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Who is Elizabeth Debicki? Lesser Known Facts About The Crown Season 5 Actor Elizabeth Debicki!

Netflix’s The Crown Season 5 has left the street talking after its Nov. 9 release. It has gained tabloid attention and was one of the most anticipated seasons of the show as it was the first to be premiered since the demise of Queen Elizabeth II

Once again, Elizabeth Debicki is seen wearing the shining shoes of Princess Diana and she has become quite popular owing to the fame her role has already enjoyed. By far, Debicki has been a part of many big projects even before impressing the audience with her character in The Crown. Everest, Gatsby, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Tenet were the flicks that brought the maximum talent out of her. Talks on the street say that she is even getting prepared to be a part of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. 

Although her performance in the past was praiseworthy, her role in The Crown is unmatchable. Here we have gathered some lesser-known facts about Elizabeth Debicki who has rocked the character of Princess Diana in the franchise.

5 lesser-known facts about Elizabeth Debicki

Elizabeth Debicki

1. Her big break movie was The Great Gatsby

Long before her groundbreaking role in The Crown, Elizabeth Debicki’s Jordan Baker in the Leonardo DiCaprio starrer literary fiction film The Great Gatsby has defined her as an actress and the movie is partly responsible for what she is today. The cinephiles started to keep tabs on her after its 2013 release. Moreover, her nuanced performance in the film also made her eligible for the AACTA Award for Best Actress in a Support Role in 2013.

Her finest delivery of acting subtly defined her career graph and impacted the roles that she was offered later on. When we look back, we have an array of big-budget films to point out like her role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with Christopher Nolan, but those were arguably one of her bests but they definitely owe to her role in The Great Gatsby. 

2. She was a ballet dancer before an actor

Well, do we have to tell you that Elizabeth Debicki is unusually tall, or have you already noticed the trait? Anyway, her height is one such thing that has been a hindrance in realizing her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer like her parents. She was initially fond of learning the art of ballet but eventually, she realized she was unfortunately not fit for the item. Then, she slowly pivoted to acting which ultimately brought out the best in her. 

Nevertheless, Debicki’s knowledge about the art of dance has reflected heavily on her physical appearance that she easily gets adapted to a role and uses her body to fit in, especially for her role as Princess Diana, it required a lot of grace in her movement, which was not a task for the tall girl.

3. She was good at academics

Although Elizabeth Debicki spent not long to gain traction after her graduation, she was still an outstanding and sincere student at school, who graduated with the highest score in her class. Interestingly, the saga was previously too good at English and Drama, the two subjects in which she earned perfect scores, making it obvious why she is a behemoth in storytelling and acting. 

Additionally, she went to Melbourne Univerity’s Victorian College of the Arts, where she was honored as an excellent acting student and was awarded a Richard Pratt Bursary. Clearly, it was her in-depth training in the drama that probably resulted in her extraordinary acting skills. 

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Elizabeth Debicki

4. She likes exploring cities 

Debicki was born in Paris to a Polish father and an Australian mother, making her of mixed descent and the entire family moved to Melbourne when she was just 5 years old. Despite moving at such a young age, she still recognizes some of her family in Paris and considers it her home.

But, Paris is not her only home as she has been residing in London and LA ever since she stepped into acting, and therefore, those are also considered as homes. Now that she is an established actor, she often visits Sydney too, making it her other home. Moving from place to place has also benefited her in picking up different accents necessary for her roles.

5. She was not confident about her body

Just like in The Crown, Debicki’s role in Tenet was rather physical for which she had to get fairly fit. Although she managed to get into the perfect shape to master the role, Debicki revealed her childhood experiences regarding body image issues and why it’s inevitable to go easy on oneself. Per Debicki, a person should do what he/she loves and should not try to fit into society’s label. 

She also encourages a natural progression by finding individuality through people who respect you rather than the ones who disrespect your being. She opened up about the matter in an interview with Glamor, amidst promoting her movie Tenet. 

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