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Will There Be A Moon Knight Season 2?

Adapted from the Marvel Graphic Novels with the same-named superhero, Moon Knight is an American television tv series produced by Jeremy Slater for the streaming platform Disney+.

The series is the sixth Marvel Cinematic Universe television show to be created by Marvel Studios and follows the same timeline as the franchise’s movies. 

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date! What To Expect?

The Moon Knight series follows the story of Marc Spector and Steven Grant as they become involved in a riddle concerning Egyptian gods.

Steven Grant and Marc Spector are two alter of a guy with DID (dissociative identity disorder). Isaac Slater is the production’s head writer, and Mohamed Diab is in charge of producing.

Moon Knight Season 2

The first episode of Moon Knight, which debuted on 30th March 2022, lasted six episodes and ended on May 4. The show got favorable reviews, with particular attention paid to the acting (especially that of Isaac, Hawke, and Calamawy), the deeper tone in comparison to other Marvel productions, and its depiction of identity disorder.

How Many Episodes Will Moon Knight Season 2 Have?

In the year 2019 of August, the series, Moon Knight Season 1 was announced and the chief writer, Slater was appointed. Whereas, Mohamed Diab was hired in October 2020 exactly after a year, to manage the production of the four episodes of the series. And the rest of the two episodes were supervised by the duo who are Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson. 

At that moment, Isaac was set to play the lead; he employed several accents to distinguish between Spector’s multiple personalities. During the month of April to October 2021, Budapest was the main location for production, along with Slovenia, Jordan, and Georgia (mainly in Atlanta).

When the series was released, it was given the tag of limited series which certainly means only one season but we think that has changed. We say this because a tweet from the series’ official account was released where they accidentally summarise the season 1 finale as “series finale” and not the season finale. Well, that officially indicates that we will have a new season very soon.

Movie NameMoon Knight
Psychological horror
Original networkDisney+
Production CompanyMarvel Studios
Release dateNot yet confirmed

When Will Moon Knight Season 2 Be Released?

As of August 2022, there is no launch date for Moon Knight season 2. Isaac made it quite obvious that he views Moon Knight as just a one-off and not a continuing series. 

“I do not even know is the truthful response. As Feige, the head of Marvel makes all of those decisions,” Slater said. ” Honestly, Moon Knight would be a member of the Avengers warriors if it were up to me which is certainly not, but I believe that is the intended outcome! As things currently stand, it seems doubtful that we will see the second season of Moon Knight, but as Feige once stated, with the Marvel Universe, you could never say never.

According to our recent sources, the Moon Knight Season 2 is on the way then we will definitely witness it in the latter half of 2023. Although MCU has not formally verified the rumors, Isaac and Mohamed Diab delighted followers with a TikTok clip from Egypt in which it appeared that production had already started on Moon Knight season 2.

Moon Knight Season 2 Plot

A soldier named Marc Spector offers his life to Khonsu who is the Egyptian deity of the moon. He takes on the form of his avatar, but he also shares a body alongside Steven Grant. Moon Knight, a superhero tale that examines Egyptian folklore and psychological trauma, is the MCU introductory series for Khonsu’s incarnation. 

Moon Knight is two people, not one. Despite having the same physical form, Stephen Grant and Marc Spector are 2 separate people. The former is a museum employee who is madly in love with Egyptian mythology, whereas the other is a soldier.

Marc was rescued by Khonsu on the requirement that the body would become his incarnation and serve as a human guardian for nocturnal travelers.

Where To Watch Moon Knight Season 2?

The short series, Moon Knight season 2 is the original show and can only be streamed on the Disney+ platform.

Moon Knight Season 2 Cast

Oscar Isaac would almost certainly remain as the famous masked hero in the Moon Knight Season 2. That implies that Marc and Steven would certainly also show up.

Moon Knight will require his guardian deity if he returns. Thus, it is likely that F. Murray Abraham would return to the studio to record Khonsu, the voice of the moon diety. Likewise, it is impossible to see Layla El-Faouly who is played by May Calamawy leaving her spouse. 

Moon Knight Season 2 Cast

Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow is the sole Moon Knight figure we don’t see returning, at least not significantly. Even though we’ve enjoyed the glass-crunching lunatic, we just don’t see Hawke agreeing to do any more Marvel-related work, plus you know he was shot in the head, so a comeback seems unlikely.

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Moon Knight Season 2 Talk On Social Media

There are lots of Marvel fans in this world and they are so dedicated that they watch all the movies and series of MCU. And after watching the recent Marvel series, Moon Knight, fans got extremely happy and appreciated the series a lot.

As the series finale was so fantastic and a new character was introduced, fans just want to know when the new season will be released. Here in these tweets, you can witness their appreciation.

“Who else is in agreement with Jake being just the ideal obnoxious, needy, and possessive big brother?” 

“Everyone who contributed to the Moon Knight outfits has my utmost admiration. It’s not necessary for the Wardrobe department to work too hard. They did, though, and it’s awesome and I intended to pay them respect.” 

What To Expect From Moon Knight Season 2?

The Moon Knight Season 2 storyline has not yet been revealed. 

Jake Lockley, the 3rd most important Moon Knight character, might, nonetheless, have a significant role in upcoming episodes. And besides, it would appear strange to introduce a third identity in the finale episode, but not further develop it. But does he support or oppose the other personalities? Jake is clearly not a person you want to play with, as implied by the season 1 finale scene.  

Future hints from brief mentions to iconic villains from comic books like Bushman are also possible in the season, but that all depends on if Moon Knight makes it beyond the first season.

Moon Knight Season 2 Episode Guide

There is no episode guide released for Moon Knight season 2 yet. But most certainly the episodes will continue from where it is left off which means streaming of season 1 is mandatory.

Moon Knight Season 2 Trailers In Detail

The teaser or trailer for the Moon Knight season 2 is still awaited as the official MCU has not released any news about the new season.

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