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Who Is Ava Louise? TikTok Star Ava Louise Claims She Reported Blac Chyna To The FBI

Ava Louise one of the highly sophisticated and popular Tik Tok stars has reported to the FBI against Blac Chyna’s cease-and-desist following a letter of her own. With a conflagration happening inside Ava Louise she had fired back at Blac Chyna claiming her legal response that she reported Blac Chyna to the FBI. 

As per the information, the letter sent by the attorneys of Ava Louise which is obtained by six-page, where Ava Louise accentuates with a red flag that she was “being set up for involvement in some type of non-consensual sexual encounter or sex-for-money scheme”. 

Who Is Ava Louise?

Ava Louise is popularly known for making distinguishing headlines every now and then. Now Ava Louise has come up with a piece of entirely controversial news that would really have a massive impact on both Ava Louise and Blac Chyna.

Who Is Ava Louise TikTok Star Ava Louise Claims She Reported Blac Chyna To The FBI

Ava Louise is one of the freakishly hot Tik Tokers and a strong social media influencer who is precisely known for her distinguishing and selcouth posts and videos on Tik Tok.

Ava Louise is now twenty-three years and she is in several fields of the entertainment industry. Ava Louise is a musical artist, fashion model, television personality, and content creator. 

In late 2019, Avaa Louise once told about her addiction to social media. At that time, Ava Louise vehemently said that since her addiction to social media is so high she just want to be famous on Instagram by any means. And one of her famous dialogues which she quoted became vastly popular “I would die hot than live ugly”. 

Nevertheless, her desire to become recognized and attain fame became possible during the catastrophe that Covid Pandemic brought. Ava Louise is so unimaginable and she would go and do any sort of video to get likes and shares.

So during the stringent covid rules and when every inch of the world was suffering from the pandemic, Ava Louise made a video in which she is licking a toilet seat and thereby trying to prove that virus wasn’t real. But soon after the video went viral and she was acquiring umpteen likes and shares, Ava Louis was diagnosed with Covid 19 and that was absolutely paradoxical. 

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The Controversy Between Ava Louise And Blac Chyna

The letter entails that Blac Chyna, born Angela Renee White of thirty-four years old asked openly about the sexual orientation or gender identity of Ava Louise and whether has she ever worked as an escort. 

The Controversy Between Ava Louise And Blac Chyna

And by countering with these sorts of questions, Ava Louise replied that she wasn’t been an escort. So as per reports, Ava Louise was deeply intimidated and utterly scared, and poignantly manipulated Ava Louise into not leaving her home.

Completely perplexed by this sudden turning of events, Ava Louise stood at Rob and Chyna alum’s house only when Blac Chyna became overly and highly intoxicated by drinking tequila shots.  

After this scary incident, Ava Louise decided to report this incident to the FBI and her attorneys describe the allegation “Our client believes that she would have been the victim of a sex crime or been set up to engage in sexual acts for money if she had been unable to get away from the premises.

Ava was so upset and shaken by the events that she contacted the FBI Sex Trafficking Hotline within hours after the incident. Ava made an official report with the FBI on the following day”.

After the reporting, neither Blac Chyna nor any of her attorneys have commented about anything and Ava Louise says that Blac Chyna is under investigation and is being investigated by both LAPD and FBI. but after it is a little uncontrollable, one of the attorneys of Blac Chyna accused Ava Louise of using demeaning and outrageous conduct it would really boost her Tik Tok account. 

This Is Not The First Targeted Case By Ava Louise

As per sources, Ava Louise is also known for her targeted attack on other public figures thereby trying to defame them. At one point, Ava Louise solely became the hot topic of discussion after she circulated that Kanye West and Jeffree Star is dating. 

Also following this year, Ava Louise grabbed the limelight by publicly disclosing that she is diagnosed with Covid positive and the reason behind her being affected by the virus is that she had slept with Antonio Brown, the football player. 

Who Is Blac Chyna?

Blac Chyna is one of the starling and fabulous American model, born Angela Renee White. She is professionally known by the name Blac Chyna and she rose to prominence in the Nicki Minaj’s video titled Monster which was by Kanye West. 

Blac Chyna also had filed a lawsuit against Rob Kardashian and they were also some other controversies related with Blac Chyna.

So now the new fire that is burning in between Ava Louise and Blac Chyna is quite the topic of discussion and what will happen at the end of this would be unpredictable. Anyhow, both have taken this case seriously and their attorneys are legally moving forward with the proceedings of the case. 

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