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House of Dragons: Release In Two Days!

The House of Dragons is a story plot based on Martin’s Targaryen history book called “Fire and Blood.” The plot of the story is based on events that took place 200 years prior to the release of Game of Thrones. The House of Dragons premiered on August 21, 2022.

The story unravels the Targaryen history, filled with the atrocities of a civil war fought between two heirs of the throne named Aegon II and Princess Rhaenyra for the power dynamics. The story witnesses the crumbling down of Westeros when the heirs of the thrones shed blood of their own.

Another meaningless conflict brews in the very essence of this prequel. The prequel dates back to an era when a man was taught to fight and kill from birth. Hence, when given a chance, bloodshed for revenge is his first choice. The House Of Dragons has it all! From swords to bloodshed, from injustice to wars, from dragons to soldiers, and from long hallways to huge castles! 

NameHouse Of Dragons
Serial drama
CastOlivia Cooke
Paddy Considine
Emma D’Arcy
Matt Smith
Created ByRyan J. Condal
George R. R. Martin
Release Date21 August 2022

Is House of Dragons A Prequel?

House of Dragons, as already known, is a classic Game of Thrones prequel packed with battles for honor, battles for power, and, of course, most importantly, battles for the Iron Throne! Here, the viewers witness a great ordeal of adventure and deeply hidden secrets of betrayal!

The story revolves around the Targaryen princess Rhaenyra, who is determined to break the shackles of male patriarchy and claim her right to the iron throne.

While the traditionalists are not ready to accept a woman as their ruler, the princess is well determined to create a new order and force the subjects to bend their knees (in GOT terminology).

The story unfolds multiple conspiracies against the ones in power, however, the Targaryen and their supreme dragons are far beyond the vicious reach of these frameups.  

As House of Dragons is a Game of Thrones prequel, expecting a lot of gruesome wars and bloodshed goes without saying! Conflicts of power, conflicts of trust, conflicts of interest, and wars fought between family and betrayal continues to remain the baseline of the story. The race for the iron thrones, of course, is never ending, be it 200 years up the lane or 200 years down the road. 

Now if we talk about what’s going to be different or new; how can one oversee the giant beauties, the dragons!? There are going to be multiple numbers of magnificent, huge, and mighty dragons appearing in the series.

The House Of Dragons dates back to the time when dragons actually existed, so the number of such dragons is quite high as well! To be precise, almost 17 dragons share the screen; each with a unique set of powers and visual style.

Furthermore, one doesn’t any of their favorite characters from the GOT series. The story rolls back 200 years, therefore the show tends to bring about brand-new characters with brand-new traits and an astounding storyline! 

As much as you might want to see your favorite characters, the makers guarantee that you are going to equally fall in love with the new or technically, the ‘old’ ones! 

The House of Dragons Cast

Before we go on to talk about the cast of House of Dragons, one must understand that, according to the makers of the series, people are quite unlikely to fall in love with a character or root for a character in this series. To be precise, there isn’t going to be any ARYA in this series that every fan would be rooting for!

However, the makers of House Of Dragons ensure a substantial degree of dark and visceral human deeds done in light of greed, jealousy, and power! The characters will be flawed thus the viewers are given an open end to pick their favorite, if any, and then justify their respective actions. For starters, the names, as well as a glimpse of their traits, have been listed below- 

  • Paddy Considine Playing the role of KING VISERYS TARGARYEN

He is a warm and kind-hearted man, legally elected by the Lords of Westeros to inherit the throne. He only wishes to carry forward the legacy of the family. However, as the story unravels, the king might have to face certain atrocities, as good men do not receive good treatment, as the history of GOT substantiates quite clearly! 

  • Olivia Cooke plays the role of Alicent Hightower 

The king of the hand, with a considerable degree of political knowledge wrapped under the blanket of grace! 

  • Emma D’Arcy, playing the role of Princess Rhaenyra TARGARYEN-

The princess is all set to conquer the throne, being his firstborn, pure valerian blood. Also called the dragon rider, the princess knows how to rule the subjects and not get ruled by them! 

  • Matt Smith plays the role of Prince DAEMON TARGARYEN

The true heir to the throne, the younger brother of King Viserys, is a valiant warrior with true dragon blood. The prince will not give up the iron throne without a battle, be it against his own blood!

  • Rhys Ifans portrays Otto Hightower

As the hand of the king, he must serve the king and his realm with the utmost sense of loyalty and faithfulness. 

Other characters in House Of Dragons

  • Eve Best as Princess Rhaenys Velaryon. 
  • Sonoya Mizuno as Mysaria. 
  • Steve Toussaint as Lord Corlys Velaryon aka “The Sea Snake.” 
  • Fabien Frankel as Ser Criston Cole. 
  • Milly Alcock as Young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. 
  • Emily Carey will play Young Alicent Hightower, 
  • Ryan Corr as Ser Harwin ‘Breakbones’ Strong
  • David Horovitch as Grand Maester Mellos. 
  • Graham McTavish as Ser Harrold Westerling. 
  • Matthew Needham as Larys Strong. 
  • Bill Paterson plays Lord Lyman Beesbury, 
  • Gavin Spokes is Lord Lyonel Strong. 

Talks on Social Media 

While the fans were eagerly excited for this magnificent series to make its on-screen appearance, the old cast, on the other hand, seems to experience a set of mixed feelings. 

For instance, Kit Harington, who played the role of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, seems to have admitted to feeling FOMO. He stated that seeing other people wearing the clothes they used to wear while shooting or witnessing the same music or tone being played and not being a part of it makes it a little tough for him to comprehend. However, he also stated that he supports the new characters and the show and wishes them luck. 

Further, Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) expressed his wish to experience the show purely as a viewer, putting aside his past shooting experiences in a similar setup. 

Similarly, Nikolaj Coster (Jamie Lannister) identifies the show as a complexly different entity and hopes that people do not compare it with Game of Thrones and give it the kind of appreciation it deserves! 

John Bradley who played the role of Samwell Tarley expresses his excitement to sit back and watch the show, but he also seems to be experiencing a bittersweet feeling. In his words, ‘It is like watching new people move into your old house’. However, John expresses his happiness and wishes luck to the team.

House Of Dragons Series Episode Guide

The release dates of the episodes have been listed below as

EpisodesRelease Date
EPISODE 121/08/22
EPISODE 228/08/22
EPISODE 304/09/22
EPISODE 411/09/22
EPISODE 518/09/22
EPISODE 625/09/22
EPISODE 702/10/22
EPISODE 809/10/22
EPISODE 916/10/22
EPISODE 1023/10/22

House of Dragons Trailer

The official trailer of House Of Dragons is here:


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