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Netflix’s New K-Drama ‘The Fabulous’ Upcoming On 4 November!!

The Fabulous is the 2022 South Korean television series exploring the genres of Business, Comedy, Romance, and Life. The Fabulous release date is November 4, 2022. The director of the series is Kim Jung-Hyun. The show is co-written by Kim Ji-hee and Im Jun-Seon. The country of origin is South Korea with Korean as its original language.

The production company involved with the show is Gill Pictures. Netflix is the series’ original network and distributing partner. The main cast members of the series are Choi Min-Ho and Chae Soo-bin.

About Netflix’s New K-Drama ‘The Fabulous

The show is set in Seoul and will feature four friends, Ji Woo-Min who will be played by Choi Min-ho),  Pyo Ji-Eun (who will be played by Chae Soo-Bin), Joseph (who will be played by Lee Sang-Un), and Ye Sun-Ho (who will be played by Park Hee-Jung) working in the Seoul’s fashion industry.

The Fabulous Release Date

The story will be trying to capture and present a modern romance of adults who are working in the highly competitive fashion industry, the characters will be seen trying to navigate their way through the hardships and challenges of life.

Series The Fabulous
StarsChae Soo-bin
Choi Min-ho
Written byKim Ji-hee
Im Jin-seon
Directed byKim Jung-hyun
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
Production companyGill Pictures
Release date November 4, 2022

Not just this, the show aims to depict the modernized era of single people, their dream jobs, competition in work, and bubbling romance. It is hoped that the series will be a perfect blend of all the different themes that it is trying to portray. The Fabulous streaming will be done on November 4, 2022, on the online streaming platform Netflix.

The Fabulous Release Date

The Fabulous release date is November 4, 2022. It will be having a total of eight episodes which will all be available to stream on the day of its actual release.

What Is The Plot Of The Fabulous?

The Fabulous plot revolves around the show’s four main characters named Ji Woo-Min, Pyo Ji-Eun, Joseph, and Ye Sun-Ho who will be seen struggling in the fashion industry. They have devoted their lives to the fast-changing fashion industry.

The show’s main character Ji Woo Min will be portrayed as a freelance retoucher whose job is to improve the photographs. The other character is Pyo Ji Eun, who has always dreamt of being a renowned person in the fashion industry and will currently be seen working for a luxury brand’s promotion service. 

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Where To Watch The Fabulous?

The upcoming Korean drama series The Fabulous will be available to watch on the online streaming platform Netflix. Apart from this, no proper information has yet been released about the show’s release on any other online streaming service.

Adhering to the fact that Netflix is the show’s original distributor, it is highly unlikely that it will be released on any other online streaming platform. Once the series’ official release is done it will be available to view on other pirated online streaming websites available online all over the internet. 

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Fabulous?

The Fabulous cast includes the show’s main characters that will be played by some famous Korean celebrities. The main cast includes;

  • Choi Min-ho (who will be playing the role of Ji Woo-Min)
  • Chae Soo-Bin (who will be playing the role of Pyo Ji-Eun)
  • Lee Sang-Un (who will be playing the role of Joseph)
  • Park Hee-Jung (who will be playing the role of Ye Sun-Ho) 
  • Kim Min-Kyu (who will be playing the role of Sim Do-Young)
  • Shin Dong-Mi (who will be playing the role of CEO Oh)
  • Lee Mi-Do (who will be playing the role of Hong Ji-Sun)
  • Choi Hee-Jin (who will be playing the role of An Nam-Hee)
  • Jeon Soo-Kyeong (who will be playing the role of Jang Ok-Jin)
  • Lim Ki-Hong (who will be playing the role of Thierry Henry)
  • Choi Won-Myeong (who will be playing the role of Lee Nam-Jin)
  • Lee Si-Woo (who will be playing the role of Esther)

The other cast members that have been appointed in undisclosed roles include Kwon Hae-Sung and Ye Soo-Jung. 

The Talk On Social Media

Fans are excited about this upcoming Korean drama series. The released information about the cast and expected storyline makes the show look quite promising and appealing to the audience. The expected themes and plot of the high paced changing fashion industry have managed to gain the attention of the audience, it highly resonates with today’s culture and the problems that the millennials are facing in their day-to-day lives.

Many online posts are being made all over the different social media platforms. The released trailer and images have created a buzz amongst the audience and have left the fans asking for more. Fans are keeping high hopes for this upcoming Korean series.

Even the released trailer has become a topic of discussion. Given the fact that Netflix has brought in some remarkably good Korean drama shows of similar genres, it is fair to say that “The Fabulous” can exceed expectations and could make it to the list of good Korean television shows.

The audience and critics are also talking about the cast members and their pairing up in the show, as of now, it looks appealing and rightly done. Rest can be said once the show’s official release is done.

What To Expect From The Fabulous?

This drama series will be trying to paint a realistic picture of all the people out there working their best in the fashion industry. Given the competition and the fast-changing pace of the fashion world, it gives a tough challenge to all its workers.

Thus, this story will try and depict the difficulties of work not to forget romance and friendship will also play a key role in the show’s plot. It will not be all about work, but the show aims to be a perfect blend of romance and friendship as well. Ji Woo Min will be shown as a freelance retoucher who will not be as content with his job.

Pyo Ji Eun will be seen working for a promotional luxury brand agency, depicted as a bright optimist person who has always dreamt of creating her own name in the fashion world.

Is The Fabulous Episode Guide Out?

The Fabulous episode guide has not yet been given by the directors of the show. According to the released information, the exact episode count of the series is eight and the average run length of each of the episodes is about fifty minutes to fifty-four minutes.

The filming has primarily been done in Korean language, but the show will be available to stream in English and other dubbed versions as well. Netflix will be dropping all its episodes in one single go on the actual date of its release, it will not be following a weekly release pattern as such the fans will not have to wait for the episodes for long and will be able to enjoy and binge watch the show in one single go.

The Fabulous Trailer

The Fabulous trailer was released on October 24, 2022. The one-minute and forty-nine-second-long trailer are released in the Korean language, but English subtitles are available. The trailer opens with the show’s lead character Ji Woo- Min taking photographs followed by other clips of fashion events and ramp walk shows.

Along with a short clip of Pyo Ji-Eun, there was a voice saying, “There are those who shine in hidden places, and thanks to them, the new fashion is born today”. The four characters were introduced along with the jobs that they do, the four being a photographer, marketer, model, and fashion designer.

The trailer also focused on the difficulties and problems that the characters might be facing during their journey. Not to forget, there were hints of the bubbling romance between the lead characters and displayed short intimate and steamy moments between Ji Woo- Min and Pyo Ji-Eun. The trailer looked brimming with energy, drama, tears, and romance.

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