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Who Is Bianca Rodrigues? All About Luke Grimes Wife

Have you heard the name Bianca Rodrigues before? Well, we can understand. Although her name might not ring a bell, you must be familiar with Luke Grimes, aren’t you? So, today let’s talk about their swoon-worthy romance. 

So, where are Yellowstone fans? Your Kayce Dutton is originally married to a woman named Bianca Rodrigues. Although he is pretty famous, Grimes has managed to keep his personal life private. That is one of the major reasons why you couldn’t recognize his wife by her name. 

Who Is Bianca Rodrigues?

Although you can guess who she is from her name now (as it has a tail of Grimes), you still should know who she is as a person. It’s not always recommended to refer to an individual in relation to another one. Since many consider it as a kind of disrespect, we are here to make you understand who Bianca Rodrigues is and not Bianca Rodriguez Grimes. 

Who Is Bianca Rodrigues? All About Luke Grimes Wife

So, Bianca Rodriguez is a Brazilian model who was born on Aug. 9, 1996. She lived in Brazil, before cementing her modeling career in America. Her husband Luke is an American actor, famed for his role in the flicks, American Sniper, and Fifty Shades franchise. His recent role as Kayce Dutton in Yellowstone has elevated this ruggedly handsome heartthrob to the next level. Although he is more than famous, the couple has only made occasional glimpses on social media and they appear to be careful of what they post on such platforms. 

Anyway, Bianca Rodriguez is the one lucky lady who stole this pretty face. 

Bianca Rodriguez And Luke Grimes Are Married For 4 Years

The sensational actor and Bianca Rodrigues tied the knot on November 21, 2018. Yes, the duo celebrated their fourth anniversary this Monday. By far, Bianca has uploaded several anniversary tributes on her Instagram. Last year, she took a B&W picture of the pair sitting on the beach and wrote how lucky she is to have him. In November 2020, Bianca shared a photograph apparently taken on their wedding day. In the picture, she was wearing a gorgeous white dress, while he rocked in a casual white shirt. 

Bianca Rodriguez and Luke Grimes

She is apparently living a happy life with the Fifty Shades of Gray actor, however, they have not chosen to have children so far. 

Although they only appear a few times on Instagram, Bianca is often seen calling her hubby “anjo,” which means angel in Portuguese. 

She is a Brazilian model

Although, she is currently not residing in Brazil. Bianca is originally from Brazil. If you have a glance at her Instagram profile, you can understand her passion for modeling. It contains an array of pictures that is more than enough to prove she is a model. Since 2016, she has been focusing more on her career as she is seen posing for several themes including one wearing a bikini from the beach and the other one in a studio indicating classic Hollywood glamour. 

She has walked on the red carpet with her beau

Although she has rarely chosen to come to the spotlight, Bianca has attended several red-carpet events with her actor husband. Earlier in 2022, she posed with Luke Grimes at the 28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. She was looking dope in a stunning black mini-dress, which she rocked with peep-toe shoes in nude color.   

In March 2022, she was again spotted with Grimes at the Academy of Country Music Awards.     

She admires Canadian singer Colter Wall

Not just Bianca, but the 38-year-old actor is also a fan of Canadian singer Colter Wall. In an interview, Luke shared about the pair’s music aspirations and fantasies and he talked about which songs they used to listen to at home. From what they revealed, it was understood that the two were huge fans of Colter Wall. 

Luke mentioned that they have a record player system at home and Colter’s albums are placed right next to it. In July 2021, Bianca uploaded a picture on social media, standing next to Wall on what appears to be a farm in Whitefish, Montana. She captioned the picture saying she was glad to meet him, and that he was a down-to-earth person. 

She is the mum of two cats

Isn’t it interesting that the cats own separate social media accounts where they get cute comments and millions of likes? We know it is, and that is exactly what is happening with Buck and Zelda, Grimes’ family cats. They are Bengal cats and often appear in Bianca’s Gram stories. 

In April 2020, when COVID-19 was introduced to the world, she uploaded a snap holding one of the cats and mentioned those were the few things that she loved. Little over a year later, she once again took a cat to her Instagram, but this time, it was the one, peeking out of the window. In a third picture, she referred to the cats as “Yin and Yang” while they were exploring their fruit bowl. 

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Together with Luke, she owns an Airstream trailer

Bianca and Luke own an Airstream travel trailer which enables them to travel across the country. She has seemingly shared a plethora of photos of the trailer on her official Instagram account. 

Calling it her ‘happy place,’ Bianca took a picture of her from the trailer’s bed in July 2021. She also mentioned that the airstream provided them shelter when they visited Taos and New Mexico. 

She published her relationship with Grimes in 2019

Bianca Rodrigues

In 2019, Bianca shared her first photo with Grimes on Instagram. The picture said that they were going for a kiss, and she captioned it with a red heart emoji. Roughly two weeks later, she again took a snap in which the two were posing in a desert wearing goggles and bandanas. Bianca further captioned it as “Burn baby burn.”.

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