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Shetland Season 8 Confirmed By BBC? Will Mark Bonnar And Anneika Rose Leave?

Shetland is a British television series that first premiered in the year 2013. The series has had a total of 7 seasons up until now that have received a lot of positive reviews. Shetland Season 8 release date has not been announced as of now but it has been confirmed that a new season is coming soon.

The series revolves around DI Jimmy Perez and his team of officials who solve and investigate crimes in a closed island community. Further in this article, we will get to know more about the Shetland season 8 release date, plot, cast, trailer, spoilers, where it will be streamed, and more.

Everything To Know About Shetland Season 8 Release!!

Shetland season 1 premiered in the year 2013 and it follows detective inspector Jimmy Perez investigating a murder on the island of Shetland. Season 2 premiered in the year 2014 and witnessed the murder of the main character’s friend through a suspicious car accident which was later linked to another brutal murder.

Shetland Season 3 was released in the year 2016 and it follows the disappearance of a man and a young boy who is found in the hospital. The two events are investigated by the DI who finds them to be connected. Shetland season 4 was released in the year 2018 and it follows the release of a criminal who had murdered a member of the community of Shetland. His release from prison has consequences.

Shetland Release Date

Season 5 of Shetland was released a year after season 4 in 2019 and its plot includes an eco-terrorism unit and murders that are investigated by Jimmy Pèrez. Shetland season 6 was released in 2021 and its plot follows DI Pèrez taking care of his father who has dementia as well as dealing with his job and saving his friends. Season 7 of Shetland was released and concluded in 2022 and it witnessed the departure of the main character Jimmy because of his morally correct deed of letting an innocent man free. This act costs him his career but the character seems to be content toward the end. 

Shetland Season 8 Latest Updates

The television series titled Shetland is inspired by novels written by Ann Cleeves and the person responsible for its television adaptation is David Klane. Shetland has had 7 seasons up until now and the 7th season has recently concluded. The genres associated with this series are crime and drama.

The production companies of the series are ITV Studios for seasons 1 to 3 and Silverprint Pictures which has produced the show from season 4 to season 7 and is most likely to remain the production company for the upcoming season 8 as well. The British tv series is distributed by ITV Studios. The Shetland season 8 release date has not been confirmed as of now but we do know that the show has been revived for season 8 and it is mostly going to be available to watch in the spring or after the spring of 2023.

MovieShetland Season 8
StarsAlison O’Donnell
Steven Robertson
Douglas Henshall
Release DateMarch 10, 2013
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Production companiesITV Studios
Silverprint Pictures
BBC Scotland
Shetland Season 8 Release date2023

Shetland Expected Release Date 

Shetland has grown extremely popular since the time it has been released and it is one of the most-watched British crime dramas. The intriguing plot of the series has managed to keep the audience captivated. The series after premiering its first season in 2013 concluded its 7th season very recently in September 2022.

The announcement of Shetland season 8 was done through a voice-over towards the end of season 7. The main cast of the series included Douglas Henshall who played the role of inspector Jimmy Pèrez.

The protagonist also received a lot of recognition and accolades for his performance in the series. As mentioned earlier, the Shetland season 8 release date has not been officially confirmed yet, but we do know that the crime drama series is going to be available for the audience to watch in 2023.

The new season is going to undergo some changes as the show bid farewell to its original lead. According to reports, Shetland season 8 filming is mostly going to start in Spring 2023 or it could start earlier and the show will be released a while later, in 2023 itself. 

What Is The Plot Of Shetland Season 8?

Before speculating on the Shetland season 8 plot, a spoiler warning is issued for the information ahead. The new season will not exactly be picking up from where season 7 left off because the audience witnessed the departure of the protagonist of the show, DI Jimmy Pèrez. The new season is going to try and restore the essence of the series in general but with a new lead this time which will also bring some refreshing twists and content to the series.

