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6 Great Crypto Documentaries Worth Watching If You Want To Learn More About The Industry

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, so if you haven’t been living under a rock until now, it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard about this innovative technology. After all, the Internet is filled with news and the latest updates on blockchain, digital currencies and top exchanges like Binance. Crypto is an intriguing topic that has been highly debated, with many traders and tech geeks weighing its impact on the financial world.

And unsurprisingly, the crypto craze has also inspired filmmakers, who have created great movies that explore this new and fascinating space of digital currencies. This blog posts explore the best six crypto documentaries that will entertain and educate those who are curious to learn more about the industry. Let’s dive in!

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

This feature-length documentary was released in 2014 and explores cryptocurrencies’ history and how they have turned into a global phenomenon. The film was directed by Nicholas Mross and is told from the perspective of Daniel Mross, the director’s brother, a computer programmer and an avid Bitcoin enthusiast. It delves into the stories and motivations of early Bitcoin miners and adopters while examining digital currencies’ potential to transform the financial system.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a great educational resource for those who want to understand how the industry works, providing a comprehensive look into the features of cryptocurrency, its cultural and technical aspects, and its implications for the future. Besides, it is genuinely engaging: a must-watch for those interested in the latest innovations in finance.

Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet

This documentary was directed by award-winning director Torsten Hoffman and follows different famous figures in the crypto world as they examine the cultural and technical aspects of the revolutionary technology. Through interviews with tech experts, economics specialists and finance professionals, the documentary seeks to explore the potential of crypto and blockchain in shaping users’ online experiences in the future.

It’s an eye-opening movie that discusses crypto’s development and political angles. Whether you are a hardcore crypto fan or have just gotten into digital currencies, this documentary will answer many of your questions about digital assets, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on it!

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

This engaging documentary delves into the realm of blockchain, discussing the technology’s implications with well-known figures in the crypto space, such as Stefan Thomas, CTO of Ripple. The film dispels myths about blockchain and Bitcoin, aiming to clarify the differences between the two. At the same time, it provides fascinating and valuable information for viewers regarding this exciting industry.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain offers viewers a balanced take on the pros and cons of blockchain technology and what it can do for the world. For those unfamiliar with the blockchain and crypto space, this documentary is the best introduction to a complex industry, as it is informative and accessible to everyone. However, it is also an enlightening resource for those who have already been in the crypto space for a while.

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

This documentary film is worth adding to your watchlist if you want to learn about the characteristics of Bitcoin and what sets it apart from fiat currency. Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution discusses the pros of Bitcoin, like financial inclusiveness and the possibility of avoiding financial intermediaries, but it also highlights its cons, like the lack of regulation. It takes a look at how corporations and investors are increasingly paying attention to the famous cryptocurrency and other altcoins and how governments are becoming more interested in the market as well.

The film includes interviews with industry experts, such as entrepreneurs and Bitcoin developers, who provide comprehensive information on the technology, as well as the politics and economics of Bitcoin. It even gives viewers footage from essential events, such as meetups and conferences, that illustrate the growing interest in the world of digital assets.

Banking on Bitcoin

Directed by Christopher Cannuciari is among the most popular documentaries on the crypto topic and has done an excellent job of explaining the basic ideas behind Bitcoin. The film delves into Bitcoin’s early days, covering the creation of the cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakamoto, its famous yet mysterious founder, and the emergence of the Bitcoin community.

It also delves into the first Bitcoin transaction, the first exchange to be created, and explores the fluctuations of the BTC prices. Banking on Bitcoin includes interviews with reputable Bitcoin industry professionals, like programmers, investors and business owners, who offer meaningful insights on the technology and Bitcoin’s future. Moreover, it looks at the regulatory and legal challenges the crypto world is currently facing. The documentary is an interesting watch for those passionate about Bitcoin and who want to get started with trading.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

This documentary delves into the practices of financial institutions and the government’s influence on inflation and currency printing. The film really does a great job in discussing the complexity and beauty of Bitcoin, which is a digital wonder for many. With an incredible narration, Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It takes viewers on a journey towards the world of cryptocurrencies, examining the potential of Bitcoin – the leading crypto – to spark a revolution in how people see and use money.

The film has a cohesive storyline, leaving newcomers to the crypto space educated about Bitcoin and its importance in today’s society. But besides providing essential information on digital currency, the documentary also explains how imperative it is to transform the actual monetary system, which is corrupted. Ultimately, it highlights why Bitcoin could be a great solution to the current money problems and poverty. Undoubtedly, the movie’s creators deserve praise for how well they pointed out the need of a digital economy.

The bottom line

Here they are: the best six documentaries on digital currencies that show viewers how captivating this industry can be. Let’s be honest; everyone enjoys a great story, especially if it is both entertaining and educational!

So, will you add these documentaries to your watchlist?


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