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The Son Release Date Revealed! What To Expect?

Florian Zeller has showcased his amazing talent in the movie “The Father” and he is coming back with another potential hit based on the play Le Fils which is a part of the trilogy which also includes Le Pere and The Mother. The Son release date has been set and the movie is going to have a limited theatrical release on November 11, 2022.

The Son Release Date, Trailer, Plot, And Where To Watch!

The movie is titled “The Son.” The genre associated with this upcoming film is drama and the film is also going to have a stellar cast.

The Son plot is going to revolve around a broken family and the consequences the family members face throughout. The Son’s release date has been officially announced and it’s going to be available in the theatres for the audience to watch soon. Further in this article, we will get to know more about The Son Cast, streaming, trailer, and more.

The Son 2022

The Son: What We Know So Far!

The Son upcoming drama film directed by Florian Zeller is inspired by his 2018 play Le Fils and is going to be released soon. The production companies of the film include Film4, Ingenious Media, See-Saw Films, and a few more.

NameThe Son
Directed ByFlorian Zeller
CastVanessa Kirby
Hugh Jackman
Anthony Hopkins
Release Date11 November 2022

The movie is going to be distributed by the famous Sony Pictures Classics and will have a world premiere at the upcoming Venice International Film Festival before its theatrical release. The drama movie is also going to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Son release date has been set and the movie is going to have a limited theatrical release on November 11, 2022. The Son cast will include very famous and talented actors like Anthony Hopkins who was also a part of the movie “The Father” which was directed by Florian Zeller.

The Son Release Date

As mentioned earlier The Son’s release date has been officially set and the movie is going to be available to watch in the theatres on November 11, 2022, but before this release, it is also going to premiere at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on September 7, 2022.

In the same month, it is also going to be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. From the look of it, the upcoming film The Son has an intensely dramatic and emotional story that revolves around a family that has been broken and how every member of it has their own personal struggles.

“The Father” which is also directed by Florian Zeller too had a deep impact on the audience because of the intense performance of its actors. More information about the movie will be out around its release date. The stirring family drama will soon be available to watch for the audience in the theatres.

The Son Plot  

The Son plot is going to revolve around a teenage boy Nicholas who went through his parents’ divorce at a young age. The feeble mind of the teenage boy decides that he no longer wants to stay with his mother and hence decided to move in with his father who has a new separate family of his own and has moved on significantly. His father also has a new baby and the arrival of his child from his previous marriage shakes the dynamic of his life drastically.

Nicholas’s father is seen trying to make ends meet as he deals with his past and present and the storyline beautifully depicts the intensity of the consequences of a broken family. Nicholas’s father tries to correct the mistakes he has made in the past while trying to make a bond between him and his son. While doing all of this he must also take care of his career, his new partner, and their new baby.

Where To Watch The Son  

As mentioned earlier, The Son release date has been officially announced, and before that The Son streaming will take place at the Venice International Film Festival as well as the Toronto International Film Festival.

Both these festivals are going to take place in the month of September. After that, the movie is going to be officially available for the audience to watch in the theatres near them on November 11, 2022. This upcoming drama film is going to include some extremely talented actors and has a very intense storyline revolving around family drama.

The Son is going to have a limited theatrical release and will later, most probably be available on other streaming platforms for viewers to watch. No information about that has been revealed yet and that will mostly happen after the movie has served its time in the theatres.

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The Son Cast

The Son cast includes some great talented actors and they are listed below.

  • Hugh Jackman is going to be playing the character of Peter.
  • Laura Dern is going to be playing the character of Kate.
  • Vanessa Kirby is going to be playing the character of Beth.
  • Zen McGrath will be playing the character of Nicholas.
  • George Cobell will be playing the character of young Nicholas.
  • William Hope is going to play the character of Andrew.
  • Akie Kotaba is going to be playing the character of Mr. Yama.

Among other actors, the movie is also going to include the famous Anthony Hopkins and Hugh Quarshie.

The Talk On Social Media About The Son

The upcoming drama film The Son has created quite the hype among the audience and they have taken to social media to express how they feel about this movie. the movie is trending with the “#TheSon” on Twitter and the fans have expressed how excited they are to see what this movie will bring to the table.

Since the movie is inspired by the trilogy which also inspired the movie “The Father”, fans are excited to feel the intense emotions of the storyline. They are greatly looking forward to seeing Hugh Jackman and Anthony Hopkins work together and are hoping that Florian Zeller is able to maintain the standard he has set previously with the content that he has provided.

The fans also said that they are thankful for movies that depict family dramas because they hit home.

What To Expect From The Son?

After gathering all the information that is available about the upcoming film The Son, it is only fair that we expect great things from the movie. The movie is going to be full of family drama that will showcase all sorts of emotions including guilt, love, betrayal, helplessness, and more.

Florian Zeller is an extremely talented director who has provided the audience with “The Father” which had a remarkable performance by all of its actors. The Son cast also includes a bunch of extremely talented actors and hence we can expect the story to be depicted beautifully.

The Son Trailers

The Son trailer is released in the form of a short teaser which gives us a glimpse of the movie. the teaser begins with Peter (Hugh Jackman) telling Kate(Laura Dern) that she can’t show up whenever she wants and later asks her if something was wrong.

After that peter is seen mentioning that his and Kate’s son Nicholas has come to live with him and his new partner Beth and that he is fragile but is getting better. A glimpse of Anthony Hopkins is also seen as the trailer continues. With intense emotional music in the background, Kate mentions that Nicholas is a little different from others and that she feels like a failure.

Beth is seen having trouble with Peter’s son and Nicholas feels like Beth is creating a rift between him and his father. Peter is later seen struggling with his situation and the teaser looks promising.

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