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Blonde: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And More Updates!

Blonde is scheduled to be released on September 28, 2022. The movie will be premiered on the online streaming platform Netflix. Blonde is expected to be the only film of the year 2022 that has received an NC-17 rating due to its graphic sexual content. As such it will be the first of its kind to have been released primarily on an online streaming service.

Blonde Release Date, Cast, and more

Blonde is an upcoming American biographical film known to be the adaptation of the 2000 novel of the name “blonde” written by Joyce Carol Oates exploring the genres of Biography, drama mystery, and romance. The movie is written and directed by Andrew Dominik starring Ana de Armas playing the role of the Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. Anthony Bregman, Dede Gardner, and Brad Pitt are the producers of the movie.


“Blonde” is not expected to be a straight-up biography of Marilyn Monroe but instead is a heavily fictionalized version of her true-life story. Andrew Dominik has been trying to make the film since the early 2010s. The “blonde” novel by Joyce Carol Oates features quite a few shocking revelations and it was especially insisted upon by Dominik that these get featured in his movie as well.

The film has been in the postproduction stage in august of 2021 and by march 2022 the movie that been completed. Ever since then, the fans have been waiting for its big release. Finally, the release date has been set to be 28th September 2022.

The director Andrew Dominik last directed “this much I know to be true” and “killing them softly” and the main lead Ana de Armas (playing the role of Marilyn Monroe) was previously seen in a few movies like No time to die, Deepwater, knock-knock, and knives out.

She is a Cuban and Spanish film star, who initially began her career taking up roles in Cuba and eventually scored a leading role in the romantic drama Una rosa de Francia. Ana moved to Madrid, Spain when she was 18 years old and starred in a popular teen drama El Internado from 2007 to 2010.

Blonde Release Date

Blonde will be released officially on 28th September 2022. The movie will be premiered on the online streaming platform Netflix. Blonde is expected to be the only film of the year 2022 that has received an NC-17 rating due to its graphic sexual content.

NC-17 ratings for movies are known to be rare since it damages and restricts the marketing of the movies in theatres, only a few movies have carried on with such a rating. Thus, this adds an element of curiosity and surprise regarding the fate of the movie after its release.

What Is Blonde Movie About?

The much-awaited blonde movie is based on the bestselling novel by Joyce Carol Oates. It gives a bold description of the life of one of Hollywood’s most celebrated and famous female icons, Marilyn Monroe. The story revolves around Marilyn’s volatile childhood as Norma Jeane and her path to stardom and the romantic entanglements that she witnessed in her time.

It is expected that like the novel the movie Blonde will blur the lines between facts and fiction thus endeavoring to explore the widening horizon between Marilyn’s public and private selves. The movie is written and directed by Andrew Dominik. The cinematography of the film is in black and white whereas a few other portions of the film are to be set in color.

Where Can I Watch Blonde 2022?

Blonde Netflix‘s release date was delayed to September 28, 2022. The movie was shot back in the year 2019 starring the Cuban actress Ana de Armas (Previously seen in knives out and no time to die). The movie was originally made for a release in 2021 before Netflix delayed its release. No such reason was given behind the delay, but certain rumors came floating that Netflix had raised certain objections regarding the film’s extreme content and considered re-editing the film in order to avoid the NC-17 rating.

These rumors were true after Andrew Domini the director of the “Blonde” movie gave, laughed off the notion that the film had a few disturbing scenes like the one featuring a bloody scene displaying menstrual cunnilingus as hilarious and not true. He also confirmed in his interview that the movie blonde will feature a rape scene taken from Joyce carol Oates’ book. It was speculated that this could have been the very scene behind the NC-17 rating which the movie received.

He further said that Netflix (the partnering company and the movie’s premiering streaming platform) had insisted on bringing in a new editor for the re-editing of certain scenes of the movie which received an NC-17v rating. But looking at the rating now Netflix has capitulated, and the director Dominik has received an undiluted version of the movie.

He also stated that initially, Netflix had a few issues with the original content of the movie but later praised Netflix for supporting the movie’s release anyway giving a statement, “It is easier to support the stuff you like. However, it is much harder when you do not like it. I have a lot of gratitude for Netflix.” He also stated that the movie will have tiny and short dialogues and described it to be an avalanche of events.

Blonde CastMarilyn Monroe Estate Defends Blonde Casting

The blonde cast comprises Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, Adrien Brody as The Playwright, Arthur Miller, Bobby Cannavale as The Ex-Athlete, Joe DiMaggio, Julianne Nicholson as Gladys, Caspar Phillipson as The President, Rebecca Wisocky as Yvet, Sara Paxton as Miss Flynn, Xavier Samuel as Cass, Garret Dillahunt, Scoot McNairy, Lucy Devito, Chris Lemmon, and Dan Butler are also a few members of the cast.

A few talented and known actors and actresses can also be expected to be a part of the film but this information has not yet been revealed by the directors and producers of the film. Fans will have to watch it for themselves.

Several cast changes were made before the final cast was finalized. Initially, Naomi Watts was considered as the actress playing the main lead role of Marilyn Monroe, later it was Jessica Chastain. Then finally at last in 2019, Ana de Armas was selected as Marilyn Monroe, and her casting was made final by the directors and producers of the film.

Blonde’ Talk On Social Media

Fans around the globe are excited to see Ana de Armas suited up for the performance of a lifetime. The two-minute released trailer of the movie “blonde” displays Ana de Armas in her role, ready to tell the people the real story behind one of the most remembered persons in the history of Hollywood who conquered the hearts of million. 

Fans got a taste of the blockbuster’s retro vibes from the trailer. On the other hand, the fans are excited to see the actual content behind the content phrase that is seen that has been dedicated to the movie blonde “Watched by all seen by none.”

The blonde plot revolves around the life story behind Hollywood’s most famous and iconic diva Marilyn Monroe. The movie is fictionalized and charts the life of Monroe from the very beginning. It shows how after a traumatic childhood, Norma Jeane Mortensen set out to become an actress in the early 1950s and 1960s.

Norma gained fame under the pseudonym, Marilyn Monroe. Thus, trying to highlight her love issues, exploitation that she faced, abuse of power, and drug addiction, in short, every major thing that happened to her in her private life.

Ana de Armas has also shared her views on the film in an interview saying that the movie will be seen running parallel to the feelings and experiences of Marilyn. The audience will witness many moments depicting the reality of things going on inside her mind and around her body thus giving fans an opportunity to feel and experience what it was like to be the most celebrated and beautiful icons Marilyn Monroe and Norma Jeane at the same time.

The movie is also expected to show the turmoil that Monroe faced while she was at the very peak of her career floating on a boat in the water of nothing but fame and success.

Blonde is expected to be the story of every human being out there and is considered to be a medium to establish a certain sense of association with something which we are familiar with. The project is known to have a lot of exciting possibilities in terms of what could be achieved cinematically.

Blonde Trailer

The latest trailer for the Netflix biopic ‘Blonde,’ which premieres September 28, features Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe.

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