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A Friend Of The Family Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And More Updates

The upcoming real-life crime miniseries A Friend of the Family is once again depicting the horrific events of Jan Broberg Felt’s youth. Let us expose you to the tragic story of a teenage Jan Broberg for those who don’t know her name or just haven’t watched the Netflix Movie documentary, Abducted in Plain Sight.

Jan Broberg was abducted by a similar person who was a family friend and neighbor, Robert Berchtold, when she was both Twelve and Fourteen years old.

The revelation that Jan’s dad Bob Broberg afterward acknowledged having a love relationship with Berchtold during that time, as reported in Vanity Fair, adds to the previously stunning nature of the incident.

The new show may offer a deeper understanding of all of the factors present at that period and put a spotlight on how a cunning attacker can mislead and enjoy the benefits of a family.

About A Friend Of The Family Release Date, Trailer, Cast

The actual Jan Broberg is a director for the show and has been outspoken about the importance of sharing her experience because it’s normal for attackers to become close with families.

A Friend Of The Family Release Date

In a comment made public in August, she stated: We were just an intelligent, devoted, and supportive family and most importantly we didn’t act foolish or carelessly, so how did this occur in our community where everybody was a friend and we all know each other?

Series A Friend Of The Family
CreatorsNick Antosca
WritersSeth Reiss(screenplay)
Will Tracy(screenplay)
Starsjake Lacy
Anna Pacquin

Colin Hanks
Country of originUnited States
Filming locationsSavannah, Georgia, US
Production companiesEat The Cat
Top Not Films
Universal Content Productions
A Friend Of The Family Release DateOctober 7, 2022

The reality is that the majority of attackers are ones we know who could really foster unique relationships, gain trust, and emotionally distance relatives.

This tale will cause you to talk, scream, grieve, and it will leave you upset.  The authors, performers, designers, filmmakers, and producers, under the direction of Alex Hedlund, Eliza Nick Antosca, and Hittman, have nailed the essence of how great citizens can be used as tools for evil, and also how their offspring can be abused.

Given that so many households have firsthand experience with this kind of violence, the narrative is understandable. Because mysteries thrive in isolation and obscurity, the makers hope that their narrative can spark conversations.

A Friend Of The Family Release Date

The initial three episodes of “A Friend of the Family” will air primarily on Peacock on Thursday, 6th October 2022 in the United States of America. And the succeeding Thursdays will see the broadcast of the season’s remaining episodes until 17th November 2022. While in the United Kingdom, Peacock will air the mini series’ debut on Friday, October 7, 2022.

A Friend Of The Family Plot

The terrifying actual tale of the Broberg household, whose daughter Jan was repeatedly taken hostage over a number of years by a seductive, deranged family “friend,” forms the basis of the movie A Friend of the Family.

A Friend Of The Family Plot

The Brobergs, who were committed to their neighborhood, home, and beliefs, were totally unprepared for the cunning strategies their neighbor employed to take advantage of their weaknesses, push them apart, and influence their kid toward them.

This is the account of just how their livelihoods were drastically changed and how they made it through.

A Friend Of The Family Where To Watch

Originally, the miniseries “A Friend of the Family” will be released on Peacock Network but those who don’t have access to the Peacock platform can also view this mini-series on the NOW Platform and Sky platform.

A Friend Of The Family Cast

Hendrix Yancey and Jake Lacy, who represent a teenage Jan Broberg and her captor Robert “B” Berchtold, correspondingly, serve as the two main characters in this entire narrative, A Friend of the Family.

Yancey has recently appeared in Charming the Hearts of Men and also in the famous series, The Stranger Things. Whereas Being the Ricardos as well as The White Lotus are recent works by Jake Lacy.

A Friend Of A Family Cast

The other important cast mates of A Friend of the Family are listed below, along with the roles you can anticipate them to portray.

True Blood’s Anna Paquin portrays Mary Ann Broberg

Gail Berchtold is played by Vengeance’s Lio Tipton, and Jan Broberg is played by The Handmaid’s Tale’s McKenna Grace.

Austin Stowell of The Old Man movie portraying Pete Welsh

The Offer’s Colin Hanks playing Bob Broberg

Garth Pincock is played by Patrick Fischler of The Rookie.

The Talk On Social Media About A Friend Of The Family

The Netflix documentary “Abducted in Plain Sight” send chills to its audiences and all they were thinking “How can all this happen suddenly” now the following miniseries based on the same incident is coming on Peacock which will clarify the questions of the audience.

The trailer of A friend of the family was quite brilliant and the viewers are looking forward to this upcoming series.

What To Expect From A Friend Of The Family

The upcoming limited series is based on the true experience of the Broberg house where the family’s daughter Jan was repeatedly abducted over a long period of time by a charming, deranged “friend” of the parents.

The Brobergs, whose life was committed to their theology, and revolve around their family, and neighborhood, were totally unprepared for the diabolical approaches their neighbor and friend developed to take advantage of their weaknesses, push them separate, and brainwash their sweet daughter against them, according to the official released synopsis. This is the testimony of how they managed to survive while having their lives radically altered.

The story was previously the subject of the Netflix documentary Abducted in Plain Sight, which we recommend seeing right away if you don’t already know about it in order to be aware of the narrative before indulging further.

A Friend Of The Family Episode Guide

The episode guide for “A friend of the family” has already been released but unfortunately, all the title name of the episodes is yet to be released. The upcoming limited series will have 9 episodes in total which will release every Thursday until November 17th of 2022 but the first three episodes will release on the release date which is 6th October, 2022.

6th October, Episode 1: “Horseback Riding in American Falls”

6th October, Episode 2: To Be Announced

6th October, Episode 3: “The Gift of Tounges”

13th October, Episode 4: “Articles of Faith”

20th October, Episode 5: “The Bitter Cup”

27th October, Episode 6: “Son of Perdition”

3rd November, Episode 7: “The Great Deceiver”

10th November, Episode 8: To Be Announced

17th November, Episode 9: To Be Announced

A Friend Of The Family Trailers In Detail

The trailer gives us a peek of the Brobergs’ ideal life until their new neighbors—who live just two houses away—move in.

The Berchtolds seem upbeat and affable, but as we catch glimpses of Robert and Jan together, we begin to understand how Robert was indeed below his outward personal

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