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Misrach Ewunetie Cause of Death: It Could Take Weeks to Determine 

Following indeed a dayslong search, the dead body of the deceased Misrach Ewunetie was found near the campus tennis courts of New Jersey College. As per reports, she was one of the highly talented students at Princeton University, and to determine the cause of the death of Misrach would probably take long as the county prosecutor’s spokesperson commented.

Misrach Ewunetie Cause of Death

Misrach Ewunetie is a student at twenty at Princeton University and she was found dead on the New Jersey Campus on Thursday afternoon. The search for the deceased Misrach Ewunetie has been commenced since the last week when her family reported that they couldn’t help it to reach her. After their toiling in order to reach her, utterly bewildered and disappointed her family approached the police station and reported her missing.

From that week onwards, the police were vehemently searching for Misrach Ewunetie and on late Thursday afternoon, her body was found near The New Jersey Campus. Soon after finding her body, the medical examiner conducted an autopsy. Since the body has started to dilapidate, until the toxicology and other numerous test results arrive, the examiner cannot give any further leading analysis related to her death. It would take probably a week or more to have the test results return and everyone including the police, her family, and friends are avidly waiting.

As per the examination, there are no signs of injury or any fatal wounds, so her death, at first sight, didn’t appear to be suspicious. Her body was lying on the grounds behind the tennis court and further lead is a dead end until the results arrive. 

Who Was Misrach Ewunetie?

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Misrach was a twenty-year-old Undergraduate student who migrated from Ethiopia in 2008 and moved to the United States. She was an active member in several cultural programs and extend her further interest in numerous welfare organizations. She has a younger brother named Universe Ewunetie and he with a leaden heart said that his sister was a disciplined smart girl with a beautiful soul inside out. 

She was last seen near Scully Hall on October 14 around 3 am and after that, no one had ever seen her since late then.

She was a junior sociology major, and before being vanished, her friends still remember that she had a while ago before went missing, she slept in her dorm room that early morning. After that, no one knows what happened and how she ended up dying.

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After her family’s incessant tries to reach Misrach, they informed the authorities of her college to check on her. But when she was not found in her room, the authorities began looking for her that night onwards. The next morning, the entire campus alerted seeking information, about her whereabouts, and in vain. 

Misrach Ewunetie was a vibrant student and she had volunteered at one of the school’s 11 eating clubs and was doing her duty completely committed. When one of the members of that club said that they could not make it to the event, Misrach volunteered to cover that member’s shift and after completing her responsibilities and duties left that night. Being a sincere and staunch girl who is as vibrant as a fresh daisy what happened to her is still up in the air. What really happened to Misrach that night is indeed an esoteric puzzle to solve and until her test result arrives we could not speculate or assume anything. 

Misrach moved to the US with enormous dreams to achieve, and now fate has gotten a different road that no one ever anticipated. 

Phil Murphy who is the New Jersey Governor with a perforated heart said that “our hearts go out to her family, friends, and fellow students who knew and loved her”. The authorities related to her college were trying their best during the investigation and search for Misrach until her body was found on the ground of the campus. 

Misrach’s death is indeed an ‘unthinkable tragedy’ and her family and friends are in a deep utter doleful state and don’t know what to do next. Though in the first inference there is no issue with the college, there are no threats to the Princeton campus or to the other students in relation to Misrach Ewuniete’s death.

Many of her friends and classmates are in deep trauma and so the school will provide numerous counseling classes and services for the bereaving students after the classes commence from the break.

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Misrach was a good soul!! 

After Misrach Ewunetie went missing, her family was in deep excruciating dolor and shock and her younger brother recalls his sister as a “precious, beautiful soul, a great listener and someone who cares about people and beyond her”.

Her brother named Universe Ewunetie with a perforated heart describes how good and delicate was her sister. Misrach was a precocious child with a bag full of loft dreams she moved to the United States to pursue each one of them. 

Universe Ewuniete also recalls at the time of her search that how her family was on constant calls and sending voicemails when they started to feel panic when there was no response from her side.

Now with the finding of Misarch’s body, after a gap of one or the other, we could get the analysis of her cause of death and further leads related to her death. 

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