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Who Was Orlando Euell? Everything You Need To Know About Orlando Euell Murder Case!

Who Was Orland Euell?

The victim of the tragic incident that happened on May 2019, Orlando Euell was a resident of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to the reports and statements from people who knew him, Orlando Euell was a very private man and he mostly kept to himself.

People who knew him have mentioned that even though he was such a private person, Orlando Euell was a good man and that he would do the best he could to help someone. People who knew him remember Orlando Euell as a very generous and caring man and he was also well-liked by his small circle of acquaintances. 

How Did Orlando Euell Die?

The death of Orlando Euell was notified to officials through a 911 call. The officers were notified about a possible murder that took place near 225th and Pierce. Upon their arrival, they found the dead body of Orlando Euell lying in a pool of blood on the ground. 

Orlando Euell Murder Case

According to the initial report by the police, Orlando Euell was declared to be dead at the time of their arrival. After further inquiries and examination, the cause of Orlando Euell’s death was confirmed to be a gunshot to his neck.

The police also made it clear that Orlando Euell was shot from a close range. The gunshot wound seemed as if Orlando Euell was trying to escape from his killer and the person shot him from the back. After the autopsy of Orlando Euell, the reason behind his death was confirmed to be a single gunshot wound on his neck.

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Who killed Orlando Euell?

The answer to the question of who killed Orlando Euell was not easy to find as the police thought it would have been. As the victim was known to be a good man and was friendly with almost everyone, the police were left with no enemy to start the investigation.

The people who knew Orlando Euell were also helpless in the investigation as none of them knew a single person who would want to hurt Orlando Euell

The police were left in further confusion and felt it difficult to take the case forward as they failed to find a single witness who could account for the events that led to the death of Orlando Euell.

The police failed miserably even after investigating the spot of the murder and its surroundings in an attempt to find a witness. Due to these difficulties, the investigation lacked the pace it needed in its initial days. 

However, the police received a breakthrough while examining the nearby area. They came across a few local CCTV cameras which could help them to track down the movements of Orlando Euell during his final hours.

The police succeeded in their task by finding a shred of breakthrough evidence that helped them narrow down a possible suspect in the case. While examining the CCTV footage, the police noticed that Orlando Euell was driven around in a car during the last few hours before he was shot.

The car was identified to be a Pontiac G6. With the details from the available footage, the police understood that Orlando was picked up from a gas station at South 27th and National Avenue in Milwaukee. 

With such a vital piece of information, police concluded that one of the passengers in the car was the culprit behind the death of Orlando Euell. The police were able to track down the owner of the Pontiac G6 and came to know that the owner of the car was 22-year-old Keaira Walker.

While looking into the profile of Keaira, it was understood that Keaira was a small-time drug dealer. 

Witnesses And Arrest 

The details about the owner of the car were available to police but before they could call in to question her, a witness approached the police with vital information. The witness claimed to a friend of Keaira that she was in the backseat of the Pontiac G6 while the incident took place.

According to the statement of the victim, Orlando Euell approached Keaira in her car earlier that day and informed her that Orlando will be receiving $200 later that day and that he wished to purchase drugs from her after getting the money. Orlando was then picked up from the gas station by Keaira. 

Orlando Euell Murder Case

After getting in her car Orlando said that he wanted to buy drugs for $40 and not for the entire $200. Keaira misunderstood the deal earlier and thought that she will be receiving the entire $200.

Orlando was firm in his decision and made it clear that he did not want to spend the entire money. Both of them got into a verbal altercation and Keaira finally pulled out the gun to threaten Orlando Euell.

The gun accidentally went off during their altercation which resulted in the death of Orlando. Keaira drove off in her car once Orlando fell out of the car after she was shot. 

A second witness also appeared, who claimed to be in the car during the events that led to the murder of Orlando Euell. She also identified the suspect from the lineup. With the evidence from the CCTV footage and the statements from the victims, Keaira was arrested and charged with the murder of Orlando Euell. 

Keaira pleaded guilty to second-degree murder even before the trial began. During her encounter with Orlando Euell, Keaira was on probation for an armed robbery for which she was convicted in 2017. With the charges of second-degree murder, Keaira was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2019.

She also has an additional ten years of extended supervision after her release. Currently, Keaira is at the Taycheedah Correctional Institute in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, Keaira will be released in 2045.

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