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All Roads Lead To Rome: What To See And Where To Go?

Not every city can boast of having a history that is so detailed, complicated, and fascinating while also having such a large number of attractions. Rome is one of the most famous tourist sites in Europe and the entire globe, therefore every visitor has a fantasy vacation there. Every year, millions of tourists go to one of the oldest towns in the world because they want to visit the birthplace of modern civilization.

An additional bonus of visiting Rome is the opportunity to visit another country. The Vatican is the topic at hand. The Pope resides in the city-state, which is situated on Roman soil. It is home to the most important Catholic shrines as well as an expansive museum complex that is worth seeing for everyone.


Due to a large number of passengers, it is not even recommended to travel in Italy by public transportation, since this might be quite difficult to do while going from Ciampino Airport to Rome. Only a few sizable parking lots, which are near the city’s center, are also present.

Instead, Italy offers a relaxing airport transfer Rome Ciampino. Airport taxi takes the stress off of transportation concerns. To airport transfer from Ciampino airport like that lets you take in the scenery while traveling and look forward to future exploring Rome.

So, in this guide, we will share with you our “trodden” and proven routes of walking in Rome, one of the most charming cities in Europe. It is the true open-air museum – an immortal city.

Colosseum or Flavius Amphitheater

Despite the fact that Rome’s landmarks are everywhere, without this location it is hard to conceive the Eternal City. You can get here right from the Ciampino airport using a cab. This intricate architectural design’s name translates to “giant.” The strong oval is 57 meters high, 156 meters wide, and 188 meters long.

The biggest building was finished in 80 AD after taking 8 years to construct. The Colosseum was built by representatives of the governing Flavia dynasty, from whom it got its second name, in remembrance of the great triumphs of the Roman Emperor Vespasian against Judea.

Colosseum or Flavius Amphitheater

Roman Forum And Arch Of Titus

Just a few minutes walk from the Colosseum, and here you are in the Roman Forum. It was the center of Roman political, ecclesiastical, and economic life throughout the Republican era. The forum is currently made up of the remains of temples, wealthy Roman homes, and governmental structures.

It is especially stunning to see the size of religious structures with their tall columns and elaborate decorations. Given that such magnificent structures were built before there was any technology, it is significant that they look impervious to destruction.

The Basilica of Maxentius is a unique feature of the forum. Rome is known for its beautiful architecture, and this was the tallest structure to ever stand on the forum. Emperor Maxentius built the basilica in 308. Additionally, the single-span Arch of Titus, which was erected in 81 AD to commemorate the conquest of Jerusalem, is visible in the forum’s eastern section.

Appian Way

The original highway used by horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians is still in existence today. It served as a connection between Rome and the remote Apennine Peninsula in antiquity, and it is now a famous landmark in Italy. It was acknowledged by its contemporaries that this road had good quality when it was opened.

Book AtoB Ciampino airport taxi and check this. It was used by the Romans for trade and military expeditions, and afterwards by Christians for pilgrimages to Rome’s sacred sites. The Appian Way is a state highway today, and portions of its original pavement have been maintained.


An old pagan temple that was eventually dedicated as a Christian church honoring all Roman deities may be seen at Piazza della Rotonda. The simpliest way to get to Pantheon is pre-booking AtoB airport taxi. This pre-Christian architectural artifact has been maintained to the present day and astounds visitors and archaeologists alike with its majesty.

Another unexpected aspect of the construction is that there are no windows in the Pantheon; instead, there is a 9-meter-diameter hole at the very top of the dome. Deity sculptures were placed in the niches along the temple’s perimeter, and during the year, light would occasionally shine through the hole in the dome to illuminate these statues. But none of these sculptures has persisted to the day.


Sistine Chapel

At the end of XV century Pope Sixtus IV issued an order for the construction of the Sistine Chapel, which is one of the most well-known and well-liked historical and cultural monuments in the world. George de Dolci, the building’s architect, oversaw construction. Tourists are awed by the magnificence that surrounds them despite the architecture’s seeming simplicity. Famous artists including Michelangelo, Pinturicchio, and Sandro Botticelli painted the Sistine Chapel’s interior walls.

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