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Who Is Skaar In She-Hulk? Know Everything About Hulk’s Son

That was a perfect wrap, was it not? She-Hulk: Attorney at Law connected every dot throughout its first season and gracefully concluded on Disney +. With pretty much predictable and unpredictable moves, the season gave us goosebumps, especially during the closure.

There was one major moment that left the street heavily talking- the return of Bruce Banner from his sabbatical in Sakaar. Finally, Hulk is back, but not alone. 

Yes, you’re right. Hulk has returned from his planet Sakaar and has brought his own son, Skaar into the universe. 

Welcome to the MCU Skaar!
Whoa! The revelation was really wholesome. Now, Bruce is the third of the original Avengers who have been stuck at the whole parenting thing for a while ( after Thor and the late Tony). 

Who Is Skaar In She-Hulk

We have a lot of happenings, to begin with, but don’t you worry, for now, we’ll be sticking to one thing: the great Hulk has a son. It is improbable that you don’t know who Hulk is, but it is highly probable that you might not be well acquainted with Hulk’s son, Skaar.

So, how about we brush up on the tragic yet phenomenal Marvel Comics history of Skaar? Let’s dig in.

Who Is Skaar?

The inaugural edition of She-Hulk Attorney at Law gave us a gripping story to chomp at. Right from the first episode, fans were drawn in for the ride. Keeping Bruce Banner aside, we have someone else to cheer for, his son, Skaar. 

As per what She-Hulk demonstrated, the Hulk fathered Skaar while he was shot into the war-tone world of Sakaar by the Illuminati. Hulk originally intended to land on a peaceful planet, but things turned out that Hulk was the only one who had the potential to rescue Sakaar from the tyrannical hold of the Red King. In the process, Hulk a.k.a Sakaarson, became the king of Sakaar. 

In the middle, Hulk found unmatched peace and a deep relationship with Caiera, the warrior. Sadly, the piece was interrupted. Caiera was killed in an explosion, which according to Hulk was the master plan of the Illuminati. 

In John Romita Jr.’s World War Hulk, he along with his warbound lands on the earth and sheds tears through his previous allies until he discovers the real killer of Caiera, one of his gladiators, Miek. 

Although long dead, Caiera left her son Skaar safe. He was still able to communicate with his mum, who was buried in the grave. The connection was made easier with Caiera’s power which was known as the “One Power”.  

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Gradually, the story moulds in such a way that Skaar becomes exiled to the earth. There Skaar sets several plans to kill the Hulk, but he later learns Bruce Banner was transformed into his gamma-irradiated form. There the duo shakes hands, making a deal- Skaar will travel with Bruce Banner and in return, he will teach his son how to slay his father. 

Now, you must have known who Skaar is. You may also recall the previous car accident that ended up with Jen transforming into She-Hulk. In the first place, it was caused by a Sakaarian spaceship, which was floating in the middle of the road. It was trying to pass a unique message to Bruce Banner. 

Well, by the end of Episode 2, we saw Banner leaving for Sakaar to seek out certain internal affairs. By the time the entire season concluded, the internal matter was revealed- that he had a son. 

In the introduction scene, Skaar was silent enough, but he was wearing battle gear similar to what his father used to wear.

Skaar’s Marvel Comics History

To begin with, Skaar was originally created by artist John Romita Jr. and writer Greg Pak for the popular “Planet Hulk” storyline. However, Skaar’s debut was in What If? Planet Hulk #1. Apart from this, he has also had spin-offs and series under his own name like, “Planet Skaar” and “Son of Hulk”

Skaar In She-Hulk

By all accounts, Skaar is a relatively new character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and since “World War Hulk” and “Planet Hulk ” are two best works of the Marvel studio, we do not intend to disclose much about the stories and ruin the spoilers.

But we can tell you that once Skaar was born in a cocoon following his mother, Caiera’s death in the explosion, he ages fast and eventually he grew up to be a man whose only motive is to reach the Earth, to kill his father, The Incredible Hulk. 

So far, The MCU has tangled up things but we believe Marvel wouldn’t spoil the whole situation. 

Skaar’s Superhuman Powers

Looking at his parents alone, we can surely say that Skaar will not be a slouch himself. “Like father like son” is the exact quote that suits the two. Skaar is inherited with Hulk’s gamma-power strength of healing, but his strength remains the same even if he gets angrier. That’s a huge difference though.

Apart from that, Skaar is also gifted with the power of drawing energy from other planets, and controlling volcanoes which was exclusively entitled to his mother in the previous iteration. 

Like Hulk, Skaar can also revert to his human body, indicating the presence of a child within him. 

Skaar As The Future Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ever since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk aired, Marvel fans have been waiting for another Hulk adventure. It has already been 15 years but still murky right issues kept those possibilities at bay.

But Marvel fans have again started dreaming of another World War Hulk storyline with the arrival of Skaar, Hulk’s son in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Perhaps we might get to see a gripping story on the big screen as well. 

In whatever movie is coming, we are hundred percent sure that the showrunners will have something big planned. Today, even we are confused about who will star in the much-awaited feature film- She-Hulk or Skaar.

The finale has apparently hinted about a Hulk movie in the near future, but rumors claim that even if there happens to be a Hulk movie, it would be free of She-Hulk. Moreover, Marvel is also said to be in the process of developing a World War Hulk movie, which still needs confirmation from the other side. 

But, we cannot expect any direct adaptation of World War Hulk or Planet Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as those stories were focused around a different version of Hulk, who was in pain. Currently, the MCU visualises Hulk in a relatively better place.

Most probably, that flick might reveal a lot about Skaar and the condition of Sakaar. And if we are lucky enough, we might see Skaar as the giant monster, following the path of his Hulk father, exactly like how we need him to be. 

However, it’s obvious from Skaar’s brief role in the She-Hulk last episode that he will return with bigger motives one day. Thus, we are already expecting a She Hulk Season 2 ( which is yet to be announced), where both father and son will reunite to leave the fans flabbergasted. 

Possibly, we can also anticipate the duo in 2024’s Captain America: New World Order. What we know so far about the sequel is that Tim Blake Nelson is reprising his role as the powerful Leader, so we can see a potential void space that can only be filled by a Hulk or two. 

Actor Wil Deusner Plays The Role Of Skaar

In the She Hulk: Attorney at Law finale episode, actor Wil Deusner, 19, made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He may not be familiar as the young actor is new to the MCU, but we hope he will leave a much deeper mark in our hearts once his full story gets revealed. However, it doesn’t mean Deusner is new to the industry as he has got a handful of roles by far.

On DC’s “Stargirl,” Deusner portrayed a recurring role of Joey Zarick and in 2017, he also made a few appearances on Hulu’s Shut Eye, along with Jeffrey Donovan.

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