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Kevin Conroy Net Worth- How Rich Was The Beloved Batman Voice Actor?

Best known for voicing the character of DC superhero Batman in various media, Kevin Conroy is an icon for Batman fans worldwide. Building up a steady career, profit, and fan base through his career, Kevin Conroy is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million.

The voice of Kevin Conroy for Batman was a super hit among comic book fans and he went on to voice multiple characters in the DC animated series, movies, and also a few videogames. The voice of Kevin Conroy became an iconic part of the character of Batman and the popularity he gained for the role was unparalleled. The actor had been suffering from cancer for a long time and he passed away on November 10, 2022. 

About Kevin Conroy

Even though Kevin Conroy is mentioned as an actor, he became the popular figure he is today after giving his voice to the iconic DC superhero Batman. The actor was born on November 30, 1955, in Westbury, New York.

Kevin Conroy

Kevin lived there until he was eleven years old and eventually moved to Westport, Connecticut. In 1973, Kevin Conroy earned a full scholarship to attend the Juilliard School’s Drama Division.

NameKevin Conroy
Real NameKevin Conroy
ProfessionActor, Voice Actor
Date of BirthNov 30, 1955
Age66 years old 
Height188 cm
Weight75 Kg
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth 2022$10 Million

In order o take up the scholarship, he moved back to New York. Kevin completed his course under the guideship of actor John Houseman, who is well known for his association with the project Citizen Kane.

While attending the school, Kevin Conroy met with Robin Williams and Kelsey Grammer. They both went on to become famous future actors, just like Kevin Conroy. 

Kevin Conroy Net Worth And Salary

Popular voice artist and actor Kevin Conroy had a net worth of $10 million at the time of his demise. Even though he was a well-trained and talented actor, Kevin Conroy earned the majority of his wealth through his successful career as a voice artist.

Looking into every episode and movie in that Conroy has portrayed Batman, he is the one actor to have done this for the longest time in history. Kevin Conroy was also the first person to use two distinctive voices for the character of Batman and Bruce Wayne.

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After his voice for the character became such a huge hit among the fans in ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ (1992-1995), Kevin Conroy voiced the character in different projects like ‘The New Batman Adventures’ (1997-1999), ‘Batman Beyond’ (1999-2001), ‘Justice League’ (2001-2004) and ‘Justice League Unlimited’ (2004-2006).

Apart from these shows, Kevin Conroy was also part of numerous films which featured the superhero. He also became the voice of the character in a couple of video games too.

Kevin Conroy Net Worth

Portraying such an iconic character for such a long period of time ensured a steady and huge income for Kevin Conroy. Apart from the profit earned through his voice acting career, Kevin Conroy was also part of some of the hit series and soap drams during the 80s. Kevin played a prominent part in soap dramas like ‘Search for Tomorrow,’ ‘Dynasty,’ and ‘Tour of Duty.’

He was also a regular cast member of ‘Ohara,’ which was a police procedural television series that started airing in 1978. He also made guest appearances on shows like ‘Cheers,’ ‘Search for Tomorrow,’ and ‘Murphy Brown.’ Kevin Conroy was a popular figure during that time and the parts in these projects also made him a notable amount in terms of his salary. 

Kevin Conroy’s Personal Life And Relationships

Even though he was such a popular figure with fans worldwide, Kevin Conroy was very private bout his personal life and relationships. Even amidst the fame and popularity he enjoyed, Kevin managed to keep his private life away from media attention for a very long time. Kevin Conroy identified himself as gay and the news was made public in 2016.

Even though it was revealed earlier, most of his fans came to know about the news of his sexuality through the 2022 Pride Anthology hosted by DC Comics. It is an LGBTQIA+ -themed comic book that is published annually.

In the 2022  edition, Conroy wrote a story titled ‘Finding Batman.’ The story included the experiences of Kevin Conroy’s life as a gay man. The story was critically well acclaimed upon its release.

During the time of his death, Kevin Conroy was married to his husband Vaughn C. Williams. Nothing much is known bout his husband or the history of their relationship. Other than his husband, Kevin Conroy is survived by his brother Tom Conroy and his sister Trisha Conroy. 

Kevin Conroy Awards And Honors

Kevin Conroy has won many awards for his contributions to the field of entertainment with his successful career. Kevin Conroy has won an overall of five BTVA Voice Acting awards for his portrayal of Batman and apart from the wins, he was also nominated six more times.

In 2015, Kevin Conroy received the Play Legit’s Best Actor Award. It was the portrayal of Batman in the video game “Batman: Arkham Knight” that granted him the win. 

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Talk On Social Media

The death of the actor has taken the internet by storm. Condolences and remembrance posts about the actor had been flooding o popular social media like Twitter and Instagram. Being the iconic voice of such a celebrated superhero, Kevin had a huge fan following.

Fans worldwide are also posting messages to express their love and respect for the dead actor on social media. Kevin Conroy also used his social media handles to stay updated and connected with his fans all over the world. The last post shared on his Twitter account is a picture of him about his Halloween day. 

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