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The Ambush Potential Online Release Date, Platform, Trailer & More!

The Ambush is a 2021 Emirati action-war movie written and directed by Brandon and Kurtis Birtell. The movie is based on the actual account of an insurgent attack on Emirati forces in 2018. It is the highest-grossing Emirati and Arabic-language movie in UAE history as of December 2021.

The United Arab Emirates was the location for the main photography. The Ambush movie release date was November 25, 2021. AGC Studios and Image Nation Abu Dhabi produced it, while Vox Distribution handled the theatrical distribution.

When Will The Ambush Movie Be Released Online?

Three Emirati troops are ambushed on their final regular patrol in a hazardous area as they prepare to return home. Their commander decides to send them back on a dangerous rescue operation in order to save their lives.

The Ambush Movie

The highest-grossing Arabic movie in the UAE, Al Kameen, or The Ambush in English, has been licensed to Saban Films for distribution in the United States and Canada. The AGC International and Image Nation production, which was directed by Pierre Morel (Taken), opened in 185 UAE theatres in November of last year.

Is The Ambush Movie Based On A True Story?

It will soon adorn televisions in the US and Canada. The movie is based on the actual account of a daring mission undertaken by a troop of Emirati soldiers who were dispatched to Yemen’s rugged valley to rescue their compatriots who had been attacked. The largest Arabic-language film production in the GCC, it had more than 400 cast and crew members and was shot entirely in the UAE.

Col. Mohammed Almazrouei, a real-life character, is credited for saving 18 service members during an ambush in Yemen. The National’s Vidhya Chandramohan. After only a few weeks of release, the movie had surpassed 170,000 admissions, making it the most popular Arabic- and Emirati-language film ever produced in the UAE.

MovieThe Ambush Movie
DirectorPierre Morel
StarsOmar Bin Haider
Marwan Abdullah
Mohammed Ahmed
GenresAction, Drama, War
Countries of originUnited Arab Emirates
OTT Release dateNot yet confirmed

The Ambush Movie Expected OTT Release Date 

The Ambush release date is 25th November 2021. The movie will be a theatrical release in the US. As of now, the movie will not be released on any online television platforms but soon it will be available to watch on different streaming services online.

It is also rumored the The Ambush movie is going to be released internationally on October 28 digitally. According to online sources, the makers of the movie will be giving away the streaming rights to the different streaming platforms once the movie follows a theatrical release internationally.

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The Ambush Movie Plot 

Their commander launches a risky expedition to rescue three Emirati soldiers who have been attacked in a dangerous area. The UAE military personnel are on the ground to help in the winter of 2018. Three Emirati troops are eagerly anticipating their impending homecoming home, which is raising spirits at the Mocha Base. The three soldiers, Ali, Bilal, and Hindasi, are attacked by militants with heavy weapons as they pass through a small canyon on their final routine patrol.

The three troops recognize the seriousness of their predicament after becoming trapped, injured, and cut off from contact. Time, ammunition, and alternatives are all running out for them. When news reaches their commander back at the base, he learns that the attack on the UAE army patrol was planned. A swift rescue effort is launched, but will the guys receive air and ground help in time and survive? Based on actual events, AL KAMEEN (The Ambush) is a suspenseful race to complete a hazardous assignment in a harsh environment.

Where To Watch The Ambush Movie?

The Ambush was released in the year 2021 on November 25th in theatres, only in UAE . Apart from this, the movie was not released on any other online streaming platforms at that time but now it is expected to be released internationally in DVD format, on certain online streaming websites. 

The Ambush Movie Cast

All of the lead actors in The Ambush are Emirati, including:

  • Sergeant Ali Al-mismari is played by Marwan Abdullah Saleh.
  • Officer Bilal Al Saadi in the capacity of Khalifa Al Jassem.
  • Sergeant Al Hindasi as played by Mohammed Ahmed
  • Colonel Jamal Al Khatri is played by Mansoor Alfeeli.
  • Al Sayari is Khalifa Albahri.
  • Mansoor is Ibrahim Almusharaakh.
  • Abel Alblooshi is played by Hassan Yousuf.
  • Colonel Almazroui is played by Abdullah Bin Heider.
  • the head of the opposition, Ghanim Nasser.
  • Sergent Salem is played by Salem Altamimi.
  • Captain Saeed Al Shehhi is played by Saeed AlHarsh.
The Ambush Movie Cast

Social Media Talk On The Ambush Movie

The Ambush is the most successful Arabic- and Emirati-language movie ever released in the UAE. As soon as Saban Films acquires the American and Canadian rights to Al Kameen, or The Ambush in English, it will be distributed abroad.

The fans adored this film as it was released in 2021. Excellent cinematography. Another fan says: ” In the future, I hope there will be more films like this. Much love and respect “. As a result, the film is excellent for audiences who enjoy viewing war-themed movies.

What To Expect From The Ambush Movie?

Al-Kameen is based on actual events that took place in Yemen in 2018 when UAE forces were attacked by enemy militants as they were on a regular patrol in a valley in the mountains. The film tells the terrifying tale of the troops who were attacked and the valiant acts of the Emarati battalion who entered the dangerous region to save their comrades in arms.

The highest-grossing Arabic- and Emirati-language film in the UAE is now expanding internationally after Saban Films bought the rights to do so. A movie with the Arabic title “Al-Kameen,” which translates to “The Ambush,” was first shown only in the UAE in November of 2021. The acquisition of the Saban films, however, is set to alter that. Later this year, it will be released internationally, including in the USA and Canada.

The National and Vox distribution claim that the film was a major hit in the UAE, immediately rising to the top of the country’s box office in 2021. At the time, with more than 170,000 admissions, it was also the most well-received Emirati and Arabic-language film in UAE history. On October 28, the film is scheduled for worldwide distribution, and on November 1 of this year, it will be made available digitally. The decision made by Saban Films to take this action is intriguing since it marks the company’s entry into the foreign-language feature film industry. The National reports that Bill Bromiley, the company’s president, said the acquisition was made in response to the rising need for more global content.

It’s encouraging to watch films that portray regional conflicts from the perspective of Middle Eastern actors rather than US military personnel; this was the case with the Netflix film “Mosul” from 2019.In that film, a troop of Iraqi commandos battled in the Iraqi city of Mosul in quest of an ISIS base and destroyed it while also doing other side operations to cope with their rapidly worsening circumstances. The film was produced by Joe and Anthony Russo, who collaborated on multiple Marvel productions, and was based on the New Yorker story “The Desperate Battle to Destroy ISIS.”

The Ambush Movie 2021 Trailer

On November 25, 2021, The Ambush, also known as Al Kameen, was released. The one-minute, 54-second trailer for the movie, which is based on actual events, is excellent for fans of war-themed films. 

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