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Who Is Kevin Nash Son, Tristen Nash? Cause Of Death?

WWE fame Kevin Nash Son, Tristen Nash 26 passed Oct 20, 2022, leaving his family and friends astounded. The wrestling legend was even working on a special podcast, “Kliq This” with his son before the unfortunate event happened.

The podcast successfully finished 16 episodes and was a tremendous hit. The untimely demise of the Hall of Kevin Nash Son is nothing but a massive shock since Tristen was only 26.   

Who Is Kevin Nash Son, Tristen Nash Cause Of Death

It was Sean Ross Sapp, the managing director at Fightful, who first broke the tragic news of Kevin Nash son Tristen Nash passing. However, the cause of death is yet to be confirmed. 

“On behalf of Kevin (Nash) and Tamara Nash, I’ve to, unfortunately, report their son Tristen Nash’s death at the age of 26. Tristen recently started working with his father on the new podcast (Kliq This) and the duo enjoy the time together. The Nash family requests you to respect their privacy during this (difficult) time.”

Shawn Micheals, the phenomenal wrestler, who joined the podcast with Kevin said, “Our heart goes out to him (Kevin). He clearly knows where his Klique pals stand and we are definitely going to be with him. Letting him have enough time and just being there for him and we ultimately hope that’s what everybody will do.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Nash must probably be going through the biggest hurdle ever, as 2022 took away two most important people in his life- his son, Tristen, and close friend Scott Hall who died back in March.

WWE icon, Scott Hall left for the heavens a couple of weeks before WrestleMania 38. The Hall of Famer had overcome three heart attacks following his rib replacement surgery. On March 14, Hall was freed from the life-supporting system and the epic saga passed away at 63.

We sincerely hope Kevin and his family will be strong enough to overcome the loss, which cannot be diminished by any kind of replacement. 

The World Lost A Budding Musician 

When people search on the internet for “Who is Kevin Nash son, Tristan Nash?” They see results regarding Kevin Nash Son, Tristen’s music journey as the 26-year-old was immensely talented. He was one of the lead singers of the band, The Builders.

Not only that but also singing and writing short stories and poems were included in his primary interest. Well, the multifaceted also knew to play piano and guitar well. 

Kevin Nash Son, Tristen recently posted a video clip on Instagram, sitting on a chair, wearing a white T-shirt and black trousers, topped with a sea blue shirt, which was captioned as “Writing and writing and writing until this all comes together.” 

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The guy was holding a guitar in his hands and was playing it, along with singing the lines that he wrote.

According to his Instagram profile, Tristen was also a podcast technician and an author. Moreover, he was trilingual, speaking well in English, Creole, and French. 

The apparent musician hailed from Scottsdale, Ariz., and went to Daytona State College as per his Facebook page. But it is unknown if he graduated or not. 

Tristen Was Engaged To Savanna

Prior to his death, vocalist Tristen Nash was engaged to the love of his life Savanna Kern. Per his Instagram page, he and Savanna got into a romantic relationship in July and she first appeared on his profile in the same month. 

The cute selfie of the two was accompanied by a crisp and short note where he wrote, “(Savanna is the) best friend I could ever have. The love of my life and beyond brilliant. I love you so much, Savanna.”

 Kevin Nash Son, Tristen Nash

That was not the only snap he shared, as he often took images with her on his several social media platforms. In October, Tristen shared another post where he referred to Sav as his “future wife.”

“If I could give you one thing in life, that would be the ability to see you through my eyes, only then you would realize how special you are,” a quote on a necklace box read, which he was supposed to give his fiance.

Tristen’s Mental Health Issues

Kevin Nash Son, Tristen Nash had a montage of tattoos on his body just like his dad. But what gained the maximum traction was the wordy tattoo he made on his wrist that read, “(hashtag mental health awareness) a huge part of my life that I did never acknowledge.”

Intending to support individuals suffering from the same, he wrote, “Know that you are needed and loved (and) enjoy each second.”

The inked quote was posted on Instagram on Oct. 10, 2022, and later that day, he posted a few emotional lines on his Facebook page. 

“I broke my heart, I am trying to convince myself that I can suffer if I want,” he continued, “motherf***er just pet me back on the shelf.”

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Tristen Was A Foodie

The late singer-songwriter enjoyed having a lot of food and evidently, he was a foodie, and his followers would know that better as Tristen used to share several snaps of the food he ate, mainly the sushi spread. Seemingly, Tritenwas interested in trying new food, and even was seen eating alligator ribs at one point. 

Kevin Nash Son, Tristen often used to share pictures of food whenever he was hungry. “So, I am beyond hungry now,” he recently captioned an image that had grilled chicken with mozzarella and tomato on top. 

Tristen’s Weight Loss Transformation

Earlier in 2022, Kevin Nash Son, Tristen Nash shared an impressive transformation image of himself on Instagram, which showed his past self on the left side of the split image and the current on the right side.

In the first one, he posed merrily with a beer jar in his hand, wearing flannel and in the latte, the guy was wearing the same flannel with a noticeably slimmer waistline. 

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