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Who Is Lionel Dahmer? All About Jeffrey Dahmer’s Father?

You must have heard about the latest series, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” from your pals and relatives, if not seen it. The series has urged each one of us to recall the notorious serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, better known as the Milwaukee Monster, and his nerve-shaking crimes. 

The docu-series featuring Evan Peters has caused a world of controversy but as Cosmopolitan corrects the true crime series to be more sensational than informative, we can do nothing but nod our heads. 

Well, here is a twist. Today we are not going to brag about what the cannibal did, but what made him do whatsoever he did. While taking such a turn, you and I are equally chomping on every bit to learn about his family, specifically Jeffrey Dahmer’s father, Lionel Dahmer. 

We have a hunch that Jeffrey Dahmer wouldn’t have turned himself into Milwaukee Monster if it wasn’t for his father. But, are we right about our assumption, or was Lionel Dahmer not responsible? Scroll down, for we have gathered everything in our capacity. 

Who is Lionel Dahmer?

Who Is Lionel Dahmer? All About Jeffrey Dahmer's Father?

Throughout Jeffrey Dahmer’s life, he had only a few constants who seem to be suspicious after the broadcast of the docu-series- with one being his biological father, Lionel Dahmer. His story has been featured in the opening episode of the show. 

We can introduce him in a way that says, Lionel Dahmer is the father of the American serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, who ruthlessly dismembered and murdered 17 innocent boys and men, most of them from the gay ethnic community.” 

Jeffrey, who is noticeably gay, displaying his sexual orientation, was never at all supported by Lionel Dahmer, in fact, reports claim Lionel Dahmer to be tough to his son. 

All about Lionel Dahmer

Lionel Dahmer was initially a writer while pursuing his graduation from the University of Wisconsin in 1959. He subsequently acquired a Master of Science from Marquette University in 1962. Four years later, Lionel Dahmer also received an additional degree from Iowa State University in 1966.

Being a student, he served as a research supervisor in analytical chemistry and a senior research chemist at PPG Industries, Barberton. With that being said, it becomes evident where Jeffrey’s medical interest was rooted at. However, little did Lionel Dahmer know that his son was about to use the medical procedures he taught to preserve the organs of his victims, who were about to be killed in a brutal way. 

Due to University studies, Lionel Dahmer was away from home. Unfortunately, Lionel’s wife, Joyce Flint was a hypochondriac and spends most of her time in bed. In 1977, Lionel Dahmer caught his wife red-handed, having an extramarital affair, which ultimately took things to a worse ending. 

As a baby, Jeffrey was never comforted by Joyce, as she was afraid of contracting the ailment she developed.

Who Is Lionel Dahmer? All About Jeffrey Dahmer's Father?

All these years, Jeffrey was barely a teen and used to argue with his parents. Finally, Lionel Dahmer divorced Joyce Dahmer in 1978, and that was a landmark year for his son. It was from then, Jeffrey unmasked himself, revealing his true shades.

Jeffrey Dahmer initially discovered himself getting thrilled while looking at his father removing animal bones from beneath their home. In an interview, Lionel Dahmer revealed that his son was “oddly thrilled” whenever he hears the sounds of bones. Not only that, but Jeffrey was also fond of locating the bones of living animals. 

When Did Lionel Learn About Jeffrey’s Crimes?

Surprisingly, Lionel Dahmer learned the bitter truth about his son along with the rest of the world, when Jeffrey Dahmer was finally caught by the Milwaukee police in July 1991 after a captive managed to escape from the dungeon he created. 

Jeffrey was soon sentenced to 16 years and got moved to Columbia Correctional Institute in Wisconsin. But before he could enjoy the taste of punishment, Jeffrey was killed by a fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver just after 2 years of imprisonment. 

Lionel’s Memoir for Jeffrey Dahmer 

Shortly after the unexpected end of Jeffrey, Lionel Dahmer entered the scene with a memoir, A Father’s Story, which covered every bit he felt while being a father to a son like Jeffrey Dahmer. Although Lionel Dahmer agreed and indeed loved and visited Jeffrey all the while, he was quick to blame himself and others around him for what Jeffrey became. 

Lionel Dahmer even has a doubt if the medicated drugs taken by Joyce while she was pregnant with Jeffrey must have wrongly influenced Jeffrey’s brain as it was directing his things, which was only immoral in its entirety. Well, we are not certain about that, except for one thing about Jeffrey: he was truly a psycho-murderer, who reasoned to the early demise of 17 innocent people, who have been long-forgotten by the world. 

“This is a portrayal of parental dread…the terrible sense that your little boy is spinning in the void, that your child has slipped beyond your grasp, swirling in the storm, and lost,” he penned in the memoir. 

Who Is Lionel Dahmer? All About Jeffrey Dahmer's Father?

Lionel’s Reaction When Jeffrey Dahmer Died

Reportedly, Lionel Dahmer was a regular visitor at the prison as he was stern in meeting his son every day. But Lionel Dahmer seemed relieved when Jeffrey was killed by Christopher Scarver in 1994. 

He cannot either be blamed for being happy about his son’s death. Why would a person exist only to bring curses to his near and dear ones? Attest, Lionel Dahmer must have been relieved that another life would be lost at the hands of his son.

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Does Lionel Dahmer Have Another Son?

In addition to his infamous son, Jeffrey Dahmer, Lionel Dahmer has another son- David- who was not spotted in the light ever since his brother’s spooky crimes were revealed. It is said that David is living somewhere else, with another identity, dodging reality. 

Is Lionel Dahmer Still Alive?

Although Lionel Dahmer was off-screen for quite a time, he is living somewhere with a new family in different surroundings. However, in the Netflix docu-series, actor Richard John is playing the role of the helpless father, Lionel Dahmer. 

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