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Brian Stelter Net Worth- CNN Is Ending His ‘Reliable Sources’

All the latest hot news that hit the internet is nothing other than Brian Stelter Net Worth and his quitting from the multinational cable news channel. His massive fan circle is still in shock after hearing that the news program anchored by Brian Stelter on CNN will no longer air as he leaves the CNN network. 

Brian Stelter, the renowned Journalist who is the anchor of “Reliable Sources” is also working as the chief media correspondent for CNN Worldwide. He hosts the famous show “Reliable Sources Daily” on CNN+.

Brian Stelter’s Net Worth

As said, the estimated net worth of Brian Stelter is $10 million. His overall assets and fortune surely cover contract negotiations and other business ventures. 

Brian Stelter, the renowned host is also the author of Fox News, HOAX: Donald Trump, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth which got published in 2020. One and all of these books were categorized under best-selling books. Prior to working for CNN, Stelter worked as a reporter at The New York Times.

Brian Stelter Net Worth- CNN Is Ending His Show ‘Reliable Sources’

The same year, he was put onto a role as an executive producer for a documentary on HBO named  After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News. This was the second documentary of Stelter, as the first one was done in late 2011, featuring Page One: Inside the New York Times. 

Reliable Sources which was successfully hosted by Brian for years mainly focused on major news items of the week. The program was on air every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. ET on CNN/U.S. The pivotal role he played by hosting Reliable Sources undoubtedly made him enjoy a significant salary that enabled him to take his bank balance to a higher level. This surely boosted his riches.

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The political journalist gained notable fame after being inducted as the chief media correspondent for CNN. He started his career as a host of the long-running CNN series Reliable Sources in late 2013. 

Brian Stelter

Stelter who was born in 1985, graduated in the year 2003 and served as a chief editor of The Towerlight from 2005 to 2007. While he was continuing his studies, he created TVNewser, a detailed blog about cable news and television. His works were well-appreciated and were later sold to Mediabistro, which became a magnificent part of the Adweek blog network.

His writings about cable news got hit even when he was a student. He even worked in The New York Times as a media writer. The TVNewser was founded by Brian Stelter in the year 2004 during his first year at Towson University. 

Reliable Sources, the longest-running program on CNN, celebrated its 30th anniversary in March 2022. This program on CNN was anchored by Stelter for the past long nine years. His brilliant moves and the way of presenting made the show a super duper hit. This single program made Stelter steal millions of hearts and made him the gem anchor of Cable News Network. He was the one who analyzed top media stories including pop culture and politics.

Stelter, who usually relies on social media platforms for frequent bragging, recently posted a tweet about his coverage of the media during the Trump administration. 

At the very young age of 36, Brian Stelter succeeded in making his own unique space in the media channels. He already established himself as a millionaire which is assumed to be not less than $10 million. Though it’s still unknown about the truth behind his transactions, this estimated amount is figured out through contract discussions and via other business endeavors. 

Brian Stelter Achievements 

Brian’s contribution to CNN in the name of Reliable Sources was huge. Every step Brian took forward to maintain the rating of this program was keenly noted by the news channel. CNN never overlooked to appreciate and thank him for his remarkable contributions. His long years of exceptional service even took CNN to reach its unbeatable heights. 

For Brian, the feelings he holds in his heart about CNN are not another story. He once said that he and his excellent team were proud of what they have delivered to CNN and personally achieved via the Reliable Sources program. Then, he even thanked millions of viewers who eagerly stayed tuned in every week to watch the show, which was all about truth and examination of the media. 

In a recent report, the words delivered by a spokesperson gained massive views. He said that Brian Stelter after leaving the New York Times stepped into CNN as the nation’s top media reporter, and now he departs CNN as an impeccable broadcaster. 

The last episode of Reliable Sources hosted by Brian will air on August 21, 2022. 

CNN Is Ending His Show ‘Reliable Sources

Many news channels are reporting that Brian is fired by CNN. But the truth lies much far from the widespread news. Brian is leaving the Cable News Network of his own free will and was not fired by the channel. Reliable Sources, the media analysis program which has been broadcasting for thirty years recently came forward with the latest announcement that it is going to be ending soon. And they even released the date of broadcasting the final episode, which is on Sunday, August 21.

As the show is coming to an end, Brian Stelter will leave the CNN organization. For his own decision, the network team wished him good luck in his future pursuits and heartily thanked him for his unmatched contributions. 

Amy Entelis, the executive vice president of talent and content development at CNN personally lauded Brian Stelter for his incredible efforts.  

For the strong support and wishes from CNN, Brian expressed his gratitude to the whole multinational cable news channel team for being with him all these years. He even said it was a rare privilege to get the role of a host in charge of a prominent weekly program concentrated on the press at a time when it has never been more influential.

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