Fact-Checking Policy

All content used in Alpha News Call is to be thoroughly fact-checked before publication. All Alpha News Call reporters, writers, and editors have the responsibility of fact-checking stories. 

At Alpha News Call, we have a multi-level structure for our fact-checking process. Each piece of content undergoes fact-checks at every stage of the creation of a story, from the origination, the writing, the drafting, to the preview. These include checks by reporters, copywriters, sub-editors, and senior editors.

Corrections Policy

Alpha News Call strives for accurate, complete, and unbiased coverage of news and events. The articles and news reports undergo thorough proofreading and fact-checks before they are published on the website. However, in case an error does make it to the final published content, it is completely unintentional.

Alpha News Call is prompt in responding to and correcting any errors in the content published on our digital website. We also run a correction, clarification, or an editor’s note, as the situation calls for, so that it is crystal clear to our readers, what was wrong and what is correct.

Updating Published Content

All published content is updated as and when required, keeping with the expectations of the readers in the digital age. We do not put notes on an article to signal that it has been updated every time an article is updated, as the time stamp already signals to the reader that they are reading a developing story. However, we do put up a note if the occasion warrants it. We also use a correction, clarification, or editor’s note when the correction is a result of a significant mistake.


In the case of a substantial correction of an article, headline, photo caption, graphic, video, or other material, we promptly publish a correction explaining the change. 


In case our journalism is factually correct, but the language used to articulate those facts is unclear, or as detailed as should be, we rewrite the article and add a clarification to the story. 

We also use clarifications in cases where we initially failed to seek a response or a comment that has since been added to the story, or when new reporting has shifted our perspective of an event.

Editor’s Notes

In the case of a correction that brings into question, the entire mettle of an article or raises serious ethical concerns, we publish an editor’s note that is followed by a detailed explanation of the issue at hand. The addition of an editor’s note is done only after the approval of the editor-in-chief.

Additional correction policies:

  • All corrections on social media platforms are done on respective platforms.
  • In case of errors notified by readers in the comments, the correction will be indicated in the comments.
  • No blame will be attributed to individual reporters or editors. However, in case of errors resulting from a publication problem or from incorrect information shared by a trusted source, the same shall be noted.

Grievance Redressal

All grievances regarding the Alpha News Call website or its content may be addressed to [email protected]. The same shall be acted upon within 36 hours of receipt of the complaint by the individual affected, and the complaint shall be redressed within one month of receipt.