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The 10 Best Crypto & Defi Podcasts You Should Be Tuning Into

While crypto and DeFi are becoming ubiquitous, blockchain technology is only starting to develop, and the industry is in a perpetual state of flux. Evolution is happening faster than we thought, so it’s hard even for the experts to make sense of it all. Listening to podcasts is an easy way to keep up with the latest events worldwide (many podcasts are free and can be downloaded). There are a lot of them out there, and the choice can be stressful. The crypto and DeFi podcasts in this list showcase some of our favorites.


As the name suggests, Bankless aims to replace the traditional financial system with Internet protocols for money and finance. The podcast, which is worth adding to your list, features co-hosts Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, two illustrious Ethereum and DeFi commentators. Ryan Sean Adams is the founder of Mythos Capital, an investment company that holds digital assets and services crypto networks, while David Hoffman is a steward of the crypto culture who writes fundamental investment thesis for Ether and Ethereum. The episodes of Bankless will take you through various topics such as Layer 1 blockchains (Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, etc.) and macro-finance. Bankless is one of the best resources because it doesn’t just focus on Bitcoin.

Ethereum News – Defi, Web3, Crypto

Ethereum News – Defi, Web3, Crypto is a daily briefing examining the most recent trends in Ethereum, so be all ears. Topics to be discussed include upcoming updates that will shape Ethereum, DeFi applications, Layer 2 scaling, and Web3. You can listen to the episodes while on the go to increase your familiarity with the crypto industry, getting advice on the latest developments from experts in the field. Ethereum News – Defi, Web3, Crypto chronicles the progress in the Ethereum ecosystem. No opinions, just news. The podcast features MOTA, which has launched and hosted daily, weekly, and monthly podcasts since 2014. You could miss out on huge opportunities if you’re not up-to-date on the latest Ethereum news and trends.


Empire is produced by BlockWorks, which delivers news and insights about digital assets to investors. It’s a financial media brand that delivers breaking news about the macro-finance and blockchain space. The podcast features Jason Yanowitz, co-founder of BlockWorks, and Santiago Roel Santos, partner at ParaFi Capital, who share stories you’re not going to hear elsewhere. In case you didn’t know, Santiago is an early investor in AAVE, the second-largest decentralized finance lending pool. The episodes of Empire accommodate entrepreneurs, crypto investors, and regulatory experts who discuss hot trends. Basically, it’s your look behind the curtain of the crypto industry.

What Bitcoin Did

What Bitcoin Did, launched in 2017, has grown to countless episodes to help people learn everything there is to know about Bitcoin. Topics include but aren’t limited to freedom, human rights, censorship, and Bitcoin. The podcast is hosted by Peter McCormack, a podcaster, filmmaker, and football club chairman. McCormack wants to dispel understandings and facilitate greater Bitcoin adoption, acknowledging the allure of crypto and crypto-related projects. On his show, McCormack interviews numerous guests, including economists, educators, and journalists, to name a few. The content is reliably consistent, and the guests range from your favorites to people you’ve never heard of.

Binance Podcast

Binance, an online exchange where you can trade crypto, regularly initiates discussions with regulators, traders, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs about their respective industries and how crypto has the power to change the world. Wei Zhou, the chief finance officer at Binance, and different company representatives play a crucial role in the podcast’s success, bringing their authentic voices to the show. In each episode, the hosts help listeners navigate the confusion with lots of insights and a lot of fun. If you missed the latest Binance Podcast episode, don’t worry because you can catch up on YouTube.

Unchained Podcast

Unchained, formerly referred to as Unconfirmed, is a weekly crypto podcast that shows how big names in the industry react to top headlines. The podcast features Laura Shin, a writer, crypto journalist, and podcaster. She’s been covering the crypto space since 2013, interviewing the most influential figures. You should listen to Unchained if you want to stay informed with the latest current events from the crypto world, whether it’s the regulatory breakdown or discussions about the most promising projects in the crypto space. Laura Shin is a nocoiner, which means she doesn’t believe in the idea and value that crypto has to offer the world.

The Defiant

The Defiant selects, organizes, and analyzes chief developments in DeFi, meaning you can stay informed at all times and make informed decisions about the most innovative niche in the crypto sector. The podcast features Camila Russo, a financial journalist with experience across digital asset classes. She ensures journalism with authority. Interviews are conducted on topics that dig deep into the inner workings of DeFi, such as Ethereum Layer 2 solutions and problems in DeFi governance. DeFi has become a trending topic in the blockchain community, opening financial services to everyone by making available a permissionless ecosystem. What makes The Defiant stand out is the quality of its guests, the stories told, and the tactics that contribute to the discussion.

On The Margin

On The Margin addresses the world of macro-finance and crypto, the new dynamic duo. The podcast features Michael Ippolito, a co-founder of BlockWorks, in charge of content and finance. He discusses current events in the financial markets, asset management, and the continued adoption of crypto. Ideas that were once smaller or less important are now becoming mainstream. On The Margin is a source of entertainment, education, expertise, and opinions. Just pop your earphones to tune in to the show while commuting to work, jogging, cleaning the house, or whatever else you might be doing.

The Calculator Guy

The Calculator Guy includes chats with industry experts about crypto, Ethereum, Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs, and Web3. More exactly, it’s a technical podcast that focuses on advanced DeFi yield farming strategies, such as the renowned “delta-hedged” strategy. The show explains things in a simple way, but it’s not hyped. Listen to each episode to find out how to earn steady yield rewards (it doesn’t matter if the market is bullish or bearish). You can learn new things. This is such an obvious, simple idea, but it’s completely worth mentioning.

The Daily Gwei

Finally, yet importantly, there’s The Daily Gwei, which provides education, resources, and tools to keep you in the loop with what’s going on in the Ethereum ecosystem. The podcast features Anthony Sassano, one of the most popular independent Ethereum educators and founder of The Daily Gwei. On the show, he interviews some of the most highly influential figures in Ethereum, namely developers, protocol builders, and so on. You get a recap of everything that happened over the previous 24 hours.


If you’re a crypto and DeFi enthusiast and investor, make sure to stay on top of the latest developments.


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