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Selling The Oc Release Date And Time! Latest Updates

Adam DiVello is the mastermind behind this upcoming American reality show television series. Adam DiVello in the past has given a few other hits as well including the series Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa, which also happens to be the siblings of Selling The Oc. Done Productions and Lionsgate are the production houses of the show. Selling The Oc filming is done in California.

When Will Selling The OC Be On Netflix?

After the Debut of Selling Sunset on Netflix in 2019. The show won a million hearts and became one of the top hit series on Netflix in the reality tv genre. The show “Selling Sunset” is a series that features the world of real estate, thus displaying different gorgeous, high-end California listings.

Selling The Oc Release Date!! Netflix's New 'Selling Sunset' Spin-Off Latest Updates

It only highlighted the real estate world, but it also featured plenty of drama and chaos among the different agents at the Oppenheim Group.

As of now according to certain sources, it has been confirmed that Jason is going to be the only crossover cast member from “Selling Sunset” to its upcoming spin-off Netflix series Selling The Oc. Along with Jason, there will be certain new cast members as well such as Newport Beach agents Alexandra Hall, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, and a few others.

NameSelling The OC
CastStarsAlexandra Jarvis
Tyler Stanaland
Alexandra Rose
Streaming onNetflix
Release Date24 August 2022

Adam DiVello( the mastermind behind the on-screen depiction of the world of real estate) in an interview with Tudum, gave some intel about his latest upcoming series. Cautioning the audience regarding the expectations of Selling The Oc stating that the cast will consist of both men and women, who will surely be different.

Stating that it is going to be a wild ride this time. Right from the very start, the characters are going to be portrayed as wild real estate agents who do not hold back pretty much. Having no filters, they will be saying what they will feel like. Quite a lot of drama is expected to be around the corner.

Selling The Oc Release Date And Plot

Selling The Oc streaming will be done on the online streaming platform Netflix on 24th August 2022. Since the show is coming from the creators and executive producers of Selling Sunset, the series is expected to follow a similar pattern, having the creators drop all the episodes in just one go on 24th August. Netflix confirmed that Selling The Oc will have a total of eight episodes, each episode having an average runtime of thirty minutes.

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TheWrap has stated and confirmed that the Oppenheim Group will be seen expanding and not only in just real estate offices. The upcoming show which is the spin-off of the Netflix hit show selling sunset will portray Jason Oppenheim’s expansion into Orange County. Thus, Confirming the news about the ordered spin-off by the online streaming platform Netflix.

Selling The Oc Cast

It is confirmed that Jason Oppenheim will be leading the new upcoming spin-off, who is also the head of the Newport Beach office. Along with him, the viewers will witness a few other characters as well. 

Speaking the cast members who are confirmed to have been added to the Selling The Oc cast are actors Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Austin Victoria, Alexandra Rose, Kayla Cardona, Brandi Marshall, and Tyler Stanaland, Gio Helou, Lauren Brito, Polly Brindle, and Sean Palmieri.

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Selling The Oc Talk On Social Media

Fans are eagerly waiting for this new series to drop on Netflix. Ever since Netflix released the statement about Selling The Oc, which read that the spin-off series of the selling sunset will have some hot new listings, with an additional fresh start of realtors square off who all will be competing with one another in the race to establish themselves at the Oppenheim Group’s second office on the Orange County coast.

Thus, teasing the audience and hinting that there will be too much pressure on the real estate agents to handle this spin-off series. 

Since Selling The Oc hails from the creators and producers of the previously hit series Selling sunset. It has set the bars quite high for this upcoming series. The audience is expecting a lot from it, if not more it is expected to be at least interesting, dramatic, and engaging for the audience.

What To Expect From The Selling OC?

Selling The Oc plot will be much more than just selling some huge, mind-blowing mansions of the city. It is expected to have a lot of drama, tears, chaos, and scandal having some wild and vicious rumors being spread across the region and the world of real estate. The game is going to get dirty, not everyone will go by the book, and rules and ethics are going to get broken.

The agents will be seen playing dirty, but all will be expected when they are seen trying to build a life for themselves. Everything will be fair in the run to establish themselves at The Oppenheim Group’s second office. Thus, these agents will be trying their best to sell some great mansions and properties to the mega-rich people of Southern California’s Orange County.

The real estate agents will be led by the show’s veterans named Jason Oppenheim and Brett Oppenheim, who are the twin brothers and happen to be the founders of the Oppenheim Group.

Selling The Oc Episode Guide

Selling The OC episode guide has not yet been provided by the makers of the show, but it is also confirmed by Netflix that the show is going to have a total of eight episodes, each episode having a run time of about thirty minutes.

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Selling The Oc Trailer

At the cast reunion special episode, that aired at midnight. Netflix revealed the first ever teaser of the upcoming spin-off series Selling The OC, which had built up the drama with a whole lot of new real estate agents in the market of the southern California county of orange. It is time for beach hats and sunscreens because the incredibly popular Selling the Sunset franchise is moving its way to the beaches of California, more precisely Orange County next.

The two-minute 32 seconds long teaser of the upcoming series features all the drama, emotions, chaos, tears, profanity-laced accusations, and not to forget all the luxury, richness, and glamourous beachside mansions. The trailer was a treat for all the real estate fans out there. The trailer was officially released by Netflix on 6th May 2022.

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