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Willow Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, Where To Watch, And More

On Wednesday, 30 November 2022, the eight-episode season will officially premiere. Future episodes will air every new Wednesday.  Before delivering successful movies like Star Wars and adventures of Indiana Jones, Lucasfilm released the fantasy genre film, Willow. Willow was never a major movie box hit, especially not in comparison to its siblings in Star Wars or Indiana Jones.

It was scripted by George Lucas personally and produced by a quite fresh-faced young Ron Howard. Lucasfilm hasn’t worked on the Material since it debuted in the year 1988 due to its absence of exceptional success, but it has benefited from the advantages of being a modern classic with a devoted fan base ever since.

When Does Willow Premiere?

Several fans naturally assumed that Willow Ufgood’s tale ended when he finished his mission in the first movie and that we wouldn’t likely be seeing him again. Nevertheless, Willow has returned for a brand-new quest. A special Disney+ series is planned to continue his story with new talents and new enemies, but the endearing figure fans are familiar with our one and only actor Warwick Davis who is resuming the role.

Willow Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, Where To Watch

What Is Willow All About?

According to some sources, Willow’s pilot script was reportedly created by Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasdan. The show’s consulting producer is the original film’s screenwriter, Bob Dolman. 

Even though Ron Howard won’t be directing the Willow series, he would still serve as an executive producer beside Jonathan Kasdan and Kathleen Kennedy, both of whom are familiar faces at Lucasfilm. The project’s producer will be Kasdan, who has collaborated frequently with Howard and was a co-writer on Solo: A Star Wars movie. 

CreatorJonathan Kasdan
StarringWarwick Davis
Erin Kellyman
Ellie Bamber
Filming locationsWales
Country of originUnited States
Original networkDisney+
Release Date30 November 2022

Initially, the series was to be directed by the famous Jon M Chu who directed the famous “The Heights” and the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”. But he step down from the series because of some scheduling issues and because of that a new director was appointed. Now the series is directed by the Outlander series director, Stephen Woolfenden, and Jamie Childs of the series “His Dark Materials.

Willow Release Date

Because it is a Lucasfilm franchise, Willow will make its premiere on Disney+ under the supervision of its holding company. On Wednesday, 30 November 2022, the eight-episode season will officially premiere. Future episodes will air every new Wednesday. 

Wales, where a large portion of the original movie was filmed, was indeed the setting for the project once more. The first season of the television series has finished filming, and right now is in the post-production period.

Willow Cast

As previously stated numerous times, Willow simply would not exist without the man who first gave the adored character a new life. Warwick Davis was initially introduced to Lucasfilm after he drew Wicket to light in the movie, Return of the Jedi, and he has since appeared in nearly each Star Wars movie.  In a significant, high-budget production with Willow, Davis ultimately had the opportunity to take the lead after a distinguished career of supporting roles. Given Davis’s repeated affirmations of his affection for the part over the seasons and his approval of how individuals with dwarfism are portrayed in the movie, it makes total sense that he would resume.

Davis is not the only fellow actor returning; Joanne Whalley also will assume the role of Sorsha, the daughter of Bavmorda who was originally unfriendly but has since become a steadfast ally and guardian of the infant Willow was carrying. 

Some fresh faces will take on the role of the new characters in the realm of Willow. That included Talisa Garcia, previously played in Baptiste, who will also make history by becoming the first publicly transgender actor to be placed in a Lucasfilm project. Other than her, Erin Kellyman who previously acted in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers of Game of Thrones, Ellie Bamber of The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Tony Revolori of Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, Dempsey Bryk of the famous Black Mirror series, and Ruby Cruz of the Mare of Easttown will also be seen in the series.

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Willow Talks On The Social Media

The release of the teaser of the upcoming series of Willow created a certain type of Buzz on social media accounts. The 90s movie fans could not able to hold their excitement and their Twitter handles is the proof of that. Just take a look at some of the #Willow tweets.

“I’m a massive admirer of both Star Wars and the MCU, but I’m most excited about this upcoming show of Willow this coming November. “ 

“I’ll cherish Disney endlessly if they keep giving us content like Willow and Percy Jackson. Could not able to hold my excitement till the month of November..Ahh!!”

“I cannot imagine the famous Willow is returning And also as a Disney+ series! Oh my God! Everyone born in the 1990s, Don’t you all seem eager? Because I most certainly am, eagerly awaiting the release of Willow.”

What To Expect From The Willow?

In the initial movie, Willow set out on a mission to deliver a little infant he had located close to his tribe and to hide the girl from a wicked witch who wanted to harm her. Willow, who had only occasionally left his local village, discovered himself in an entirely new environment.

The depraved creatures and miserable minions of the terrible Queen Bavmorda are all over his quest, but Willow also makes a group of friends for life who help him get there, such as the arrogant yet charming swordsman, Madmartigan. Despite how challenging these tests were, Willow ultimately succeeded in his mission, safeguarded the tiny infant, and returned home with a renewed passion for and interest in magic studies.

Although we don’t know much about Willow’s upcoming journey, we do believe that he will continue to be the kind, charming hero he was in the movie. The clip suggests that the formerly inexperienced magician has substantially refined and improved his profession, presenting himself with pure quality and confidence while staying respectful. The movie’s scenes are established to have occurred several decades before the happenings of the television series, where Willow is now helping Kit, a young woman, to locate her kidnapped brother. The two then embark on a fresh, epic mission with their small group of allies.

Willow Episode Guide

As this is the first season of the new Willow series, there is no prior knowledge about the storyline. But according to the sources, we know that the series will have 8 episodes for this season.

The series Willow will be the remake of the original movie but as a better version. So we recommend our viewers stream the original movie before watching the series.

Willow Trailer

The Willow trailer is out now. The teaser doesn’t give away a great deal about the plot. Rather, it briefly introduces the new cast members that have joined this fictional world while bringing back classic characters that we are already familiar with.

Joanne Whalley is back in the role of Shorsha, and Warwick Davis is prominently featured as an elderly, knowledgeable Willow Ufgood who is significantly more skilled at using magic and spell summoning. All of this was accompanied by the late and great James Horner’s timeless, legendary theme, which was written all those years back.

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