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Kit Connor from Heartstopper Identifies Himself as Bisexual

Netflix’s hit show Heartstoppper star, Kit Connor says he was forced to come out!

Without specifying a reason, Kit Connor recently revealed via a tweet that he was ‘forced to come out as bisexual.

Kit Connor Identifies Himself as Bisexual

“Back for a minute. I’m bi,” the 18-year-old star wrote on Twitter. He continued, “Congratulations on forcing an 18-year-old to out himself and I think, a few of you might have missed the show.

The post prompted the cast and crew of his current project Heartstopper to outpour the star with support, with the author Alice Oseman responding, “I can’t understand how people watch Hearstopper and gleefully spend enough time judging based on stereotypes and speculating about sexualities. I truly hope all those individuals are embarrassed. Kit you are incredible.”

The British up-and-comer returned to social media after a short break when he was criticized and forced to come out following the rampant speculation regarding his off-screen sexuality and accusations of “queerbaiting.”

The controversy took birth when the actor was snapped holding hands with his former co-star Maia Reficco.

Kit Connor from Heartstopper Identifies Himself as Bisexua

Connor, who was featured in Rocketman, came into the limelight after his groundbreaking role in Heartstopper, which centers on a high school student Charlie exploring his sexuality after having a crush on his new pal Nick. It was an instant hit that has been renewed for a second season as well as a third season.

Kizzy Edgell, who portrays Darcy Olsson in the series, wrote, “I love you Kit and I’m sorry this has been so rough on you. (You have) been treated so unfairly.”

Meanwhile, the true fans of Netflix and the star, chimed in to react against the trolls that provoked Connor to talk about his personal life and ultimately disclose his sexuality.

“I wish those people will feel embarrassed throughout their lives because they deserve it.” One of the fans wrote on social media, “Kit was one of the sweetest people to ever exist and deserves the whole world and definitely not this,” the comment read.

Who is Kit Connor

Another tweeted, “Nick Nelson is one such character who made me feel confident in my sexuality. He proved that no mannerism, appearance, or way of being is a qualifier for being bisexual. It’s who you adore. Kit Connor, we are proud and heartbroken for you at the same time.”

Apparently, Connor faced accusations of “queerbaiting” following the show.

“Queerbaiting is a media term referring to when a hetero-sexual public figure points at queerness for fame. Ordinary individuals can’t queerbait. Heartstopper is a cute queer Netflix show. Harassing an 18-year-old until he comes out is abhorrent. And, Kit is not a person who should have had to defend himself regarding queerbaiting allegations.”

Connor made his acting debut when he was barely 8 with minor roles on Sky One’s Chickens, a television film titled An Adventure in Space and Time, and Casualty, the soap opera.

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In 2014, Kit appeared as a recurring character Archie Beckles in the CBBC series Rocket’s Island and also starred in the comedy holiday Get Santa. In the miniseries SS-GB, Connor recurred as Bob Sheehan, and in the miniseries War & Peace, he recurred as Petya Rostov, and he eventually made his stage debut at Donmar Warehouse in Welcome Home, Captain Fox.
With every passing year, Connor began to attract more roles and landed in the films like The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The Mercy, Slaughterhouse Rulez and he also managed to do a noticeable character in the BBC One TV film, Grandpa’s Great Escape.

Later, Connon starred as Alexander in Fanny & Alexander. In 2019, he played Joe Woodard in the drama Little Joe and also portrayed a teenaged Elton Johnn in Rocketman, which is a musical film. In HBO’s His Dark Materials, Connon began voicing the character Pantalaimon.

In April 2021, it was announced that Connor would star alongside Joe Locke in Alice Osman’s adaptation of the webcomic and graphic novel Heartstopper. Originally, Connon auditioned for the role of Charlie but ended up cast as Nick Nelson, the other lead.

Earlier, in several interviews, Connor and Osman spoke about what kind of message the show would deliver to queer people.

“If Hearstopper helps a queer person to come out or if it aids a parent to understand their child better, then it would be the most lovely and heartwarming thing you could hear that will (ultimately) make it all worth,” Oseman said at the time.

Meanwhile, Connor added, “To have a show being together and united as a group and be happy, I think there is something beautiful about that. I think series like ‘Euphoria’ that are queer and much sort of adult are very dark and gritty. I think it is also important to have a show that is portraying queer beauty and queer love.”

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