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Julia Roberts Recalls Her First Meeting With Harry Styles!!

Julia Roberts recently shared her experience with Harry Styles and how the first meeting went. This interview of the world-famous star did not take much time to go viral. The topic came up at the Cannes Festival of 2022. Moreover, Roberts shared a big laugh while discussing Styles with Shelia Atim and Jack Lowden. 

The Video Clip Is Already Out On The Social Media Platform

The conversation started when Shelia said that she did not get any chance till date to meet Styles.

Julia Roberts Recalls Her First Meeting With Harry Styles

At this moment, Roberts could not control herself and explained everything that she experienced during her first meeting with Harry. The video clip is already out on the social media platform and capturing the attention of millions of fans in different parts of the globe. 

Please read this content to understand the experience of Julia Roberts with Styles. 

The Video On Styles Went Viral

By this time, the beautiful video of Roberts talking about Styles has received more than 20,000 likes. The number of views also crossed One lakh and thus it is indeed a highly popular clip that you cannot afford to ignore. 

Styles and Roberts met each other for the first time at a talk show. Moreover, they chatted only for some time while being backstage. On the other hand, Lowden shared screen space with Harry in Dunkirk

After Robert laughed at the question about her first meeting with Styles, everyone became more curious. She replied to one of the reporters at first that it will not be right to divulge that fact again. But soon she laughed again and said that it was only a funny remark and started narrating the actual story. You can watch the whole video on Instagram and comment on this amazing clip also. 

Here is the description of the whole video. 

What Julia Said About Styles

In the words of Julia Roberts, The Ellen Show was the first place where Styles and Roberts bumped into each other. Julia found this young guy to be highly attractive and charming. Actually, after Roberts, Styles was the next in line as a guest artist. Hence, they had to stand together backstage. Roberts also added that she has never seen a celebrity so humble and with great manners. Hence, everyone can understand from this interview that Julia liked Harry Styles during the first meet only. It is definitely very good news for the fans of both the renowned personalities. 

As soon as the video spread over the internet, fans started responding at a lightning speed. One of the followers remarked that one icon is appreciating another great star through this video. Such comments are truly encouraging for the celebrities also. Furthermore, another person wrote that Roberts looked stunning in the video. 

Some Funny Comments

The series of comments did not end only with these light words. Some went up to levels and jokingly uttered what would have been the actual conversation between Styles and Roberts. According the Tiktoker, addressed the users whether they thought that Roberts would have asked the guy to love a girl like her. Of course, it is only a joke and should be taken only on a light note. There is no truth or seriousness in these words. 


Looking at Julia, most of the users commented that this beautiful lady certainly can beat her age. Hence, at this age also, she looks incredibly fresh and gorgeous. Furthermore, her fans also exclaimed how good she is from the inside just like her external beauty. Considering the grace of both the stars, some also feel that Harry must have fallen for the lady at the first glance only. 

Remarkable Performance Of Roberts

The Cannes Film Festival was a star-studded event altogether this year. The presence of Roberts enhanced the beauty of the occasion on 19th May. You saw Roberts this year in various works.

One of the primary movies was Gaslit where she acted with Sean Penn. The political thriller won so many hearts within some time. Furthermore, another reason for joining Cannes was the launch of Armageddon Time. Several remarkable stars worked in this brilliant movie along with Roberts. Thus, the premiere took place in the grand festival of Cannes and grabbed immense attention at once. 

Are you a fan of Julia Roberts and want to catch some more good shows of the actress? The good news is that Ticket to Paradise, a rom-com, will come in October. The plot involves the story of a daughter and her parents who do not want their only child to repeat the same mistake as they did. Now, it will be exciting to see what they do to prevent their daughter from getting married. 

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