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Will Cabinet Of Curiosities Have A Season 2 On Netflix?

Cabinet of Curiosities is an American anthology streaming television.  Known for his Academy Award-winning creations like Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape of Water, the horror anthology series is directed by Guillermo del Toro.

The first season of the series featured eight stand-alone episodes. The series deals with gothic and grand Guignol genres. Out of the eight stories for the first season, two of the stories are co-written by del Toro himself. The remaining stories are written by different filmmakers. The series premiered on Netflix on October 25, 2022. 

Season 1 of Cabinet of Curiosities has received a heavily positive response from both the audience and the critics. Since then, questions about the release of season 2 had been surfacing. But as much as we all loved Season 1, there had been no official announcement from the part of makers or the writers about an official season 2 of the series.

As it’s not long enough since the streaming of Season 1, it is a bit early to give an announcement about the second season if there is any. There are a few things that will be considered by Netflix before confirming a possible season 2.

One of the most important things that are reviewed by Netflix before confirming a new season for a show is by evaluating its viewership. It is only according to the number of people who have tuned in and watched, the popularity of a show can be assessed. According to reports, Netflix supposedly uses the time frame of the first four weeks of the show’s release to calculate the viewership of a show. If the numbers seem promising, there are chances that Netflix might decide to renew the show with another season. 

Another determining factor for a new season is the cost of production of the series. Only a project with a decent budget can give a quality output. By the looks of the first season, it seems quite expensive. In order to keep up the quality of the work and do justice to season 1, the coming season should also be made with such good budgets. All this also depends on the number of people who have actually tuned in to watch the series. If the viewership is less for such a high-budget project, it will be a loss to the producers. 

As the first season of Cabinet Of Curiosities features eight stand-alone episodes, the story of the series does not pose a major challenge to the possibility of a new season. Rather than focusing and building on the continuation of a story, it is comparatively easy to come up with individual stories. 

Chances are that if the above-mentioned factors turn out positive, fans might get lucky and may have a whole new season. 

Cabinet of Curiosities Season 1. 

The Crew

The spine-chilling, visually stunning art piece curated by the popular filmmaker Guillermo del Toro started streaming on Netflix on October 25, 2022. Each episode of the first season starts with an introduction from Del Toro. The first news about the series came on May 14, 2018. Nothing much was known about the series back then. With the development of the series, Del Toro also played the role of the writer for some of the episodes and selected the needed directors and writers for the remaining episodes.  According to the words of Del Toro, “In this anthology, we gave ownership of each episode to the director. Each episode has a whole new world. They present you with different delights; some are savory, and some are sweet. You get a surprise from each of the bites”

The directors of different episodes of the series include famous names like Jennifer Kent, who was the director of the movie Th Babadook, Ana Lily Amirpour, Panos Cosmatos, Catherine 

Hardwicke, Guillermo Navarro, Dcaid Prior, Vincenzo Natali, and Keith Thomas. 

The Cast

The eight episodes of the fort season feature a long array of wonderful actors. Some of the popular actors appearing in the series include Lize Johnston as Dottie, Kevin Keppy as Blob Man, Kate Micucci as Stacey, Ben Barnes William Thurber, Rupert Grint as Walter Gilman, and Essie Davis as Nancy Bradley, and many other brilliant actors. 

Episode Details

Rather than following their typical way, Netflix tried a new strategy with the Cabinet Of Curiosities release. Two episodes of the series were released on a single day, rather than the conventional way of releasing one episode per day. All eight episodes of season 1 were released within four days. 

Episode NumberTitle Director
Episode 1Lot 36Guillermo Navarro
Episode 2Graveyard RatsVincenzo Natali
Episode 3The AutopsyDavid Prior
Episode 4The OutsideAna Lily Amirpour
Episode 5Pickman’s ModelKeith Thomas 
Episode 6Dreams in the Witch HouseCatherine Hardwicke
Episode 7The ViewingPanos Cosmatos
Episode 8The MurmuringJennifer Kent

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