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Kanye West Hires Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Camile Vasquez

Amidst the brewing and narrowing public image and business crisis, it is true that Kanye West has hired the defamation trial attorney Camile Vasquez who was the same attorney who handled the case of Johny Depp.

Kanye West Employs Johnny Depps’ Attorney, Camile Vasquez

Following the antisemitic remarks and false claims over the deceased George Floyd, his family has decided to sue this popular rapper for charging against emotional distress, defamation, mental harassment, and misappropriation. Kanye West is also a leading figure in the fashion industry as he is so fond of fashion designing other than his hip-hop, song production, and recordings. 

Recently over a year ago, Kanye West changed his name legally to Ye has retained the national law firm Brown Rudnick in order to represent him. His numerous contracts and deals within the blink of an eye evaporate following his spate remarks which totally offended George Floyd’s family. So as per reports, Camile Vasquez would be among the group of attorneys that Kanye West hired.

Kanye West Hires Johnny Depps’ Lawyer Camile Vasquez

When this news got circulated all over the internet several media requested the confirmation of Camile Vasquez and Brown Rudnick but they haven’t even responded to any of the requests yet. 

We all know that Camile Vasquez is one of the prolific attorneys and the strongest partner of Brown Rudnick’s Irvine-based operation. Camile Vasquez became an international celebrity at the time when she appeared as the attorney in the defamation case of Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. There were several people across the country to regard their support, Johnny Depp, during the trial and Camile Vasquez surprisingly became a star at that time. 

Also, the firm has announced its stance that it will not be happy to represent the rapper’s protracted divorce proceedings with the beautiful reality star Kim Kardashian. So for that separate task, Kayne West has hired Robert Stephan Cohen. Robert Cohen is also famous for his representation as an attorney in the split that entails Melinda Gates from Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. 

Quite surprisingly, the hiring news of Camile Vasquez came along on the same day as Balenciaga revoked their existing links with this alleged rapper Kayne West. because of his unrelenting outbursts and blurting numerous global brands have been deliberately distancing themselves from Kayne West who is one of the versatile and astounding Grammy winners who has garnered a wide range of accolades and recognition all over the globe. 

Kayne West and his Unrelenting Outbursts

As per reports, Kayne West happened to appear on a podcast named Drinking Champs and he blabbered something seriously related to George Floyd’s death, Kayne West said that George Floyd got killed by a Fentanyl overdose. Soon after these words came out from Kayne West’s mouth the clip went viral unapologetically. The authorities tried their best not to circulate over but somehow it found its way 

Kanye West Hires Johnny Depps’ Lawyer Camile Vasquez

Geroge Floyd’s family is vehemently offended and they have decided to file a lawsuit against Kayne West on behalf of Geroge Floyd’s daughter. 

Making the deceased’s family vulnerable in front of the public, this sudden outburst and disparaging comments have paved the way for a tremendous backlash which Kayne West would have never anticipated. 

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These incessant and unrelenting tirades of Kayne West had a severe backlash when one of the promising luxury houses Balenciaga decided to revoke their long-term relationship with the rapper and they announced on a brief note that “Balenciaga has no longer any relationship nor any plans for the future projects related to this artist”. Balenciaga is one of the popular brands and luxury houses of fashion and they have decided to part ways with rapper Kayne West is something he never ever anticipated. Moreover, his billion-dollar deal with Adidas is also in the equation, and his long-term ten years of contract would also be taken into consideration. 

And another incident where Kayne West had to face vehement criticism was during the Paris Fashion Week, Kayne West along with Candace Owens posed for a photo wearing a ‘White Lives Matter T-shirt which ignited a firestorm, and for this single reason, umpteen followers of Kayne west decided to unplug his accounts.

Also following these highly criticized incidents, Kayne West appeared on the Fox News Show leading Tucker Carlson and he showed with the help of unaired footage that someone had supplanted ‘fake children in West’s home and he said that this is to sexualize his kids. This was some sort of a demeaning statement and at that time Kayne West mercilessly accused Jared Kushner who is a Jewish and he is at Abraham Accords. 

Also not surprising because of his spiraling behavior, Kayne West witnessed the end of his deal with the longtime record label Def Jam after his release of Donda. So after these above-mentioned incidents, Kayne West is now suffering inexplicably for his inept and demeaning tirades. 

Who is Kanye West?

Kanye West Hires Johnny Depps’ Lawyer Camile Vasquez

One of the leading and dashing American rappers, singers, record producers, and highly accomplished fashion chiefs has recently changed his name legally to Ye Kanye Omari West. with due respect to his numerous works, he is a highly acclaimed artist of the leading figures in the twenty-first century and moreover, one of the superficially most influential hip-hop artists of all time. 

Born on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia on June 8, 1977, the rapper is now forty-five years and now because of his capricious behavior, he had to endure severe backlashes from his numerous business interests. Being the recipient of several accolades he was a leading figure in hip hops. 

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