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Holy Family Season 2: Will the Netflix Show Return?

Holy Family is one of the highly acclaimed series which falls under the genre of an astounding thriller visual treat that entails the story of a surreptitious mother residing with her children in Madrid. This mother and her teenage children have an intricate relationship with their family.

Will the Holy Family Season 2 Return in Netflix

This original Spanish drama entitled Sagrada Familia ended with a gripping and thrilling climax where the main characters of the series, Gloria, Aitana, Abel, and Natalie were packed in a car beside Baby Nico. This Spanish drama has been on Netflix and it premiered on 14th October 2022. This series was taken by Manolo Caro, one of the most riveting Mexican filmmakers of all time.

Will Netflix Renew This Spanish Drama?

Albeit it is an original Spanish drama people welcomed this series with wide open arms and within the snap of fingers it rose to prominence because of its enthralling and resplendent visual treat and the plot that entails. As per sources, to date, there has been no official date that confirms that Netflix would renew this Spanish drama for a second season. The makers of this series haven’t given any sort of confirmation regarding its upcoming season and the fate of this stupendous thriller is in the deep ocean.

Holy Family Season 2

But the most important thing to bear in mind is that Netflix is massively successful when it comes to the streaming of Spanish series when we take Money Heist and Elite as examples. So Netflix being a gigantic platform across the globe, it would not show any sort of reluctance or shy from capitalizing on another highly acknowledged and critically acclaimed project. So this fact about Netflix would give a slight ray of hope to the fans of Holy Family for the not-sure-impending season two.

The Cast of the Holy Family Includes

Najwa Nimri as Gloria, Laura Laprida as Natalia, Gemma Sole as Educadora, Jose Emilio Vera as Padre Parking, Patricia Garo as Ginecologa Marta Cobos, Pol Hermoso as Felipe, Alba Flores, Carla Campra and Ella Kweku. The first season of Holy Family comprises eight episodes and each episode would have an average duration of thirty-five minutes

Holy Family Season 2

What Could Possibly Happen in Holy family Season 2?

As the season one climax was indeed gripping and nail-biting as the main characters including Gloria, Aitana, Natalie, and Abel were packed in a car along with Baby Nico. So as we could infer from the last climax scene of the first season, the second season would probably entail the reuniting of this dysfunctional family.

What could we expect in season 2?

Holy Family Season 2

According to the climax of season one, the dysfunctional family would be reunited and from that point, Gloria and Natalie would have a clash possibly where Gloria would put forth her stance that she is not interested to go away from Baby Nico. moreover, Natalie’s father is a stringent stereotypical religious man and when he learns about Aitana’s photograph, we could assume that there would be a kind of patch that will disperse the situation.

Apart from this impending situation, one of the Germans who had met with a fatal accident survives and he becomes to act in Abel’s best interest and this would directly make Abel the decision-maker of the dysfunctional family. All the more the upcoming season two of Holy Family would portray a major shift in some of the relationship dynamics.

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As season one demonstrated, Gloria’s relationship with her vibrant teenage children has already deteriorated and absolutely spoiled, their foremost plan to escape from their residing place and to live in Canada would be out of the equation. So Gloria and her dysfunctional family probably need a different strategy that should work in everyone’s favor or their plan would be in peril.

Holy Family Season Plot

Holy Family originally known as Sagrada Familia revolves around a dysfunctional family where a single mother has to look after her family which consists of vibrant teenage children. Gloria is a single mother with an esoteric secret past and is living with her infant son Hugo and her au pair, Aitana in Madrid. Though a little weird Gloria has made acquaintance with some women living in the same area named Blanca and Alicia.

But when we come to dig out the actual truth Gloria is indeed a secretive woman who hides details about her and her family from her so-called friends. When we dig deeper, even the identity she possesses is utterly a fake one and the real name of Gloria is Julia and Aitana is indeed her daughter.

Gloria aka Julia apart from her infant boy and Aitana her other son named Abel also lives with them but is locked up in the basement. The reason why Abel is living in the basement is that her infant son Hugo is really not her son. The twist and turn happen there. Julie was the surrogate mother for her son and for her daughter-in-law. So Natalia and her father were supposed to move away with Hugo, but Gloria couldn’t bear the parting of Hugo though she gave birth to him. With her vibrant and adept teenage children, they kidnap Hugo and even fake their deaths in order to turn over a new leaf.

When the family takes desperate measures to have a fresh start, migrates to a new neighborhood where she meets and befriends Blanca and Alicia. But after some events when Natalia happens to see Aitana’s picture in a magazine she realizes that it is her sister-in-law and started to dig deeper and deeper.

No one knew about surrogacy until things took pretty weird. Gloria’s emotional affection toward Hugo has turned her to escape from all places and to live under false identities. Gloria is fervently trying to grab new passports so her family could live in a new town in Canada.

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