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Who Was Voted Out In Survivor 43 Episode 5? Is It Geo Bustamante?

The popular American reality TV show Survivor 43 is famous for its exciting format and the constant twists and turns that keep the show engaging and interesting. In the latest episode of the show which was telecasted on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, the show witnessed some serious moves from the parts of the contestants to take part in the reward and immunity challenge and also to strengthen their alliances to ensure their survival on the island for one more week.

While some of the moves worked out for some of the contestants, it did not work out well for Geo Bustamante, who was sent home at the end of the episode. 

Who Was Voted Out In Survivor 43 Episode 5 Is It Geo Bustamante

Geo Bustamante, who is 36 years old, comes from Honolulu, Hawaii. Geo was the fifth person to be voted out of Season 43 of Survivor. It’s only eleven days into the game and the five people are voted out now. Geo

Bustamante belonged to the Coco tribe. The player named Lindsay Carmine who was the last person to be voted out of the reality show also belonged to the same tribe. 

After the elimination of Lindsay from the competition, Cassidy, who is also a member of the tribe Coco wanted to know the person who voted for Cassidy to be sent out of the competition.

While her team member Ryan tried to explain the situation to Cassidy, Geo Bustamante confessed to Cassidy that it was he who voted for Cassidy in the previous elimination.

Geo Bustamante

Geo further added that it was Ryan who came up with the idea to have one vote for her in case any information was passed on to Lindsay. The confession from Geo made it clear to Cassidy that there was an alliance between Geo and Ryan and also that they were indeed working together.

On this week’s episode of Survivor, the reward and immunity challenge came together. For the week’s challenge, it was built over two obstacle courses. At first, the team member should have to cross a course that was filled with wooden logs and take water from a pot.

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They should then cross the flip-flop table with the pot of water they collected and transfer it to another pot. When there is enough water in the second pot, it would lower the gates to a table where the team member had to land three balls to the end to win the challenge. 

The challenge involved the competition between the three tribes in the show namely Coco, Vasi, and Baka.

Vesi had a small advantage at the beginning of the game but it was the members of Coco who reached the final stage of the game first. That was when team member Ryan busted out with an unexpected move that shocked everyone including the other contestants and also his fellow teammates.  

Instead of completing the game in the final stage, Ryan decided to throw off the challenge purposefully. Ryan knocked out the two balls that were already out on the table. With only one ball left, Vasi won the first immunity followed by Baka winning the second immunity. As the team who lost the challenge, team Coco was sent to the tribal council. 

Who Was Voted Out In Survivor 43 Episode 5

Ryan purposefully dropped the challenge with a different plan in his mind. Ryan was confident that he had an alliance with his team members and with enough votes he could easily send Cassidy home after the elimination. But to his surprise, Ryan’s plan did not work out as he had hoped. Instead of Cassidy, it was his friend Geo who was sent home. 

Right after the immunity challenge contestants Geo, Jeanine, and Jessie, three members from each of the tribes went on a journey where they were given three different choices. They could either risk their vote and lose, not risk their vote and be safe or they could risk it and win an advantage. All three of them took the risk but it was only Geo who won the ‘knowledge is Power’ advantage. This advantage gave Go the power to ask for an immunity idol from any of the members during the Tribal Council. 

Geo did not reveal him risking his vote to his teammates but he told Karla who is also a member of Geo’s tribe about the advantage that he has won. This made Karla more cautious and she was afraid that Geo would ask for her immunity idol. The fear of Geo asking for her idol made Karla to vote Geo out of the show.

Geo did not use his advantage during the tribal council and with Karla, Cassidy, and James voting for Geo, he was sent home from the reality show. His reaction to Ryan after Geo’s elimination showed how surprised he was about how the votes had turned out. 

With Geo Bustamante out of the show, fans will have to wait until next Wednesday to see the new turn of events among the castaways. 

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