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DaBaby Claims He Had An Intimate Relationship With Megan Thee Stallion

DaBaby’s Boogeyman is out leaving the street talking. 

In the new track, DaBaby reveals having an intimate relationship with freestyling fame Megan Thee Stallion. The controversy maker is back on track with catchy and hot lyrics, which features the song titled, Boogeyman, where he declares to have had fu***d MTS. 

“I was fu-kin on Megan Thee Stallion, a day before she was shot in the foot by singer Torey Lanez ”, his rap implied. He did not mince his words this time. 

The rapper released his album, Baby on Baby 2 on September 23, Friday, and this one track garnered unmatched attention- well, it was literally an attention seeker, anyway!


DaBaby, 30, asserted MTS to have been shot by Lanez, 30 in 2020 for which he was put on accountability as pleaded not guilty. Lanez’s criminal trial was set to begin this month but has been reportedly pushed back to later 2022. 

Coming to the rap, DaBaby has finally warmed his enemies, stating not to play with him for he was the Boogeyman. He then again warns about his foes, as they will now have to handle him.

Right after yelling at JetsonMad, the producer, the rapper spent not much time but began to scream about the erotic escapades he had with the Grammy Award-winning singer. The duo has previously collaborated together on early hits like, “Cry Baby” and “Cash S***”. Aside from those, MTS was also featured in his song, “Nasty.”

However, Megan has not so far denied or agreed to DaBaby’s public encounter. She is currently in preparation to perform on Saturday Night Live, sometime in October.

The endearing song was released weeks after DaBaby’s concert got canceled because of the lowest ticket sales. On September 2, he was supposed to share the stage with Showtek, alongside NoCap, at the Smoothie King Centre in New Orleans. When compared to the capacity of the venue, only a small percentage of seats were booked for the show, ultimately leading to its cancellation. 

Meanwhile, DaBaby’s agency entered the scene, turning the arrow, saying they canceled the show but they did so because Pulver and Sylvester allegedly got in breach of contract, which was undeniable at any cost, yet they managed to deny the allegations.

“DaBaby’s upcoming show at New Orleans was pulled by his team as the show’s promoter itself was engaged in a breach of contract,” professed the CEO of the bookers’ MAC Agency. 

DaBaby’s Boogeyman

To prove themselves, Lieber promised the hip-hop fans that their favorite, DaBaby would return to New Orleans to make up for them, denying the low ticket sale claimed by the promoters, to its entirety. 

The promoters of the concert, 70/30, and Clear Bizness Entertainment held DaBaby and his team for pulling the plug on the show. However, they came up with an announcement claiming several business matters as the reason for rescheduling the event. 

“We have jointly decided to postpone, and that was definitely in our best interest,” asserted the promoters Greg Pulver, 7th Ward Shorty, and Sylvester. 

The rapper emerged as a star when he received an opportunity to start his own imprint, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment followed by his 2019 hit. That year, he made a total of 22 entries to the Billboard Top 100 Charts, creating history. 

In July 2021, at the Rolling Loud Miami music festival, DaBaby made homophobic comments and remarked people with HIV as well. Following that, he tried to patch up and save his declining career, arranging several meetings with LGBTQ and HIV advocacy groups. However, his efforts ended up in vain as it was overshadowed by various other outbreaks of violence. 

His partner, who was also a mother to his 3-year-old daughter, slammed him for calling the law enforcement on DaniLeigh. After a couple of months, the police investigated DaBaby’s North Carolina home after being reported of a shooting. 

As per the statement shared by the Troutman Police Department on the internet, they found a subject at his home, suffering from a not-so-serious gunshot. 

Initially, he was involved in a deadly shooting in 2018 at a North Carolina Walmart, where a man intervened to rob him when the rapper was shopping with his children. However, he insisted to have not shot Jalyn Craig,19, who was found dead at the store. 

DaBaby was then charged for keeping an unauthorized weapon, whereas a charge was initially taken over him for murdering the teen. Following that, he was imprisoned for 30 days and was punished with 12 months of unsupervised probation. 

Later in 2020, DaBaby was again involved in legal trouble, but this time, literally massive trouble. He was detained in custody in Miami, for allegedly robbing a promoter who owed him money. During the investigation, they found a pending case on the rapper regarding a battery charge which was filed in Texas. 

Recently, he was also found slapping a female fan, who was trying her best to click a selfie with him. Later that incident, he wrote on Instagram, that he would have done the same, despite any gender preferences.

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