and then drop seven more songs at 3 am? Why not!?’”

Ever since the release of Midnights, Twitter has gone frenzy as many users have been coming up with suggestions of their own. Connecting the mysterious lover in her song, to the mystery man singing in the background, netizens have been coming up with different opinions on who the man could be.

“Ok, Swifties. You liked the fairytale fiction and indie-cred boast of Taylor Swift’s pandemic alt-folk records. But you have been yearning for the intimacy you felt when she knocked out those confessional bangers, haven’t you? Well, the wait is over,” tweeted The Independent.

Midnight Rain opens with a relatively low voice that returns at every chorus, prompting Swifties to notice the mystery voice. However, many fans are also confused, thinking if it was Tylor’s own voice, but with effects added.

After many rushed to several media platforms to ask about the owner of the mystery voice, a source close to the songstress confirmed that it still was Tay.

“That’s Taylor’s voice pitched down on Midnight Rain,” they explained. 

Right when the first hunch was resolved, fans came up with another one about whom the song was written. They are ecstatic to know who the lover in her Midnight Rain was. 

Tay, who usually sings about heartbreak in general, is pivoting the plot as this time it seems like she is the one doing the heartbreak. 

“Playing Midnights will make you feel as though you’re sleeping over at her house while she spills secrets and settles scores into the night,” penned The Independent. 

Netizens have pointed out the framework of the song, which implied her choosing her career over that particular romance. 

“He wanted a bride, I was making my own name,” she continued, “chasing that fane, he stayed the same.”

In the first verse, Tay seemingly sings about her hometown, dubbing it a “wasteland” full of “big pretenders” and “pageant queens” and also about the superstar phenomenon that she is today. She ends the note with an emotional line, “I broke his heart because he was nice.”

After a long time, she was heard talking about her pre-fame life which she seemingly gave away with her unparalleled success. 

Although Swifties are yet to unleash the mystery lover in the song, they are already clamoring for the entire album. 

A Twitter user wrote, “It’s already so comforting when it rains in the middle of the night, and now it will be extra comforting knowing we have a Taylor Swift song called Midnight Rain.”

Even before the release of the album, Swifties were chomping at the bit with one saying, “I do not apologize for the person I will become once Midnights by Taylor Swift is released.”


Twitter is flooded with tweets and memes as if the world was full of Swifties. A montage of users reported difficulty in accessing Tay’s recent album on Spotify, that too a few minutes after the release. As many as 7,800 outages were reported in New York alone. 

Both before and after the album launch, the internet was apparently filled with phrases related to Tay’s tenth studio album release. On the first day itself, it came into the fourth position in the Spotify top 10. 

Besides Tay’s album, many popular entertainment releases also crashed several streaming platforms recently. HBO Max’s Game of Thrones prequel was one such example.

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