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The Masked Singer Season 8 Release Date, Trailer & About New Format!

The Masked Singer is a reality singing competition television series in the United States based on the South Korean television program King of Mask Singer. The eighth season of “The Masked Singer” is going to premiere on Fox like its other seasons too.

The episodes of every season range between 10 – 13 but season 2 had 17 episodes because of its huge success. Therefore, after the success of The Masked Singer Season 3, they also released an aftershow which is named “The Masked Singer- After the Mask” which had 4 great episodes.

The Masked Singer Season 8 Release Date & How To Watch?

In this show, anonymous celebrities sing songs in full-body costumes. Various celebrities perform famous songs in front of panelists and studio audiences.

The Masked Singer Season 8

When they are done with the singing, the panelists and studio audience give voting for each celebrity without knowing who they are and the celebrity with the least votes gets eliminated while whoever gets the maximum votes wins and then they reveal their real identity by taking off their masks and costumes. 

The Masked Singer Reveals New Format For Season 8

The executive producer Craig Plestis and one of the panelists – Robin Thicke, revealed about The Masked Singer Season 8 on May 16, 2022, just before the release of the final episode of the seventh season, and says that it is already in production. And soon after it was announced that Season 8 will premiere on September 21, 2022.

The average run length of each episode of the show is about forty-three minutes but sometimes double-length episodes are also released. The Masked Singer Season 8 average run length is expected to be the same as in previous seasons. The total number of contestants going to be in Season 8 who will be fighting for the Golden Mask trophy is 22.

Series NameThe Masked Singer
GenreGame-Show, Music, Reality-TV
DirectorAlex Rudzinski
Alex Van Wagner
WriterJensen Karp
Brian Strickland
ProducersSmart Dog Media
Fox Alternative Entertainment
ComposerRobin Thicke
Country of OriginUnited States
Original LanguageEnglish
Number of Seasons8
First Episode DateJanuary 2, 2019
Final Episode Date18 May 2022
Upcoming Season Release Date21 September 2022
Episodes in Upcoming Season2
Main CharactersSelf – Panelist
Self – Dancer

Self-Security Guard
Main CastJenny McCarthy-Wahlberg
Ken Jeong
Nicole Scherzinger
Where to WatchFox

The Masked Singer Season 8 Release Date

The Masked Singer Season 8 is all set to premiere on 21 September 2022 on Fox. We are expecting that this season will also be judged by television personality Jenny McCarthy, comedian Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger who is a singer and actress and singer-songwriter and record producer Robin Thicke.

Most probably Nick Cannon is going to host the show but it’s not fully confirmed as he’s going to have his tenth and eleventh kid in 2022 with Abby de la Rosa who is the mother of his twins who were born in 2021 and is expecting delivery in the month of October and with Brittany Bell too.

Apart from the panelists and host, some really famous celebrities will also make an appearance in the show. One of the new and most exciting things about this season is that there will be an actual breathing and living goat who will be delivering the clues.

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The Masked Singer Season 8 Plot

The Masked Singer Season 8 is not going to be the same as its previous seasons. Thus, the makers have promised that this time it’s going to be more wacky and great. They also mentioned the network with which they are playing and the outcome will be such a blockbuster that everybody will see for the first time.

The format of The Masked Singer Season 8 is also changed in order to keep viewers on their toes and make them more excited. 

In this season, there will be a new method of elimination called king and queen elimination. Only one contestant will be crowned as king and queen in each episode and they will move forwards in the next round.

After conducting the votes of panelists and studio audience, the celebrity with the least votes will have to leave the show by unmasking themselves in mid-show followed by another after the battle royale round. After all this, the last 3 people after each round will compete with each other to win. 

Where To Watch The Masked Singer Season 8?

You can watch the Masked Singer Season 8 on Fox at 8 pm every Wednesday from 21 September 2022. Due to any reasons, if you miss the episode of that day on which it was aired then you can watch it on Tubi, FOX NOW, FOX Entertainment’s streaming platform, and Hulu

The Masked Singer Season 8 Cast

The cast of the show comprises a host, 4 panelists, and contestants. The show is hosted by Nick Cannon and the panelists of the show are singer-songwriter Robin Thicke, comedian Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger who is a recording artist, and the radio personality- Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg.

The Masked Singer Season 8 Cast

Some other guests who will be appearing throughout the season include Carrot Top, Will Arnett (who is a contestant in season 1 of Tori Spelling), Lance Bass, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sheila E, Joel McHale, Danielle Fishel, Jodie Sweetin, Jon Lovitz, Leslie Jordan, and The Muppets. The information about the new contestants is not revealed yet. 

Social Media Talk On The Masked Singer Season 8

There are mixed opinions of viewers about the new season of the show. Some are happy and excited because of the new format of the show and the elements which are going to be there in the show for the very first time.

A lot of viewers are dissatisfied as the golden ear trophy and first impressions concept is discontinued. But by seeing the craze of people for the new season, it seems like it’s going to be a hit. 

What To Expect From The Masked Singer Season 8?

There are a lot of expectations from the masked singer season 8 as the format this time has totally shaken up. There will be no golden ear trophies and first impressions from the judges which will surely be missed by the viewers. But the new elements which are going to be in the new episodes will be loved by the viewers even more.

The makers have introduced the new elimination method. This season also includes theme nights which will be a very fun twist. It will influence the costume choices, song choices, set designs and even the clues. Some of the finalised themes are “Vegas Night”, ” TV Themes”, “Thanksgiving”, “Friday Night”, “Comedy Roasts”, “Andrew Lloyd Webber Night”, “Muppet Night”, “90s Night”, and “Hall of Fame”. In addition to it, you will see each mask every week. 

The Masked Singer Season 8 Episode Guide

Season 8, Episode 1: A Royal Season Premiere

Season 8, Episode 2: Vegas Night

Till now about only 2 episodes details are out. Right now, no information is available about the rest of the episodes. The average running length of each episode is expected to be 43 minutes. 

The Masked Singer Season 8 Trailers

The Masked Singer Season 8 trailer is yet not released but the preview has been released. In the preview, all the judges are shown and a glimpse of the magnificent performances of the anonymous celebs are shown. The concept of new themes, new costumes, and clues are depicted.

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