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Haley Lu Richardson Reveals Her Break Up With Fiance Brett Dier

Disney’s Shake It Up star, Haley Lu Richardson revealed she secretly split up with her fiance Brett Dier two years ago. 

The actress, 27, finally opened up about her breakup on her official Instagram handle, where she said she was quite ready to go public with the break-up. 

Haley and Brett had been dating for almost 7 years when she suddenly proposed to him in 2018. However, 2 years into their engagement, she disclosed that the couple quietly broke up after spending 9 months together. 

Haley Lu Richardson Break Up With  Brett Dier

She shared a snap of her posing with Brett and wrote, “Hey guys, this is me and Brett and we actually parted ways 2 years ago.”

Haley further added, “Life goes on and we both are doing pretty well… I am glad to have the last 2 years’ time to heal and grow without the knowledge of the internet, But we kinda wanted to share it now.”

She continued, “Love yourselves, for life, is life!”

Meanwhile, Brett shared a cute photo of the pair and penned, “Hey guys, this is Haley and me. We parted ways two years ago and we met today for the first time after that.”

Brett went on, “We are so happy for the time we spent together. Haley’s post is better, so you can go and read that one. (For those who have been dying to know what happened between us). Have a great day!”

Previously, The White Lotus star elucidated how she proposed to her love, Brett during her appearance on Busy Tonight in 2019.  She said at the moment that nothing was planned, which astounded the host Busy Philipps and her co-host Cole Sprouse, with whom she starred in the movie Five Feet Apart. 

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“Neither of us was a crazy romantic type, so I just asked and nothing was planned.”

“He was sitting there eating a pizza, cracking a joke that Shia Labeouf had said in one of her interviews, and he was pretending to be her, explaining this joke to me,” she continued, “For some reason, I cut him off and asked, “Wanna marry me?”

Haley Lu Richardson  Break Up With Fiance Brett Dier

Cole suddenly chimed in and said, “You married Shia Labeouf.”

“Maybe that landed us in the mood and yeah, we are engaged now, ” she said after giggling at what Cole said earlier. 

In an interview, the host asked her about marriage and she said, “We just want enough time,” implying that the pair was in no rush. She also revealed that they both were having trouble with calling each other fiance. According to her, it was too “pretentious” to say that and neither of them was used to it. 

Finally, she concluded by saying that they will get married one day and revealed that they were still calling each other girlfriend and boyfriend. 

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Haley is a successful actress who initially gained traction for her role in the psychological horror film Split and for her role in the critically acclaimed movie The Edge of Seventeen. She gained a nomination for her groundbreaking role in Columbus, and also achieved critical praise for her character as Stella Grant in Five Feet Apart and  Maci in Support the Girls. 

In 2013, Haley agreed to play the recurring role of Tess in ABC’s Rosenwood. She was a favorite of ABC as she also appeared in ABC’s Adopted. Her role as Juliana in the movie Escape From Polygamy opposite Jack Falahee is still one of the favorites of her fans. 

In 2017, she starred in the romantic drama Five Feet Apart alongside Cole Sprouse. In the flick, her character was a cystic fibrosis patient who falls head over heels for a boy with the same ailment. Although the movie premiered 5 years ago, it still has the hype that it had at the time. 

Lately, she has been announced to play the character of Portia, a young and beautiful woman, who travels with her Boss in HBO’s The White Lotus Season 2. 

Although she is doing well in her acting career, Haley also owns an Etsy shop where she sells crochet clothes and accessories, which are derived from her own designs. Crocheting was a hobby that she had when she was a child. Now, she is continuing to do her best in both acting as well as following her passion. 

Apart from these, Haley has appeared in a lot of other movies including Montana Story, Unpregnant, Follow, The Last Survivors, The Chaperone, The Bronze, Support the Girls, The Young Kieslowski, Christmas Twister, Operation Finale, After Yang, and more. 

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