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Who Is Daejhanae Jackson? All About Suspected Girl Who Beaten Shanquella Robinson

Daejhanae Jackson is the suspected girl in the case of beating Shanquella Robinson and her name is floating over the internet after the video before the death of Shanquella Robinson went viral. So without any further delay let’s check more about Daejhanae Jackson and what really happened in Mexico. 

Who is Daejhanae Jackson?

More details regarding Daejhanae is not quite handy. But her name has been circulating over the internet after the story of Shanquella Robinson spurs calls in order for the detention of people responsible for the Mexican video.

Who is Daejhanae Jackson

Daejhanae Jackson passionately describes herself as an “aspiring healthcare professional” according to her LinkedIn profile. Also as per her profile, she attended Winston-Salem State University. Daejhanae currently works at Blue Rhino on the outskirts of North Carolina. 

This is the only information that we could collect about Daejhanae Jackson. Her name is all over the internet for assaulting her friend brutally. Other than that we cannot extract details about her personal life since she is not that famous that of a celebrity. 

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What Happened With Daejhanae And Shanquella In Mexico?

When we dig a little deeper into the conundrum, a video was uploaded on the internet where the alleged suspected Daejhanae beating Shanquella Robinson before her unexpected tragic demise was overflooded within seconds of uploading. 

Shanquella Robinson was found dead in Mexico on October 28, 2022. The body was discovered after twenty-four hours of search. As per reports, Shanquella and some of her friends decided to have a blast in Mexico and left for a trip.

What really happened between Daejhanae and Shanquella is not known. But according to the footage a lady has been beating up the naked Shanquella Robinson. The video was shot by the friends of Shanquella and the reason behind the beating is not known.

But it is predominantly important to highlight the fact that the authorities have not given the verification regarding the assumption made by the online users since the video was spiraling over the internet. 

In the video, we can hear a man giving encouragement to the attacker and another man in the video is saying to fight back. So actually what is the role of Deajhanae Jackson and why she is beating the businesswoman Shanquella Robinson is quite confusing. 

After the video went viral, it was a blessing to the investigation that the names and images of the so-called friends who accompanied them on the trip were revealed. Khalil, Winter Donovan, Alysse Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazar Wiggings were the friends. 

Things got pretty nasty when Shanquella Robinson was found dead. So after the names were disclosed on the internet after the video went the six suspects soon deleted their social media accounts.

Although there is not much information about the role of her friends in her death, it is clear that Daejhanae was beating Shanquella Robinson brutally resulting in a knot on her head and swollen eyes. The bereaving family of Shanquella Robinson is searching for the answer and the first person they suspect is Daejhanae Jackson. 

Is Daejhanae Jackson Going Behind Bars?

Since the case has not been disclosed, we cannot speculate that Daejhanae would be sentenced to imprisonment. Since the evidence is strong that she was the one who brutally beat the twenty-five-year-old victim, the investigators have to find more facts and shreds of evidence leading to the suspect.

But netizens have been raving about the imprisonment of these gangs and they affirmed that these six people would have something to do with the death of Shanquella Robinson. Since the case is in progress the six team members are under suspicion, and Daejhanae is in the front row of suspicion. 

What leads her to beat Shanquell is unknown and only Daejhanae has the answer to that question. The excuse of inebriation would not sell in this case because being intoxicated is not a free card to do any sort of obnoxious act. 

The dead body was found one day after Shanquella went missing from the party. All of them were deeply inebriated and the victim was found unconscious the next day. When we dig deeper we can find that the cause of death of Shanquella Robinson is severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation. 

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What is Atlas luxation?

This is now a familiar medical term after the death of Shanquell Robinson. According to reports, the businesswoman of twenty-five died due to neck trauma and severe spinal cord injury. According to the medical definition, atlas luxation is a fatal condition where the vertebrae of the neck would become unstable and the person will die on the spot. So traumatic injury or some sort of hereditary condition can cause this atlas luxation and it is pretty clear in the case of Shanquell Robinson that she suffered from a traumatic injury. 

So we can presume that the obnoxious incident happened and Shanquell Robinson had to face death because her so-called friend beat her to death. The investigation is still going on and we have to wait a little bit longer to clear the air and to know the real culprit behind her murder. 

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