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Kalani David Death: Professional Surfer and Skateboarder, Dies After Seizure While Surfing

Professional surfer, Kalani David has woefully passed away, suffering from a massive seizure while being in the waters of Costa Rica on Saturday.

The skateboarder and the former Hawaiian champ, Kalani David had a tragic death on Saturday while surfing off Costa Rica, at the age of 24.

Kalani David Dies at Age of 24 in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation Agency reported to the Associated Press that David drowned after apparently experiencing some kind of epileptic seizure while surfing. The death is currently under investigation. 

Kalani David Death: Professional Surfer and Skateboarder, Dies After Seizure While Surfing

AP revealed that the deceased was however diagnosed with a heart condition, Wolff-Parkinson-White, which is capable of causing seizures as well as cardiac arrest. According to the Men’s Journal article, David underwent a medical procedure to help curtail the seizures. 

Another exposure was made by Alexander Haro, who revealed that David had previously had a seizure in August 2016 and was even placed into an induced medical coma for a couple of days following the second seizure in December of the same year. 

A few years back, while David was skating with Max Jenson, Travisrivera, and Tone Chapo, he went into a sudden seizure and fell on his face, waking up in the ambulance. Until he reached the hospital, he experienced three more seizures. On Instagram, he posted about the incident and expressed his gratitude for being alive. 

Kalani David Death: Professional Surfer and Skateboarder, Dies After Seizure While Surfing

In June, David uploaded a snap of himself surfing with tubes attached and wrote, “ My neurologist has told me not to surf or drive until I get rid of teh seizures, I mean I could surf for sure, but if I get a seizure and do not get saved in time, I will either be dead or be a vegetable since my brain lacks enough air to sustain”.

“ I keep on getting lucky as I experience multiple seizures in two months, one while driving and the other one while surfing. Angels must have been watching over me cause Idk how I can be so lucky to dodge thru these. It is high time to get things in order. “

Kelly Slater, the iconic surfer on social media referred to him as one of the most talented skaters or surfers in the world. She also shared her condolences to the family after noting down her pride in saying that David had been on every beach around the whole world. 

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Andrea, David’s mother, launched a GoFundMe on Sunday, for collecting enough funds to transfer David’s body back to the United States, only to bury him close to his grandfather in Florida. On the site, she said that her son has been waiting for ehr at a morgue in Costa Rica. 

She further added, “ Kalani deserved much more than what I actually gave him and although I don’t feel like asking, I will do it for my son. I don’t want Kalani to end up in a jar or on the water, which wouldn’t be a fit for my son”.

Andrea also revealed her true intention behind the fund, when she said, “ I want him to be in a place where people can visit him whenever they want, and talk to him, believing he is listening.” 

“ Kalani, I love you! Without you, the world is never going to be the same”.

Not only his mother, but his younger brother Keoni has also shared a tribute to David in his Instagram story, recently. “ I will miss you Kalani, for you are the best brother I could ever long for”.

In 2021, Keoni was seen sharing a photo with David, coupled with a caption that read, “it’s unbelievable how five years have gone by since I left for Australia while my brother was surfing his life. Memories are extra fun when they are also meaningful.”

David was an accomplished worldwide competitor in both sports, highlighting his multi-sport ability in the X Games profile from a very young age. In other words, David was a seasoned veteran aged 14, as he had mastered surfing and skating by then. 

At that time, David was a record winner as he won gold as a team and also as an individual at the Junior Surfing Championship in Panama in 2012.  After the game, he was interviewed and when asked about his preference for both skating and surfing, David replied, “ If I ever had to choose between, life or death, and if it was regarding surfing and skating, I would happily go for death.”

His Instagram profile itself has a bunch of impressive skating and surfing clips, with the latest one being posted 3 weeks ago, skateboarding after pulling up several tricks and tactics. 

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