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Why Do People Believe Tupac Shakur Is Alive in Malaysia?

Is Tupac Shakur really dead or is he still alive? For many loyal fans, the question seems like a thread of hope which will ultimately bring the dead back to life. What is more interesting about Tupac Shakur is that the name of the celebrity often appears in headlines more frequently than any other star who is still alive. In the first place, look at you reading this article. 25 years after Tupac Shakur death people still want to know if Tupac Shakur is alive or not. What kind of stardom he owns!

Is Tupac Shakur Alive in Malaysia?

According to the recent allegations made by Suge Knight’s son, Tupac Shakur is still alive and is living in Malaysia. 

Is Tupac Shakur Alive in Malaysia

Tupac Shakur was shot on the way on September 7, 1996, after he was returning from Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon fight at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand. He was headed to an afterparty with his then music executive, Suge Knight, on his black BMW when an anonymous car pulled up and fatally triggered their gun at him. Tupac Shakur was immediately hospitalized and there he spent six days before breathing his last.

Apparently, Suge Knight was the last one to see Tupac Shakur alive as he was accompanied by Knight that night. Meanwhile, Suge Knight has been imprisoned for 28 years in a hit-and-run case for like 7 years. 

Tupac has now been dead for nearly as long as he lived [ apparently 25 years], but still, conspiracy theories regarding Tupac Shakur escaping the gun shoot have been circulating like a heavy cyclone. The better one among others was that fans claimed the saga was not shot by the bullets instead he dodged those and escaped to Cuba. Well, if that is true, then we bet he must be laughing at us. 

On top of everything, Knight’s son has appeared in the scene out of nowhere, asserting Tupac Shakur is alive. To be frank, nothing has gained traction like this one. 

Is Tupac Shakur Living in Malaysia? 

Is Tupac Shakur Alive in Malaysia

Suge Knight’s son, Jacob, 23, openly shared certain things he knew about Tupac Shakur in a recent interview with Yahoo. Conspiracy theories again resurfaced on social media platforms ever since. Currently, Jacob is appearing on the VH1 show, Love & Listings.

Speaking with Lyndsey Parker, Jacob recalled the initial reaction he received after he posted about the rapper being alive.

“When I first said it, the whole world stopped moving. Everybody went like, ‘What’s going on?’ I went and received 200,000 followers in just 2 days. I was like, ‘Wow like this is literally crazy. Like, Germany was calling me for interviews and I don’t even speak the language!’ So, I didn’t even know what to do.” However, ‘there is a purpose behind it, and you’ll have to tune into the show to know why,” he said. 

Jacob initially asserted on his Instagram handle that Tupac Shakur was living in Malaysia attached to a plethora of images where Tupac Shakur’s look-alike was spotted posing well and nicely with celebrities like Beyonce and 50 Cent

In addition to that, Jacob made another claim by posting a video of Tupac’s look-alike, which was filmed in Malaysia, saying an anonymous organization was threatening to stop him from posting the content. 

Following that, Suge Knight’s son shared a string of texts from someone who seemed angry for leaking the precious information to the world. The message read, “You said too much,” it’s high time “for you to go.”

To the text, Jacob replied, “The truth will [ definitely] be out, I am not going anywhere.”

Jacob, who was seemingly having fun, posted another footage where he wrote that the “Illuminati” was following him.

“Beware of fake accounts. They will only distract you. The Illuminati are all about power and that’s why you see many powerful names getting locked up.”

In January 2019, Jacob suggested that the allegedly alive rapper was “back in the studio”, working on new music. 

What Are the Other Conspiracies of Tupac Shakur Death? 

Several theories even make you think twice, like what did you just say? One such latest approach was that Tupac Shakur switched to a double after discovering something suspicious. 

Director Rick Boss, who is responsible for the documentary, 2 Pac: The Greatest Escape From UMC, professed that Tupac Shakur was somewhere in New Mexico, living undercover. 

These stories are endless and it frequently makes one think why in the first place, people endure these particular conspiracies. According to us, it depicts a few things about the way it continues to flare. 

Is Tupac Shakur Is Alive in Malaysia

Proof That Tupac Shakur Is Alive 

In 2017, Knight was peddling this theory and he told Ice-T in a TV interview, “With Pac, you never know,” indicating Tupac Shakur could do anything under his possession. 

This marketing strategy even worked well for the Tupac Shakur estate itself, which was managed by Afeni Shakur, his mother.  In 1997, the music video for “I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto” featured Tupac Shakur making his dashing entry by helicopter in the desert, just a day after his demise, strengthening the conspiracy theory. 

Meanwhile, Tupac’s posthumous double album Better Dayz repeats the lyric, “Expect me nigga like you expect the Jesus to come back.” His other lyrics include, “I heard rumors I died, murdered in cold blood, pictures of me in my final state.”

Lyrics like these have highly escalated the conspiracy theories with enthusiasts wanting to refer the lines to his 1996 murder, whereas Tupac Shakur himself must have referred those to the 1994 incident where he was robbed outside New York’s Quad Studio. 

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Such lines are highly misunderstood by the general public because the one who owns his songs knows the power of those words well. Apparently, it is a very lucrative business decision. Those money mongers must be gleefully rubbing their hands now. Those monsters must be sitting back and relaxing, watching the theories they created mutate. 

Is Tupac Shakur Still Alive?

We are not blaming anyone here, in fact, we ourselves are no better than those individuals, who vehemently believed Tupac’s conspiracy theories. Because we distinctly remember a period when everybody including us sacrificed our sleep only to read and learn Yahoo stories that feature the possible return of Tupac Shakur after 7 years. Like every other teenager who was ecstatic to turn their calendar page to 2013, to confirm Tupac Shakur’s comeback, we were also waiting, tapping on our heels. 

When we looked back, Tupac Shakur named his last album, Makaveli: The 7 Day Theory, where the author wrote about a prince who was faking his death to fool his enemies.

Besides that, if you carefully focus on Tupac’s “Hail Mary”, you will hear someone whisper, “You think I am dead? Wait seven years,” OOH! That literally made our jaws drop. 

Wait, there is still more to wonder about. Remember Tupac Shakur’s aunt, Assata Shakur, who went hiding from the FBI ever since 1079 in Cuba? When we gave it a thought, Cuba seemed like an apt choice for her nephew to hide out in. Well, that was a mere possibility, but when we heard that Tupac Shakur’s autopsy picture was faked and photoshopped from his music video, “California Love”, we were totally astounded. 

We believe it is high time to leave the man to reality. But we also know the bitter truth that conspiracy is easy money. But only turning down these theories will ensure the legacy of Tupac Shakur correctly. Otherwise, all of his fame and success is still killing him over and again, leaving a deep scar in the hearts of millions. Tupac Shakur, the artist who spent large swathes of his life in a respectful manner, would never love to return to a world where there is no value for ‘reality’ but only for ‘conspiracies.’

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