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Daniel Spellbound Release Date, Cast, Where To Watch, And More

Daniel Spellbound is an American animated series that explores the genres of magic and fantasy. The director of the series is Matt Fernandes. The production house involved is Boat Rocker Studios.

Netflix is the show’s original distributor. The main cast members of the show that will be behind the voice of some of the important characters are Alex Barima, Deven Mack, Chantel Riley, Catherine Disher, Dwayne Hill, and Lynn Rafferty.

‘Daniel Spellbound’ Animated Kids Series

In Daniel’s world magic and fantasy is real but is hidden from the eyes of the residents of New York City. The show’s protagonist is Daniel who lives in the city and is a tracker of some very suspicious and hard-to-find magical ingredients.

Daniel Spellbound Release Date On Netflix

He knows the map to the road of magic and on his journey while acquiring these strange magical ingredients, Daniel draws the attention of some dangerous and threatening alchemists and in turn, he takes up an adventure around the globe. During his journey, he comes across various magical objects and people from the land of magic. Daniel’s adventure is portrayed to be filled with magic, excitement, and danger as well.

What Is Daniel Spellbound About?

The writer of the show Fernandes during one of his interviews stated that he had always been curious about the fact of how the great and skilled wizards and witches get hold of the magical ingredients that they put into their special and powerful potions and elixirs.

Thus, always pondering over this thought led to the idea of Daniel Spellbound, who in turn happens to be a tracker and seller of the strange and hard-to-find magical ingredients, he sells them to the wizards and witches. According to Fernandes, Daniel Spellbound is the perfect blend of the contemporary world of fantasies and magic with a reflection of the modernized urban world.

Animated SeriesDaniel Spellbound
CreatorsMatthew Fernandes
Alan Gregg
StarsCatherine Disher
Rainbow Sun Francks
Lynn Rafferty
Countries of originUnited States
Filming locationsNew York City, New York, USA
Release dateOctober 27, 2022 (Canada)

Daniel Spellbound is streaming will on the online streaming Netflix On October 27, 2022. The show will be a perfect treat for the spooky Halloween season. Given the fact that its basic theme is centered around magic and fantasy.

Daniel Spellbound Release Date On Netflix

This magical series is released on the online streaming platform Netflix. The world premiere of this enormous series, produced in collaboration with Boat Rocker Media, aired on Netflix on October 27th, 2022.

Given the fact that Netflix is the how’s original distributor it is very unlikely that the distributing rights will be given to other famous streamers. 

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Daniel Spellbound Plot

Daniel Spellbound’s plot revolves around the show’s main lead character named Daniel Spellbound who happens to be a young boy from New York City trying to collect magical objects. Magic is all true and is very real but surely hidden from the eyes of the people of the city.

The young tracker knows all the good and mysterious places where he could find magical objects and artifacts. He sets out on a quest to discover the magic and its related suspicious ingredients and items, it is during his journey that he comes across a strange-looking ingredient that he had never seen before, and it is during this time that he also draws the attention of a few dangerous and eerie alchemists and sorcerers.

Daniel Spellbound Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And More

Thus, trying to escape from danger and protect these magical items, he sets out on an amazing adventure around the globe. He attempts to maintain balance in the world of Magic as well as in the non-magical land fighting his way through each danger the boy comes out victorious every time.

Where To Watch Animated Series Daniel Spellbound?

The animated series “Daniel Spellbound” is available to watch on the online streaming service Netflix. Its episodes will also be available to stream on various other online streaming websites like Fmovies, dailymotion, and many more which do not hold an actual license of the show. 

Daniel Spellbound Cast

Daniel Spellbound cast includes the incredibly famous Canadian actor named Alex Barima who plays the show’s lead titular character called Daniel Spellbound, who is portrayed as a young seller and tracker of the strange and mysterious magical objects and ingredients. Alex Barima has worked on some popular projects such as Resident Alien. 

The other cast members there in the show are

  • Deven Mack (voices the character of Hoagie)
  • Chantel Riley (voices the character of Lucy Santana)
  • Catherine Disher (voices the character of The Pie Maker)
  • Dwayne Hill (voices the character of Tyson)
  • Lynn Rafferty (voices the character of Bixby Prospero)

The Talk On Social Media About Daniel Spellbound

It has created a buzz all over the internet, and the show’s main theme of having a beautiful blend of magic and urban cultures has attracted viewers.

It is known to be put together in a very systematic way, magic is not just going to be pertaining its approach up to the realms of the world of magic but will also be interwoven with the modern world and its society and will be hidden in plain sight.

It has received appreciation from the critics with the extraordinarily little released information about the show’s plot and a brief storyline. What is more exciting is the fact that what plot twist will the audience get to witness apart from the dangers and the events of Daniel’s journey to finding the magical ingredients and artifacts?

Daniel Spellbound Spoilers

The animated show displays the show’s lead Daniel Spellbound as a young tracker of magical goods, objects, and artifacts, traveling around the world. The young boy is from New York City, and he somehow has knowledge of magic and the different special magical objects and their respective hidden locations.

He becomes a seller of these magical items to the alchemists and sorcerers of the modern-day world in New York City. The show has amazing animation quality. Apart from this even the characters, storyline, and sequence of the portrayal of events are remarkable.

The directors and the crew have put in some good efforts in this modern-day world magical animated drama series. It is to be a mixture of magic along with the right hints of modern drama.

Daniel will also be seen helping the witches and wizards get hold of these strange magical ingredients for their special recipes of magical elixirs and potions. His helping the wizards and witches of magic will come at a great cost he will in turn find himself wrapped up and caught in the dangerous web of the strange and threatening alchemists who will be trying to steal that special strange ingredient from him for their own evil plans.

Episode Guide For Daniel Spellbound?

Daniel Spellbound episode guide has not yet been revealed by the makers of the show. The series has already been released on the online streaming platform Netflix. The show is dropping all its episodes in just one single go, it will not be following a weekly release pattern.

It will have a total of twenty episodes with each episode having an average run the length of about twenty-two minutes to twenty-five minutes.

Also, the show is primarily made in the English Language whereas it will also be available in other dubbed versions as well.

Daniel Spellbound Trailer

Daniel Spellbound trailer was released on 29th September 2022. The one-minute and fifty-eight-second-long trailer opens with a scene of New York City and a voiceover stating that the bureau of magic makes sure that the magical world stays hidden.

There are some other clips of magical glowing trees, hidden ancient places, artifacts, and Daniel on his hunt to find these magical ingredients and objects. It also introduces the audience to the show’s villain called the Dark Mage, who is displayed as a glowing demonic creature with a glowing sword in his hand. The trailer gave the audience a gist of the show’s plot and storyline.

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