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Dominaria United Release Date, Storyline, Trailer & More Updates!

Dominaria United is a game designed by, Richard Garfield. The third Standard Magic: The Gathering set of the year is Dominaria United. It will bring more high-fantasy Magic to the tabletop and promises multiverse-shattering levels as it returns to the eponymous plane of Dominaria, which has been the location for some of the largest storylines in MTG mythology.

Dominaria United Release Date, Story Line, And What To Expect?

Dominaria United, however, is not just any expansion pack; it also commemorates the 30th birthday of the trading card game. And the location feels appropriate. Liliana Vess, Nicol Bolas, and Urza, some of the game’s most recognizable characters, may all be found in Dominaria, which was the first plane explored in MTG.

Dominaria United

It serves as the center of the Magic Multiverse and frequently serves as the setting for major world events and Planeswalker subplots. Dominaria United, the first installment of a four-part tale arc “where the fate of Dominaria—and the Multiverse—is set to unravel,” seems to be the beginning of a new one. It appears that Phyrexia’s vicious robots are about to launch an assault.

How Many Commander Decks In Dominaria United?

A high fantasy dimension provided the backdrop for the conflicts between giants of magic and planeswalkers thirty years ago. The crack of spellcasting could be heard throughout the gorgeous landscapes that were home to elves, goblins, dragons, and angels. The rich depth of stories that might be presented was just beginning to become apparent; it was evocative and enticing.

After all, Dominaria served as the iconic backdrop for the first Magic game, which debuted roughly 30 years ago.

Even while Magic has currently been present on other distant worlds in the Multiverse, each of which is a fantastical locale in its own right, Dominaria has always been its home. Dominaria United, release date is on September 9, 2022, marks the return of Magic for our 30th anniversary and the beginning of our most recent story arc.

NameDominaria United
DevelopmentIan Duke (co-lead)
Erik Lauer (co-lead)
Mark Gottlieb
Art directionZack Stella 
Tom Jenkot 
Sarah Wassell 
Release dateSeptember 9, 2022

Dominaria United Release Date

The release timeline for Dominaria United will be the same as that for all other current standard MTG sets. This indicates that Dominaria United release date will take place one week prior to the set’s actual international release.

Dominaria United will also go live early on MTG’s digital clients, for better or worse. Even while Magic has currently been present on other distant worlds in the Multiverse, each of which is a fantastical locale in its own right, Dominaria has always been its home. Dominaria United, which debuts on September 9, 2022, marks the return of Magic for our 30th anniversary and the beginning of our most recent story arc.

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Dominaria United Storyline

The history of Dominaria United begins on the realm of Dominaria, where Magic’s tale first began. The primary story arc is reported to run across four sets, where the ultimate mysteries and the fate of the plane—as well as the Multiverse—will be revealed. Little is known about the specifics or plot, though.

Dominaria United spoilers found on Lore’s different pages:

On Chandra Nalaar’s page, one can possibly find the spoiler for Dominaria United that is most significant. Here, Jaya was killed by a Completed Ajani. This information can be found near the conclusion of the Torch of Defiance section.

Aside from that, these visual spoilers do an excellent job of explaining Chandra’s history while also introducing her personality, the events that led to them, and her Planeswalker Prowess.

Dominaria United Plot

Significant spoilers are also contained on Liliana Vess’ Planeswalker page. First off, we now understand that Dominaria is currently the target of another Phyrexian invasion. Although a Phyrexian Sleeper Agent was revealed in yesterday night’s webcast, which gave us hints about it, this proves that it is a full-scale invasion.

Unbelievably, this isn’t the spoiler that is most obvious on the page. The Raven Man plays a big part in Liliana’s past. Liliana’s transformation into the person she is today was significantly influenced by the repeated manipulation she experienced from this man in the background. Well, Lim-Dul has now been identified as The Raven Man. 

Other information obtained from these spoilers is significantly more sparse, and some of the highlighted passages may make the reader wonder why they were highlighted. The invasion tree on Kaldheim’s Realmbreaker has been discussed.

Even though this is a less significant feature, it might be what Vorinclex was searching for on Kaldheim. Otherwise, Emrakul embedding herself into the moon on Innistrad is thoroughly detailed on the Eldrazi page. This is quite concerning and could portend a future issue:

This is just inaccurate. I’m lacking, unfulfilled, and inchoate. Instead of bare resentment, there ought to be petals. The ground was inhospitable. My time is not now. No, not yet. Although the meaning of this remark is unknown, it is horrifying nonetheless.

Where To Get Dominaria United?

Dominaria United is a card-based game and can be purchased from Amazon from September 9, 2022. Dominaria United pre-order is available and can be booked on amazon right now. The Amazon item contains 40 basic land cards (20 foil + 20 nonfoil), 8 Dominaria United Set Boosters, 1 foil alt-art promo card, a Spindown life counter, and a card storage box. It is a deck filled with MTG legends and heroes and makes one return to Magic’s home world.

The Dominaria United card list is available in four Commander decks, the Dominaria United Bundle, standard 16-card Draft Boosters (of which one is a marketing card), Collector Boosters, Set Boosters, and Set Boosters. Karn is portrayed in the artwork for the Draft Boosters. Ajani Goldmane is portrayed in the artwork on the Set Boosters, whereas Braids is portrayed in the artwork on the Collector Boosters.

Wizards replace the Theme Boosters with set-related Jumpstart Boosters in this set. Dominaria United Jumpstart packets include cards from the set, including as a rare or mythic rare, two foil basic lands, and a mechanically special rare made specifically for the Jumpstart pack. There are ten various themes.

What To Expect From Dominaria United?

Dominaria United has 281 cards, including premium copies of each card that are inserted at random. Each Set, Draft, and Collector booster has a legendary card that features a cast of well-known legends and characters that devoted fans will be familiar with.

The collection contains more than 40 legendary creatures. Five full-art “stained-glass” basic lands by Magali Villeneuve are included in the standard cards. [10] A different card number than the original is used in alternate card frames. The theme will be the first of four that make up a significant, climactic plot that will bring back prominent old characters like Ajani, Karn, and Pia Nalar.

Card previews will start in earnest on August 18th, two days after the story starts to unfold on August 10. To provide players with a preview of what to expect, five rare and mythic cards were displayed. They didn’t have any novel mechanics, however, one red Mana sorcery, Temporal Firestorm, included a kicker (an extra fee player can incur when casting in exchange for a bonus benefit).

Pia and the time mage Teferi are shown combining their Planeswalker magics to devastating effect in the artwork, which probably alluded to additional multicolored team-ups in the set. Another one of the Dominaria United leaks confirms that Phyrexia, one of the game’s more established foes, has made a comeback. Kicker, an established stalwart, is the only non-evergreen Dominaria United mechanic that will certainly be featured

Dominaria United Trailer

Dominaria United sneak peek by Magic: the gathering

While there were no new gameplay elements shown in the sneak peek, there were several intriguing art choices, redesigned characters, and some of the most beautiful environments ever seen. 

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