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Harry Potter Fame Robbie Coltrane Cause Of Death Revealed!

A week after the passing of Harry Potter fame, Robbie Coltrane, who shot to international acclaim through his role as Rubeus Hagrid, the cause of death was finally disclosed. 

Several UK agencies reported that the Scottish actor experienced multiple organ failure at the time of death and he had been said to have suffered from respiratory tract infection, sepsis, and heart block. Additionally, Coltrane was also diagnosed with obesity and Type 2 diabetes. 

During a brief conversation with The Daily Star, the beloved actor revealed having osteoarthritis, which is a kind of arthritis where the joint tissues break apart. This resulted in causing him severe pain and also eventually limited his mobility. 

Following the diagnosis of the dreadful disease, Robbie Coltrane was often spotted using the help of a walking stick and he was ultimately confined to a wheelchair. 

Robbie Coltrane Cause Of Death

The devastating news of Coltrane’s death was initially announced by Belinda Wright, his long-time agent, after thanking the hospitality, care, and diplomacy offered by Forth Valley Royal Hospital Staff in Larbert. However, the cause of death was not revealed at the moment.

News of the famed actor’s death led to thousands of tributes on social media platforms.

Daniel Radcliff shared in a previous statement, “Robbie was one of the wittiest people I have met and he often used to keep us laughing on the sets. I have fond memories of him keeping our spirits high on Prisoner of Azkaban when we were hiding from the rain in Hagrid’s hut and he was cracking jokes and telling us different stories to keep our morale up,” he continued, “ I feel lucky that I got to work with him and I am very sad that he has passed. He was a wonderful man and an incredible actor.”

Numerous other Harry Potter stars had paid tribute to Robbie Coltrane as soon as his death news surfaced. 

Tom Felton- Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy- dubbed Coltrane as “a big friendly giant on screen.”

The tributes included a poignant clip from the Harry Potter franchise’s 20th anniversary TV special, Return to Hogwarts. The video had a tearful Coltrane discussing the show’s legacy. 

“I think it’s the end of an era,” he said. “My children have all grown up during it. And the legacy of the movie is that my children will show them to my grandchildren (one day). So you could be watching it after 50 years and I’ll not be here, but Hagrid will.”

Coltrane is survived by his wife Rhona Gemmel, their children Alice and Spence, and his sister, Annie Rae. 

“No one else on this planet could have played Hagrid, but only Robbie. Potter film’s Ron Weasley, Ruper Grint wrote on Instagram. 

He added, “Just as Hagrid, Robbie was compassionate, warm, and hilarious 9in real life). A big-hearted man who was still looking for us decades later.”

Meanwhile, Emma Watson, who starred as Hermoine Granger called Coltrane “the most fun uncle I have ever had,” and memorized him for his “compassion,” “talent,” and “brilliance.”

Many fans have also been in the scene, penning down their emotions, one by one. 

“I used to watch Harry Potter every year and I can’t think of watching it again knowing that Hagrid is no more. It is so deep as I often looked at him with awe since he was the only character in the entire Harry Potter movies, who always looked happier. You will be missed forever,” a fan wrote. 

Another Twitter user took to the platform saying, “Not to mention his acting. Why is it we are losing so many legends? I didn’t think it could be worse than Robbie Coltrane, but I was arguably wrong.”

Apart from his famous role as Hagrid in Harry Potter, Coltrane also had several other credits under his belt. Most notably, he portrayed the character of a Russian crime boss in James Bond’s investigation thrillers The World is not Enough and Golden Eye. 

And for his role as a detective in the British Crime Drama, Cracker, he was felicitated with the BAFTA. Back in 1990, Coltrane was also honored with the Evening Standard British Film Award as well as Peter Sellers Award for Comedy. In 2011, the fantabulous actor received British Academy Scotland Award for his “outstanding contribution” to the film industry. 

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