The actor Douglas Henshell said that he needs to depart from the show after consistently being in it for so long and also needs to explore new roles. His character Jimmy had to let go of his duties since he helped a man escape extradition and death, which was moral and the right thing to do. But he had no right to go about something like that and this deed of his has severe consequences on his career in the series.

Shetland made sure that they give their main lead a justified good boy and his character is seen to be content. Hence the plot of the new season is going to include a new lead and the potential candidates for this role include Tosh and DI Fraser Brooks. Somebody new might also be cast but as of now, there are no hints about the same. 

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When Shetland Season 8 Will Stream?

Shetland season 8 streaming will take place on BBC One which is the original network of the series since its time of release. The creators of the series are ITV Studios and BBC Scotland and it is also distributed by ITV Studios. The series is also available to watch on iPlayer and BritBox and the new season might also be available on the same once it releases.

As of now, the streaming is said to take place on BBC One initially, and later it might be available on other streaming platforms. The running time of the episodes of the British crime drama is 57 minutes and the original languages of the show are English and Shetland Scots.

Shetland season 8 spoilers have suggested that the crimes of the close-knit community of Shetland will be back with a new investigation head that will carry the show further. 

Shetland Season 8 Cast -Who Plays The Major Role?

The main actors of the Shetland cast are listed below. 

  • Douglas Henshall, who played the character of Jimmy Pèrez.
  • Alison O’Donnell plays the character of Alison “Tosh” McIntosh.
  • Steven Robertson plays the character of Sandy Wilson. 
  • Mark Bonnar plays the character of Duncan Hunter. 
  • Julie Graham plays the character of Rhona Kelly. 
  • Lewis Howden plays the character of Billy McCabe.
  • Erin Armstrong plays the character of Cassie Pèrez.
  • Anne Kidd plays the character of Cora McLean.
  • Anneika Rose plays the character of Maggie Kean.
  • Lucianne McEvoy plays the character of Meg Pattison.
Shetland  Season 8 Release Date

Above listed are the main characters that have almost been seen throughout the 7 seasons of the show and besides them, there have been actors who were recurrent in the series such as Fiona Bell, Neve McIntosh, Julia Brown, Jimmy Chisholm, Angus Miller, and Stewart Porter. 

Shetland season 8 will not be including the protagonist and as mentioned earlier and it has also been reported that Mark Bonnar and Anneika Rose might also be leaving the series. The actors that are mostly going to be included in the new season are Steven Robertson, Lewis Howden, Angus Miller, Conor McCarry, Anne Kidd, Alison O’Donnell, and Brian Ferguson. 

More Talks On Social Media Shetland Season 8

The British crime drama series Shetland has several pages dedicated to it on social media that keep the audience updated with news related to the series. The audience has expressed that the show is not going to be the same without the main character Jimmy Pèrez but they are grateful for the revival of the series for season 8.

The viewers and fans have also expressed that Shetland is a marvelous captivating series that has managed to entertain them over the years. The audience is looking forward to seeing how the show is going to be carried forward without the main character and what difference will it bring to the new season. The viewers also hope that the show is just as good if not better and the essence is revived. All in all, the audience is eagerly waiting to see Shetland season 8.

What To Expect From Shetland Season 8?

It has already been mentioned that the new season of Shetland is going to have a new Detective Inspector who will replace Jimmy Pèrez. We can expect some refreshing change because of this. It is only fair that the audience expects great things from the new season as well since the previous seasons have thoroughly kept the viewers entertained. We can expect season 8 to be full of crimes, drama, and new intriguing mysteries. 

Shetland Season 8 Episode Guide

Shetland Season 8 episodes guide has not been released as of now but we can expect the new season to have around 6 episodes just like its predecessors. 

Is Shetland Season 8 Trailer Out?

The Shetland season 8 trailer has not been officially released yet and is expected to be released towards the end of this year or sometime in 2023, closer to the release of the show. 

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