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Who is Jac Cordeiro? Alex Rodriguez Shops With Mystery Woman

The former Yankees star, Alex Rodriguez, 47, was photographed with a blond after the Katheryne Padget split. On Monday, the ex-baseball player was spotted getting close to an unknown lady, who was termed a ‘ mystery woman’ by the netizens. Lately, the mystery woman came to light as it turned out, she is a fitness expert named Jac Cordiero.

Who is Jac Cordeiro?

The Canadian beauty is an athlete and seems to be romantically linked with Rodriguez. The couple was snapped walking hand in hand at Rodeo Drive both wearing pretty sunglasses and dashing clothes.

Who is Jac Cordeiro

Alex chose a casual look, wearing a navy sweater over a white T-shirt, paired with jeans and white sneakers. Meanwhile, his lady companion rocked a cropped coral cardigan with white-legged jeans and topped it with a beige cardigan, and toted her stuff in a quite expensive Louis Vuitton shoulder bag.

The duo was spotted for the first time since no witnesses or media claimed the news anytime in the past. An insider shared that Rodriguez was “very happy” and has been “enjoying” the time spent with her.

“She is incredible! She is an ex-nurse and a mother of two,” the source further added.

Jac Cordiero, who is a Canadian fitness guru and the founder of JACFIT, has around 66 thousand followers on her official Instagram handle. Undoubtedly, the thousands of followers would be fans of her impressive physique. She often shares incredible photos of her body on the platform.

Recently, Alex parted ways from Kathryne, who was again a fitness competitor, however, “it’s all good,” said a source close to the family.

Who is Jac Cordeiro

After the breakup, A-Rod is “hanging out with his family” and “having fun.”

Earlier in 2022, A-Rod also revealed that he had no regrets regarding his former relationship with ex-Jennifer Lopez, who married actor Ben Affleck later this summer.

When asked about Lopez moving on with another relationship just after their split on the show, Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, Rodriguez gave a pretty logical and diplomatic answer trying to play cool in the situation. Choosing to keep the answer short and precise, and clear of controversy, he simply wished the best for the newlywed’s life ahead.

“First of all, I am happy that I am never going to be a Presidential candidate anymore, because [if I do], you will hammer me. Look, it was a wonderful experience with Jennifer. And I wish her as well as the children, who are wonderful, beautiful and smart- I wish them all the best. That’s it.”

Who is Jac Cordeiro

Chris then went on to ask Alex whether he would make a good husband in the future and Alex answered, “Yes, I would”- accepting that he has learned several lessons from the past.

“I think when you look at my life, I mean back when I was 15, I think I was called the top player in the country by Sports Illustrated. That time, I was Alex Rodriguez.” And then in the middle, “I got
a $250 million contract” which ultimately he lost his way, and then he became, “A-Rod.”

Although Lopez has dated several high-profile celebrities, Alex Rodriguez was the one with whom she nearly reached the doorsteps of marriage but walked off. It was her last relationship prior to getting back with the love of her wife, Ben Affleck, her current husband.

The split between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriquez was confirmed a week after rumors flared of Lopez and Affleck getting back together. Eventually, the rumor turned out to be the truth as we later learned that the dished pair actually got back and married this past July in LA.

However, A-Rod shared in the interview that he still had some hard feelings which have left their fans wondering since the cause of their split has been tight-lipped until now.

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The positive statement he gave might not be the whole story, but that doesn’t mean everything they say and do is fake. Moreover, it wasn’t a surprise to see how fast Lopez and Affleck were moving in their relationship. They got delved into each other so soon, and literally picked up from where they left off. It was quite a rare phenomenon to witness. No lovers unite more than once, but they did.

As she and Affleck continued to live in the new aura, she said, that was “one of the most perfect days of our lives. We couldn’t have been happier than that. I wish you all the same kind of happiness…the hard-earned ones that will be all the sweeter for the journey.”

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