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Who Is Mikaben? Haitian Singer Dies After Collapsing on Stage During Concert

Haitian Singer Michael Benjamin, better known by his stage name, Mikaben, died Saturday, Oct. 15, while performing live in Paris, France.

Miami Herald reported that the 41-year-old singer collapsed in the middle of a concert while he was performing along with the Haitian Kompa band, Carimi.

As per The Haitian Times, Mikaben’s cause of death is unknown but the preliminary reports suggest that the singer died from cardiac arrest.

Who was Mikaben?

The Haitian singer, Mikaben was known for his famous collaborations with various musicians like bands Carimi and T-Vice.

Mikaben was born in 1981 and was into songwriting at a very young age. At 15, he became efficient in writing songs, however, education was also a primary concern for the legend.

He went to Montreal college, in Canada and pursued his passion until his death. Interestingly, Mikaben was one such artist who could easily handle songs in four different languages: Spanish, French, Creole, and English.

Who Is Mikaben Haitian Singer Dies After Collapsing on Stage During Concert

Back in 2004, Mikaben came into the limelight after launching a band named, Krezi Mizik, along with David Dipoux, his cousin. Together they released two music albums which was definitely a kickstart for the both. Later, Mikaben started to collaborate with bands including Carimi and T-Vice.

After the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, which ruined the entire place in 2010, Mikaben took a major part of his precious time to visit several orphanages, hospitals, and camps, along with other music artists to bring out the long-lost smile on the victim’s faces by performing for them.

How Did Mikaben Die?

On Saturday, the Nwel Tristes singer was performing as a guest star for the Haitian band, Carimi, at the Accor Arena before a huge crowd in Paris. Shortly after the concert, Mikaben chose to leave the stage but passed out in the middle. Although the singer was given CPR immediately, he could not be revived.

All of a sudden, Carimii singer Michael Guirand announced the “End of the concert. The room must be evacuated and the situation is much more complicated. We need prayers for Mikaben.”

After a brief wait, social media influencer Carel Pedre as well as Franz Duval, the editor of Haiti’s Le Nouvelliste newspaper, broke the tragic news of the singer’s death on Twitter.

Sadly, Mikaben left for the heavenly residence leaving behind his pregnant wife, Vanessa, who is due in December as well as his one-year-old daughter. The singer is also survived by his father, Lionel Pere Noel Benjamin, who is also a musician better known for his Christmas song, Abdanwel.

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Following the untimely death of her husband, Vanessa posted a heartfelt message on social media where she asked his fans and followers to respect her privacy.

“Currently, I am in no condition to talk, I lost my better half and I am speechless,” she penned.

Endless Tributes For the Deceased Singer

Right after the shocking news of Mikaben’s demise was revealed, Twitter went into a frenzy and was flooded with condolence notes and tributes. Apparently, Mikaben’s last on-stage performance undoubtedly was one of the most iconic moments in the history of Haitian music and the singer wrapped his musical life with the song titled, “Ou Pati ” that day. ‘You left literally everything on that stage and left us with a smile,” tweeted a fan.

Who Is Mikaben Haitian Singer Dies After Collapsing on Stage During Concert

Seemingly, Mikaben’s recent post on Instagram has turned itself into a memorandum page, where his friends, fans, and followers are continuously pouring their love.

Haitian lawyer Sarod Bertin Durocher, known better as a beauty pageant contestant, expressed her grief in a short comment where she wrote, “RIP my friend God bless you. I am still in Shock.”

Grammy Award-winning producer cum songwriter, @izyareyoukiddingme wrote, “ Was not expecting this. Rest in peace Mika…”

Singer Roberto Martino was also among the mourners who said, “I am in disbelief. This is someone I have been working with for years and is like a brother, a good friend. We talk almost every day and have a good chat.”

He further added, He was happy and couldn’t wait to get on the stage with Carimi. It was definitely one of the biggest accomplishments of his life. In fact, it was a band that he idolized. I am broken and at a loss for words.”

Grammy-winning artist Walshyfire commented under Mikaben’s last post. “Man Mika. We just spoke yesterday. So much great music we have together. You’re a musical genius. It has been an absolute honor to have known and worked with you.”

He continued, “My love and condolences to his family. Love you brother.”

Another fine chimed in writing, “My God. My God. You went out doing what you loved! Dancing and singing for your fans. I can’t imagine what happened. You look so healthy and fine in the clips you posted. Prayers are up for you and your family at this time. Thank you for sharing your talents with us! You won’t be forgotten. RIP.”
A montage of comments is still being posted by the followers and still 2 days after his death, his near and dear ones are left in disbelief.

Our heartfelt and sincere condolence to Mikaben’s family and friends. May the departed soul rest in peace.

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