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Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date Latest Updates!

Becoming Elizabeth is an American British series historical drama that tells the tales of Queen Elizabeth I. Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8 will air on 7th August 2022. When the first news about this series broke out, people were so much curious to see the show. It was recently released on June 12, 2022, and is being streamed on Starz.

Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date Everything We Know So Far!

Becoming Elizabeth shows the difficult situations that were faced by Queen Elizabeth I as an orphaned teen in the sex politics and politics of the English court and how she conquered it all and secured the crown.

Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 gained so much popularity just after a few of its episodes were released. People are so eager to know what went down in the life of Elizabeth and how she got into the position that she is now. 

Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8 Release date

This is not the first time that a series has been made on Queen Elizabeth I. Becoming Elizabeth is produced by Anya Reiss who is also the mind behind this series and directed by Justin Chadwick. Although, this series is based on the historical fact there are some fictional elements to provide more drama to the series.

NameBecoming Elizabeth
Total Number Of Episodes8
Directed byAnya Reiss
CastAlicia von Rittberg,John Heffernan, Romola Garai
Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date7 August 2022

How Many Episodes Of Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Will There Be?

Episode 8 of Becoming Elizabeth season 1 will air on August 7, 2022. So, the fans just have to wait for a few more days to see what is about to go down. Fans are in suspense about which sister is going to be taking on the crown now, that King Edward VI is sick. 

Also, Edward is tensed because if his sister Mary will take on the throne then that will be the end of the Protestant legacy in England. Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8 is going to be full of surprises for its fans.

Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Release Date

Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8 is confirmed to be released on August 7, 2022. So, fans of this show just have to wait a few more days. It was recently released on June 12, 2022, and is being streamed on Starz.

Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8 Cast

  • Queen Elizabeth I this role is played by German actress Alicia von Rittberg
  • Queen Mary I role is played by Romola Garai who is also been BAFTA and Golden Globe, nominee.
  • King Edward VI role is played by Oliver Zetterstorm who is also an up-and-coming actor.
  • Catherine Parr role is played by Jessica Raine who is famous for her character of Emily Waters in Informer.
  • Thomas Seymour role is played by Tom Cullen he is famous for his role in Sir Landry in Knightfall.
  • Lady Jane Grey role is played by Bella Ramsey she is famous for her character of young noblewoman Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones.

Other than this there are many other characters such as:

  • Duke of Somerset role is played by John Heffernan
  • Guildford Dudley’s role is played by Jacob Avery
  • Kat Ashley’s role is played by Alexandra Gilbreath
  • Robert Dudley’s role is played by Jamie Blackley
  • Henry Grey’s role is played by Leo Bill
  • Pedro’s role is played by Ekow Quartey
  • Stephen Gardiner’s role is played by Alex Macqueen
  • Ambassador Guzman’s role is played by Olivier Huband
  • Robert Kett’s role is played by Robert Whitelock 

Talk On Social Media About Becoming Elizabeth Season 1

Ever since the series premiered it has been in talks all over Twitter by its admirers, who have been hooked on the Becoming Elizabeth series since day one. Fans have been praising this series and they cannot contain their excitement for the last episode of season 1.

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What Do We Expect In Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8?

Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8 is a periodical drama showcasing the life of young Queen Elizabeth I and how she rose to become the first-ever woman to take on the throne. Even though this show is based on a true story but we can expect it to be full of drama and suspense. And it would definitely be keeping its fans on the edge of their seats, especially after episode 7.  

Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode Guide

Becoming Elizabeth season 1 consists of 8 episodes and it premiered on June 12, 2022, and the episodes get released on weekly basis. The series episodes comprise of:

Episode 1: “Keep Your Knife Bright”

The episode starts with the death of Henry VIII. He left behind the country in turmoil. He had three children (Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward) all of whom were born to a different mothers. All of his children came to know that Edward has been declared king Edward VI of England. Edward with his uncle and Lord Protector by his side begins his reign.

Episode 2: “You Cannot Keep The Birds From Flying Over Your Head”

Princess Mary who is a devout Catholic gets upset after seeing the indecent court performance which is mocking the Pope and Catholicism. Elizabeth is being warned by Mary of Catherine Parr and insinuated by her to live with Catherine.

Edward pleads with Mary to leave Catholicism and convert herself to Protestantism which she refuses to and because of this Elizabeth is divided among her siblings. Elizabeth refuses to support Mary for her religious liberty.  

Episode 3:” Either Learn Or Be Silent”

Catherine Parr came to know that she is pregnant. In order to make peace with Mary Stephen Gardiner (Catholic Bishop of Winchester) is freed from the Tower of London and is been assigned as the Privy Council. A great birthday party is planned for Elizabeth by Catherine and Thomas.

It was planned to get Edward to their house and put a plan to make the king marry their ward lady. Elizabeth soon came to know of Catherine and Thomas’s plan and she sabotages the whole evening. 

Episode 4:” Lighten Our Darkness”

Elizabeth is currently living with her governess (Kat Ashley) brother-in-law (Sir Anthony Denny), and she is trying to move on from what happened at Chelsea. As the religious tension in the country increases the priest is assaulted and a church is robbed. 

There are rumors going around about Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour. The crown is now assigned to Elizabeth after it was reverted by the Chelsea House. Elizabeth stays loyal to his brother after going back to the court. Now, that Seymour is widowed he asks Elizabeth to marry him.

Episode 5:” Necessity Compels Me To Plague You”

Thomas Seymour now that he is widowed goes after Elizabeth and looks for her hand in marriage. King Edward came to know that the lord protector Thomas Seymour tried to make a deal with the French ambassador in secret without the king’s knowledge and it angers him. Elizabeth agrees to marry Thomas but on one condition if he is able to get permission from Edward but Edward refuses.

Episode 6:” What Cannot Be Cured”

After Thomas Seymour’s capture, Elizabeth is put under house arrest and is questioned by John Dudley. Dudley along with his sons went to put a stop to a peasant rebellion.  

Episode 7:” To Laugh, To Lie, To Flatter, To Face”

Just when Elizabeth was about to take charge of the crown she gets confused between the sexual interest and politics of the English Court. It is their ultimate mission for Elizabeth to become the queen of England.

Episode 8:” To Death, We Must Stop”

Episode 8 is yet to be aired. Which sister will become the heir to the crown as the king is sick and someone else would have to take his place?

Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8 Trailer

Becoming Elizabeth Season 1 Episode 8 trailer is out.

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