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Tim Burton Net worth – How Rich Is Inspiring American Filmmaker?

Timothy Walter Burton is one of the most robust and highly inspiring American Filmmaker and an astounding actor who has made several films which is still highly acclaimed by the entire world for his acuity in being a ‘maker’. With an astounding career, Tim Burton with his numerous film has managed to carve out his own space in the realm of the entertainment industry. 

Tim Burton Net Worth

Tim Burton is popular and best known for his gothic fantasy and horror films and Tim Burton net worth is estimated at $100 million. Most of his lofty healthy wealth is acquired from his filmmaking. Tim is also a film producer, screenwriter, film director, animator, and artist. 

NameTim Burton
ProfessionFilm director film producer screenwriter animator artist
Net Worth$100 million
Years active1971 – Present
Date of birthAugust 25, 1958 
Marital statusDivorced
No. of children2
Height1.82 m

Tim Burton Biography

Timothy Walter Burton is one of the most promising and deadly talented filmmakers, by all means, was born on August 25, 1958. Tim Burton is now sixty-four years. Tim Burton is the son of Jean Burton and during his childhood, Burton was so fond of film making his juvenile film which he made with the help of stop motion animation techniques with 8 mm film without any voice was his first attempt as an insipient filmmaker. The title of the juvenile film was The Island of Doctor Agor. Tim Burton married Lena Gieseke and got divorced now is in a relationship with Helena Bonham Carter whom he shares two children.

Tim Burton Early Life 

Tim Burton

Tim Burton attended Burbank High School. But he was not a good student who was fond of books and academics. Being an inquisitive and introspective person, Tim Burton was passionately into arts and he derived immense pleasure from paintings, drawings, and movies, especially watching them and thereby acquiring every possible petite of information related to filming. 

Tim Burton was immensely talented and at the age of thirteen, he made his first juvenile film with no sound. Being a child capable of creating a film with the help of possible then-available materials he was a true gem in what he does. Though not a good student who falls under the good book of every teacher by abiding by the structure of a good student, Tim Burton played in several games, and his character that of an introspective person, he found his way into the tunnel of arts, paintings, and films. 

After completing his graduation from Burbank High School, Tim Burton decided to attend the California Institute of the Arts in Santa Clarita. He joined here to study every detail related to character animation. While a student at the institute Tim Burton tried to mark his footprints by making shorts named stalk of the Celery Monster and King and Octopus.

Tim Burton Career Beginnings

Tim Burton

Being a student at CalArts, his short titled Stalk of the Celery Monster surprisingly drew the attention of Walt Disney Productions’ animation division. This attention gave way to Tim Burton to hold a seat in Walt Disney Productions as an animator’s apprenticeship. This was a new door in the career of Tim Burton and in the making of films such as The Fox and the Hound, Tron, and The Black Cauldron, Tim Burton worked and thrived as an animator, art director, concept artist, storyboard artist, and graphic designer. 

The Walt Disney Production was an eye-opener for Tim Burton to explore his numerous talents and by working with them in the late 1982s, Tim Burton made his debut short titled Vincent which was a six-minute black and white stop motion film. This film was indeed based on a  poem penned by Tim Burton himself which entails the story of a young vibrant boy who fantasizes that he is indeed the hero Vincent Price. 

Following this debut which garnered applause, Tim Burton came up with his live-action short film named Frankenweenie in 1984. The plot entailed the story of a young naive boy who desperately tries to revive his puppy after it is run over by a car. This film was also in black and white made and starred Barret Oliver and Shelley Duval. After being inspired and admired by this film actor Paul Ruebens chose Tim Burton to be the director of his popular cinematic spin-off character Pee-wee-Herman. 

Before entering into his major big project, Tim Burton directed the episodes of the anthology horror series Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Faerie Tale Theatre by Shelley Duvall. After this Tim Burton stepped into his big project entitled Beetlejuice which was a supernatural comedy horror. The story conveyed the life of a young couple who is forced to cope with life after death and a family who is full of pretentious yuppies trying to invade their home in England who is treasured. 

Tim Burton was utterly talented and his ability to produce hits with low-key budgets was a way too different technologies employed in the entertainment industry several studio executives were zestfully impressed by this innovativeness. So Tim Burton got his big-budget entertainer Batman. Albeit the production side of the film was plagued with discrepancies and controversies about the casting of the titular character. 

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After that during the year in 1990, Tim Burton collaborated with the co-writer Caroline Thompson and directed Edward Scissorhands. Johnny Depp was cast in the role of Edward, where he was considered the teen idol of that time with his hit tv series 21 Jump Street.  After that Tim Burton concurred to direct the sequel of Batman, Batman Returns under the stringent condition that the entire control of that film would be in his hands. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas was produced by Tim Burton for Disney and directed by Henry Selick. After that Tim Burton in 1994, along with Denise Di Novi together produced the great succes fantasy-comedy movie named Cabin Boy. planet of the Apes was a great success and can be considered as a cornerstone in the career of Tim Burton. The book which holds the title Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was adapted to the movie under the same title starring Johny Depp as the main character was also highly regarded work of Tim Burton.

In 2021, as per reports, announced that Burton would be directing and producing Netflix series Wednesday. 

Tim Burton Personal Life

im Burton got married to Lena Gieseke. She was a German-born artist and soon after their marriage within a fickle of time they got divorced. After that divorce, Tim Burton had a living relationship with Lisa Marie, who was a model and actress. After this on and off relationship, Tim Burton developed romantic relationship Helena Bonham carter. She was an English actress and they both share two children, a son and a daughter. 

Tim Burton Awards and Nominations

  • Tim Burton won Outstanding children’s animated program award for his film Beetlejuice
  • He was nominated for Best Director award in 2008 for his work Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  • Tim won Best Motion picture award for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in 2008
  • Tim Burton won Best Fantasy film award for Edward Scissorhands
  • He was nominated for best director for the work Beetlejuice in 1990.
  • Tim won Best Fantasy film award for The Nightmare Before christmas in 1994

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