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How Much Is Albert Pujols Networth? Bio, Stats, Age, Wife And More

Albert Pujols was a renowned American baseball player. His net worth is approximately about $ 180 million in 2022. Albert’s age is now 42 years old. Albert Pujols’s nickname was Prince Albert. His full name was Jose Albert Pujols Alcantara.He was the first baseman for the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball.

Albert was one of the most energetic players in the League. He was considered to be one of the greatest hitters in the league. Albert’s height is considered to be about 6 ft 2 in. Albert Pujols is deemed to be the richest baseball player.

Albert Pujols Networth, Bio, Career, And Awards

Albert Pujols had won the National League MVP three times and has won two series rings. He spends a part of his income on charity purposes. Albert had adopted a daughter who is suffering from Down Syndrome. He takes care of her and she was very close to him.

Albert Pujols Networth

Apart from this, he spends a donation towards the research done to cure Down Syndrome. Albert and his wife had made a foundation with the aim of creating awareness of Down Syndrome and helping the suffering people.

And the foundation was named Pujols Family Foundation in 2005. Moreover, he is a successful player and a loving father to his five children. Even though, Albert is a busy man he finds to spend time with his wife and children.

As a player, he takes care of his health and fitness. He has made many stunning appearances in the MLB. And it has made him famous and also with a huge fan base around the world. Albert Pujols’s life is considered to be inspiring for teenagers. Through hard work and passion, he had achieved his goals. Many rumors had come about the retirement of Albert Pujols at 41 years but he didn’t give any clue about this. Albert Pujols was one of the oldest players in the MLB.

NameAlbert Pujols
Date Of BirthJanuary 16, 1980
Age42 years
SpouseDeidre Pujols
CareerBaseball first baseman
Networth$ 180 Million
AwardsNational League Most Valuable Player Award
Best Major League Baseball Player ESPY Award

Albert Pujols Net Worth

Albert Pujols net worth is considered to be about $ 180 million. Albert Pujols salary is $ 28 million. His primary income source is from his profession. Pujols also earns $ 7 million from the endorsement deals. Albert Pujols had signed a contract with Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and they would pay him  $254 million for 10 years.

Albert Pujols annual salary is considered to be about $14 million. Albert Pujols also had endorsement deals with Nike and he got $700 thousand from this deal in 2019.

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Albert Pujols Biography

Albert Pujols was born on January 16, 1980, in Santo Domingo. His Parents were Bienvenido Pujols and Pujols. His father was also a baseball player. And he gets inspiration from his father, and he had a passion for baseball in childhood itself. He had no siblings and he was the only child of his parents. Albert had a high school education from Fort Osage High School. And he joined Maple Woods Community College for graduation.

He started his career while studying in college. He played one dominant season and, later he entered Major League Baseball in 1999 by St . Louis Cardinals. And it is considered to be his turning point in life. He was labeled as the first baseman in the 2001 season.

Albert has got over $ 341 million as MLB contracts. Albert also had many endorsements deals with Brands like Beats By Dre, Go Rentals, Marucci Sports, Nike, and Not Of This World. He had made millions from these endorsement deals in his career.

Albert Pujols Career Beginning

Albert Pujols started his career while studying in college. He played for the St. Louis Cardinal in 1999 MLB and got a record of 93-61. Albert got a signing bonus of about $ 60,000 for this.

And later in 2001, he moved to the Cardinals Major league team. And it is considered to be the turning point in his life. In that season rookie, he got 37 runs and got a Lebel of National League Rookie Of the Year. He had more than 20 years of experience in his career.

In 2002, Pujols had finished the season with top-ten batting in the national league. Albert was the first player, who had made his outstanding appearance with 300 with at least 30 runs, 100 RBI, and  100 runs in the first two seasons of the league.

He also got the 2002 National League Championship. Albert Pujols was voted the second for the MVP League. And in 2003 , he tied up with Ralph Kiner and got the first three seasons with 114.

In this game, Albert became the All-Star Game. He also won the National League Gold Glove Award in 2006. He played against the Detroit Tigers, and Pujols won the first game, and the Cardinals win 4-2. He had received many awards in his life for the outstanding performances that he had made.

In 2011, The Cardinals played against the Texas Rangers and defeated them. And it was a stunning performance, Albert Pujols hit three home runs in the game. Albert met with a foot injury in 2013 and he took a gap from the season. And in 2014 he returned and he made his outstanding performance with the hit of 500 home runs and he was selected to the All-Star Game. Albert continues his game in the 2020 season and makes his appeal.

Albert Pujols Earnings Per Year

  • In 2022                  $ 180 Million
  • In 2021                  $ 165 Million
  • In 2020                  $  150 Million
  • In 2019                 $   135 Million
  • In 2018                 $  125 Million
  • In 2017                 $ 115 Million

Albert Pujols Personal Life

Albert Pujols Was married to Deidre Pujols in 1st Jan 2000. And in this relation, he has five children Albert Jr, Sophia, Ezra, Esther Grace, and Isabella.

Albert Pujols Awards

Albert Pujols got many awards in his career: National League Most Valuable Player Award, Best Major League Baseball Player ESPY Award, and Best International Athlete ESPY Award. Albert was also nominated for awards like Best Male Athlete ESPY Award and Teen Choice Award for Choice Male Athlete.

Albert Pujols Awards

Real Estate Owned By Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols had a mansion in the Shady Canyon area of Irvine and the property was worth about $ 7.75 million. He bought this mansion in 2012. The house has been built in 2010, and the main feature of this house is it consists of a gated courtyard and winding staircase. Other than that center-island Kitchen, formal living and dining rooms, five bedrooms, and six bathrooms

Cars Owned By Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols owns a Ford F-150 Platinum, Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Lamborghini Murcielago, and Rolls- Royce Phantom.

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