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Who Were Eliminated In The Challenge: Ride Or Dies Episode 2?

The Challenge: Ride or Dies first non-spin-off season, featured the return of the seven-time champion and crowd favorite Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio indicating a wild start to The Challenge Season 38. 

A rooky pair came and took home the title during the inaugural episode after shooting big against the vets. In Ride or Dies Episode 2, the contestants had a cooky discussion on who was about to get eliminated. Before the official announcement, someone told Nany that his GF Kaycee Clark would be eliminated. 

The Challenge: Ride or Dies episode 2: Tamara & Turbo Eliminated

Shortly after, the cast was dispersed to the Challenge House, where Bananas was reunited with his former rival, Devin Walker. Per Devin, he revealed in a confessional session that he was ready to forget about the vengeance they carried in the past. Moreover, he told Bananas he was happy to see him again. 

Meanwhile, Nani spoke with Tori Deal and Laurel Stucky regarding the different alliances and who was working with who. Tori immediately came up with the thought that Rookes was reigning over them as Johnny Middlebrooks and Ravynb Rochelle won the first daily. 

Tori also had a moment when she opened up about her former toxic relationship with ex-finance- Jordan Wisley, who made her life sustained on antidepressants. However, she herself said that she was a different person in its entirety when compared to herself a year ago. 

In another confessional, Nani turned out emotionally talking about her mother and revealed a pendant featuring her mum’s name, “Guerra,” which stands for “war.”

On the other hand, the fan-favorite Bananas and fellow Turabi Camkiran were trying to play cool. Turabi admitted he respects  Bananas for being the seven-time champ but said he will beat him on the field. Following this, Bananas disclosed in the confessional that Turabi was hard to deal with. 

Who Is The Winner Of The Challenge: Ride Or Dies Episode 2?

At the beginning of the second Episode, host TJ Lavin welcomed The Challengers to their next daily tasks. But before that, Lavin told that rookie Emmy Russ wanted out and couldn’t perform anymore, indicating Nam Vo to home along with Russ ( since they were a pair). 

Initially, Nam revealed that he was utterly upset with his partner. 

However, the remaining participants went on with their daily event termed the Balancing Act, which contained activities like swimming in depth to get a ladder made of rope, climbing using the same up to a container, and ultimately using a rope swing to get onto a platform. 

The winning condition was to swing on the tilting platform until it gets balanced. The first team to complete the task would win. 

Already, Rookies Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez had set expectations high. Horacio literally impressed TJ as he had some excellent moves while crossing the tilting platform. Simultaneously, Olivia was also set to face the acrophobia she had and she was effortlessly able to swing from one side to the other. 

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Finally came the turn of Turabi and his partner, Tamara. Although Turabi managed to land on the platform, Tamara struggled a bit and fell into the water. 

Bananas and Nany completed the event as did Tori and Devin. However, most of the teams had at least one among the pair slip into the water, which got them all disqualified. 

Right after Johnny’s turn, TJ invited the final pair of competitors, who was surprisingly Kaycee (along with her brother), who returned to the competition after seeming to exit the previous night. 

She brought her brother, Kenny Clark to replace her partner. Eventually, the newly formed pair completed the daily challenge. 

When the task was finished, TJ announced that only 4 teams were qualified for the next game, but there was this team who managed to reach the platform quicker than the rest of the challengers- Bananas and Nany. 

Deliberation Of Nani And Bananas

Back in the house, Nany told Turabi that she overheard him saying he had to go into the elimination. However, Turabi didn’t reveal his plan, instead asking her to do what she could do which prompted her to question their friendship. At the same time, Tamara appreciated Nani for talking to him, but Turabi intervened and told his partner to prepare for the elimination. 

Now for deliberation, Bananas and Nani chose the teams- Johnny & Ravyn, Jay Starrett & Michele Fitzgerald, Horacio & Olivia, and Turbo & Tamara. 

The Challenge: Ride Or Dies

Bananas then had a conversation with Johnny and Ravyn, as he told them to send a message to anyone close. Eventually, Bananas went to Jay as being connected to Johnny M. and repeated the strategy. Meanwhile, Johnny’s companion, Michele, broke to tears realizing what her friend Nany was doing to her all the while. However, Nany said, “It wasn’t personal, whatsoever.”

Turabi and Tamara were the last duo Bananas confronted. Nany asked Turabi about how he acted earlier, but Turabi dismissed the question saying that he would talk to the champion instead. Bananas never spoke so Turabi walked out and Tamara followed. 

Later at the club, Nany and Michele had a deep conversation about Nany and her late mother, and the duo easily reconciled. 

Shortly after, Johny M. talked to his pal Olivia but ended up telling her no to question her loyalty. 

Who Was Eliminated From The Zone?

It was the second elimination and  TJ greeted the entire cast at The Zone. He welcomed the four winning teams to join him when Bananas and Nani revealed that they were sending Turabi and Tamara to the elimination. 

The other teams who failed in the foremost task of the second day participated in the draw, so they were safe from elimination. Jay and Michele, who were also safe, chose Ravyn and Johnny because they didn’t want the viewers to think he would backstab his friend, Johnny, and his partner Ravyn. 

The remaining teams were Turabi- Tamara and Olivia- Horacio. The four battled in Memory Lane, a game that involved a couple of big memory boards in the middle of The Zone. Each pair gets started from a box and runs to the aforesaid board, only to flip two tiles. Once the tiles are matched, they will stay overturned. If not, they have to repeat until any of the teams match the cards. Eventually, a pair will win and the other would be left to the elimination. 

During the game, several other contestants were cheering for Olivia and Horacio, but nobody was encouraging Turabi and Tamara. 

Gradually, the rookies won, sending home the ex-champion and his companion, Turabi, and Tamara, in the second episode of MTV’s The Challenge.

In a later confessional interview, Turabi said that he had something to tell the others, “Two words. One Finger.” However, he was still hoping for Nany to win the game. 

Right after the elimination, TJ brought another surprise, Jordan without a pair, introducing him as one of the finest challengers of all time. However, Tori was shocked to see her ex-boyfriend back on the show with such hype. 

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