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Will There Be One Punch Man Season 3?

One Punch Man is a Japanese series that combines action, comedy, and superhero elements. It is a manga-based series that is written by and published by One. However, the anime television series is written by Tomohiro Suzuki.

One Punch Man Season 1 and Season 2 of the series were directed by Shingo Natsume and Chikara Sakurai, respectively. The series is produced by Chinatsu Matsui, Nobuyuki Hosoya, Keita Kodama, Ayuri Taguchi, and Sota Sato. The music for the series is given by Makoto Miyazaki.

Is One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date Confirmed?

The series One Punch Man is aired on the Japanese network TV Tokyo and is also aired on English networks, Animax Aisa and Adult Swim. The manga-based series has also been made into a couple of video games, such as One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.

The anime series first premiered in December of 2012, and the second season of the anime series came out in 2019, which was three years ago. After a long wait, fans are finally getting the third season of the series, as announced by the makers of the series along with a graphic design by graphic designer Chikashi Kubota, which features Saitama and Garou.

One Punch Man season 3 Release date

As of now, the show is currently in production, and no official synopsis or any sneak peek has been released by the makers. Not much information has been shared by the makers about the upcoming season of the manga-based Japanese series, which has left fans anticipating what season three will be about.

SeriesOne Punch Man Season 3

CreatorsSeason 1: Shingo Natsume
Season 2: Chikara Sakurai
StarsKaito Ishikawa
Makoto Furukawa
Shouta Yamamoto
Countries of originJapan
LanguageEnglish, Japanese
One Punch Man Season 3 Release date2023 

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

It has been more than three years since the last season, which was the second season, came out, and ever since, fans have been eagerly waiting for the upcoming season and are really excited about it. However, it was recently announced on the official One Punch Man series website that the production of the series has started.

However, no official release date was announced by them. It is being reported that it is highly unlikely that fans will get to watch the upcoming season this year, and it is expected to hit the small screen in the coming year, 2023.

One Punch Man Season 3 Plot

The manga-based Japanese series, One-Punch Man, written by One, revolves around the life of a superhero, Saitama, who is trained enough to beat his enemy with just a single punch. Being the only person with this special talent makes him feel empty.

Therefore, he starts looking for a person who has the ability to challenge him and give him a good fight. Saitama starts mentoring Genos, a cyborg who is on the roll to take revenge on another cyborg who killed Genos’ family and wrecked his hometown.

Saitama and Genos then join an association in order to fight against evil and save the lives of the people of their hometown. Both Saitama and Genos went through a lot of ups and downs together, but still did not step down and continued fighting their opponents.

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One Punch Man Season 3 Where To Watch  

Season three of the Japanese series One-Punch Man will be available for the audience to watch on their small screen on the Japanese network “TV Tokyo“. However, fans who do not understand the Japanese language and are big fans of the anime will be able to watch it in English on the English network, including Animax Asia and Adult Swim.

As of now, it is not known what other online streaming platforms and websites the series will be available for the audience to watch in the upcoming season. The show may be available on the online streaming platforms Hulu in the US, Tubi in Canada, and Crunchyroll in Europe.

One Punch Man Cast

The cast of the series includes:

  • Kaito Ishikawa (will voice the character of Genos)
  • Makoto Furukawa (will voice the character of Saitama)
  • Shouta Yamamoto (will voice the character of Armored Gorilla)
  • Kenjirou Tsuda (will voice the character of Atomic Samurai)
  • Kazuhiro Yamaji (will voice the character of Bang)
  • Hiromichi Tezuka (will voice the character of Battery Man)
  • Shouta Yamamoto (will voice the character of Bearded worker)
  • Jirou Saitou (will voice the character of Beast King)
  • Youji Ueda (will voice the character of Bespectacled Worker)
  • Yoshiaki  Hasegawa (will voice the character of Blue fire)
  • Tesshou Genda (will voice the character of Bofoy)
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa (will voice the character of Boros)
  • Unshou Ishizuka (will voice the character of Carnage Kabuto)
  • Toshiki Masuda (will voice the character of Charanko)
  • Minami Takayama (will voice the character of Child Emperor)
  • Yukitoshi Tokumoto (will voice the character of Crabrante)
  • Rikiya Koyama (will voice the character of Deep Sea King)
  • Daisuke Namikawa (will voice the character of Dr. Genius)
  • Kenichi Ogata (will voice the character of Dr, Kuseno)
  • Youji Ueda (will voice the character of Drive Knight)
One Punch Man Season 3 cast

Social Media Talk About One Punch Man Season 3

Ever since the news of the ongoing production of the upcoming season of the anime series was announced along with the artwork shared by Chikashi Kubota, fans have been eagerly waiting for the makers to reveal more about the upcoming season. The audience is speculating and making fan posters and is sharing their thoughts about what they are expecting from the third season, considering the ending of the second season premiered back in 2019.

What To Expect From One Punch Man Season 3?

Although no official synopsis or plot of the upcoming season has been revealed, fans are even speculating that the upcoming season will mainly revolve around the fight between the two associations, the Hero Association and the Monster Association. The main lead of the season is expected to be Orochi, the Monster King, and Saitama is expected to have a supporting role. Fans can also expect some savage fight battles between the Heroes of S-Class and the top members of the Monster Association. The upcoming season is expected to have more drama as well as high-intensity action, which will be an interesting watch for the audience.

One Punch Man Season 3 Episode Guide

As of now, the makers of the series have not yet released the official episode guide for the upcoming third season of the series, but the season is expected to have about 12 episodes, as in the previous seasons. The average length of each episode is expected to be about twenty-two minutes. The original language of the series is Japanese, but many dubbed versions may be available to watch.

One Punch Man Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for the third season of the series “One-Punch Man” has not been released yet by the makers since the series is still under production.

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