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All About Austin Butler Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, And More!!

Austin Butler- The name is enough to shake the whole audience. The renowned television star is a heartthrob of hundreds of people for his incredible performances and stunning looks. Just like his professional life, people show immense interest in his personal life too. Hence, it is tough to keep his romantic affairs a secret from the media.

Austin Butler Came To This World On 17th August 1991

Recently, the news of his breakup with his long-term girlfriend Vanessa has been all around the internet.

Austin Butler

After continuous silence for two long years, the actor finally revealed the reason for the split. To know everything about your favorite star and his love life, stay tuned to this page. 

About Austin Butler

Austin Butler came to this world on 17th August 1991. The names of his parents are David and Lori Butler. He was born into the family after a daughter, in California’s Anaheim. The name of his older sister is Ashley Butler who took birth in 1986. She accompanied her brother in Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide working as a background actor. . However, not much information is available about Austin’s educational background. 

Quick Facts About Austin Butler

The ethnicity of Austin Butler is Caucasian. Moreover, 6 feet is the approximate height of Butler. However, other body measurements are not known till now. Leo is the zodiac sign of this famous personality. 

Age And Early Life Explored

The current age of Austin Butler is 31 years. In his early years, Butler did not have any major roles in any television series. Instead, his role was only that of an extra. However, luck clicked when Lindsey Shaw, one of his friends, took him to Pat Cutler, the manager of Shaw. After this meeting, Butlers took a great turn and he began thinking about pursuing acting as a serious career option. 

The acting career finally took pace with the background-acting management organization. In 2005, Unfabulous was the first show where people saw Austin displaying his acting skills. After this, he was also a part of Hannah Montana, the famous musical show of Disney Channel. His performance with Miley Cyrus captured the attention of many. 

Net Worth And Career

Austin Butler’s average net worth as per 2022 reports is $4 million. However, the salary is not known with certainty till now. But the review is going on. Its main source of income of Austin is acting on television. He owns a house, but the information about the cars is unavailable. 

The incredible artist is among the top-notch actors of Hollywood and even ranked among the elite class of America. Some of the renowned shows include Switched at Birth, Zoey 101, and others. 

After performing brilliantly in the High School Musical series as Peyton Leverette, Austin received several more attractive offers in the television industry. Thus, his fan base includes mostly teenagers and young adults. In every role, Austin fascinates the audience. 

In 2011, June, he was a debutant with Switched at Birth, under the banner of ABC Family dramas. Moreover, he also gave a remarkable performance in The Bling Ring in the same year. Gradually, the popularity of the newcomer started growing at a lightning pace. Now, we all know Austin Butler as one of the most influential actors in Hollywood TV series. Hopefully, we will get him more on the big screen now. 

Recent Story Of The BreakUp

For two years, Autism was not ready to open up about his split with Vanessa Hudgens. However, the fans were waiting for a final confirmation from the mouth of their favorite star. Finally, in an interview on Wednesday, the High School Musical sensation stated that life is subject to lots of changes. Hence, we cannot predict anything beforehand when destiny has some other plans for you. Hence, you should be ready to move on constantly according to the circumstances. 

Butler ended a decade-long relationship with Hudgens which started in 2011. Moreover, the 30-year-old superstar dated Zac Efron before hooking up with the 33-year-old Vanessa. But the TV sensation loves to move on quickly and it is evident from his name getting linked with Kaia Gerber. Resources confirmed that from December 2021, the two have started dating each other. 


The story became a headline after the two met at the 2022 Met Gala, for the first time. However, too many fans, and both looked great together. On the other hand, its followers of Vanessa are really upset about the decision of the split. But in the end, it is their life and only they have the right to decide whom to give a green card and whom to discard from life. When asked, Butler was not willing to speak much about this rumored relationship. Instead, he only thanked the interviewer for not getting too

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