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Moneybagg Yo And Ari Fletcher Are Expecting Their First Child?!!

The central focus of the internet across the globe is to confirm the pregnancy news of Ari Fletcher. One of the famous CMG Rapper’s posts is a prominent topic of discussion. He happened to post a picture of a pregnant lady who was seen wearing a gold Rolex watch and a big diamond ring.

With this petite information, people across the world have started to come up with their speculations that the woman in that picture is Ari Fletcher. 

Speculations are abundant in social media, but even Moneybagg Yo hasn’t revealed or confirmed the identity. According to sources, they both broke up recently, and this out-of-the-blue pregnancy news is indeed a surprise for fans across the world. 

Why Is Ari Fletcher Name The Real Kyle Sister?

They both commenced their dating life in 2019 and they broke up recently because of some irreconcilable differences. They both haven’t spoken about the reason behind their break up and with mutual respect, they decided to part ways. But everything is now in a crippled state and people are in a befuddled state when they happen to see Moneybagg accompanying her at the launch of the make-up line.

 Ari Fletcher Pregnancy

When they were spotted together, speculation of once again they might have reconciled their relationship was the topic of discussion. But later Moneybagg stated his opinion that the reason behind this is just a matter of pure friendship and nothing more. He was just being a good friend who supports the other and there is no sort of reconciliation because we never parted ways as good friends. 

After all these explanations, Ari’s tweet accentuated that they both are no longer in a committed healthy love relationship but only good friends. She also stated that she is currently single and she is too focused on her life and indulging in various activities that could help her to find peace of mind and salvation.

The repossession of the Lamborghini truck which was a birthday gift by Moneybagg accentuated how their relationship has gone too far and the public speculated that the couple’s life has deteriorated and its impoverished condition is beyond repair. 

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Both Moneybagg and Ari haven’t given a proper statement about their current relationship status but they were going through a rough patch in their relationship when Moneybagg was allegedly spotted with another girl while traveling to Columbia. 

But things turned pretty awkward when people dragged another name into this conundrum. The location in that photo was the same place when Ari was spotted as with Meek Mill. umpteen comments regarding this was all over the internet and frustrated Meek Mill responded to the suggestive post that “ Take this cap down… and I don’t mind immediately follow up on n***s old ladies that’s good wit me….it’s a million women outchea and it’s fashion week chilllll”. 

Well, this counter reply of Meek seems a little derogatory when it comes to women but still Meek has ruthlessly denied the allegations. But the fans were relentless about this anonymous pregnant woman and they scrutinised the picture and made false conclusions that the gigantic diamond ring that is vividly depicted in that photograph belonged to Ari.

That ring was gifted by Moneybagg in February and other than that the red tattoo is also identified as she also has a red tattoo on her hand. 

Arianna Fletcher is an astounding American model who has managed to score a plethora of fans across the globe with her charming alluring beauty. She is the strongest cofounder of KYCHE Extensions. Her net worth is estimated at approximately $6 Million to $7 Million.

Fletcher was born on July 12, 1995, and she grew up in Chicago and owns American citizenship but an African-American descent. Fletcher has two siblings named Kyle and Ashley. She shared a special connection with her brother Kyle and he was her confidant.

The unexpected death of her lovable brother devastated her life and she couldn’t even complete her studies. In the name of immaculate love for her brother, she renamed her social media profile name as ‘Kyle Sister’ and even got a tattoo on her left hand with her brother’s name. 

She doesn’t have a proper well-rounded childhood because of her father. She was pretty much estranged from him because of his recalcitrant attitude.

Moneybagg Yo originally known as DeMario DeWayne White Jr a riveting American rapper was born on September 22, 1991, in South Memphis, Tennessee. He has been signed as Yo Gotti’s record label ‘Collective Music Group’ rapper and this title has given him much recognition. His highly acclaimed third album ‘Time Served’ at number 3 on the Billboard 200. His compilation album which was released in 2018, ‘Moneybagg Yo Presents: NLess Ent x Bread Gang’ got a wider reach. 

Moneybagg has attained massive growth in his career and he is the father of eight children, with four sons and four daughters. His dating life is quite crazy and Megan Thee Stallion, one of his fellow rappers, was his girlfriend for a brief period. After that, he ran into Ari Fletcher and after they broke up he is now dating Poison Ivy, his son’s mother. His net worth is estimated at $6 Million. 

Meek Mill is also one among the deadly talented American Rapper, and songwriters who have a wealth estimated at $20 Million. Robert Rahmeek Williams is popularly and professionally known by the name Meek Mill. He was born on May 6, 1987, in Pennsylvania. The history of his family is quite not happy as his father was murdered for a case of robbery and his mother was the breadwinner of the family. ‘Flamerz’ released in 2007 was the milestone in his career which garnered him attention and fame. 

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