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Heather Anderson Death: Adelaide Crows AFLW Premiership Player Died Aged 28

Adelaide Crows are in an excruciating situation by the unexpected death of their former AFLW riveting star Heather Anderson. It was truly a piece of saddening news to the entire world as Heather Anderson was only twenty-eight years old at the time of her earthly departure. Heather  Anderson was one of the most intriguing outstanding players and was drafted by the Crows in 2016 and later won the premiership in 2017. So let us see more about Heather Anderson and what happened to her. 

Who Was Heather Anderson?

Heather Anderson was one of the astounding Australian Army soldier and Australian rules footballers who passionately played for the Adelaide Football club in the AFL Women’s competition in 2017. She was born in 1994 and with her scintillating acuity, she served as a medic in the First Close Health Battalion. 

Heather Anderson

Heather Anderson first played with AFL in 2005 under the Sale City Football Club. following her struggles in order to attain a space in the sports field, her first representative honor was in the ACT. it was an under-eighteen youth girls team aged around fifteen and they played in the mid-2009. In 2010, Heather Anderson was elected under the eighteen team to play for the National Carnival.

After her mind-blowing performance, she was entitled as the captain of the team in the following year 2012. Later Heather Anderson was named to the All-Australian team in the 2010 and 2011 years for her performances. 

After this Heather Anderson was drafted by Adelaide and she became a compelling candidate for their team. Heather Anderson with her determination to have a great highly acknowledged career made her debut in the thirty-six-point win against Greater Western Sydney in the following 2017 season. 

Heather Anderson was eventually making her career steep and things turned pretty upside down when she faced an accident where her shoulder was dislocated. Her right shoulder was the area where she got injured and within a year she underwent the surgery. But due to this unexpected twist in her life, Heather Anderson was delisted from the match that was all set to be in the 2018 season.

Heather Anderson Death

She underwent the surgery in April 2017, but even though she could finish her treatments and had a fast recuperation, she was not drafted to the AFL and soon they announced the indefinite retirement of Heather Anderson from the AFL. 

Heather Anderson was one of the appealing members of the Divison 2 Sale City and with the help of her shrewdness in the game, they won the championship in 2006. Moreover, Heather Anderson spent her major three seasons playing passionately for the Belconnen Cats in 2007 after she moved to Canberra.

Heather Anderson was a deadly talented midfielder, outside mid, and strongest defender for his junior teams. After her enthralling games, she won the Competition’s Rising star Award and she was entitled to being one of the finest and immeasurably greatest performers. 

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Heather Anderson’s Cause Of Death Explained!

Heather Anderson died at the very young age of twenty-eight on November 14, 2022, and the cause of death is not revealed yet. It was indeed a deep wound for everyone who had encountered Heather Anderson once in their lifetime. She was the epitome of determination and courage and she was eventually making things progress with her career. 

It is only known that she really suffered from the dislocated injury that happened to her shoulder and she underwent surgery to make it right. But even though she has managed to suffer things after the surgery, she was not drafted to the team which was indeed disappointing.

So what really happened to Heather Anderson and how she died and the cause of death is not quite in handy.  

Tributes Are Overflowing

After the excruciating death news of Heather Anderson broke out people are paying their tributes to the deceased who was a great human being by all means. The executive director of the AFLW Nicole Livingstone paid his deepest condolences and tweeted

“The AFL extends its deepest sympathies to the family and friends of former Adelaide Crows player Heather Anderson, following her unexpected passing. A much-loved and respected teammate, Heather will be greatly missed”.

These were the words that were said by the executive director of the team and they all are deeply saddened by the unexpected death of Heather Anderson who was only twenty-eight years old.

In the AFLW ranks, Heather Anderson was well-acknowledged for her games wearing the distinguished pink helmet. She once said that the reason behind wearing the pink helmet is for her blind mother to watch her playing when she was in the field.

Her potential and outstanding career were inexplicably derailed by the injury and without any second thought, the authorities of the team delisted her and announced the indefinite retirement of Heather Anderson from the team before the 2018 season. 

Her bereaving family and friends are in a deep pit of grief and despair and this untimely death is quite repugnant to all the people who loved Heather Anderson to the core. 

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